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Unbox Review: Juul vs Relx, Which is better?

Hey, how’s it going guys, this is Vapepenzone – Juul & Relx Australia Online Vape Store again,

today let’s talk about Relx vs Juul

Cause I just got a Relx, very popular even the overseas market. The first time I heard about it, Relx. I know the only thing in your mind was, what’s the difference between Juul and Relx? Juul vs Relx, which is better? 

Most of you have probably heard about Juul by now. Immensely popular. 

I’ve been vaping for over 18 months now, gonna be 2 years pretty soon. I started out with the more traditional sub-ohm system, with a mod and rechargeable batteries and an atomizer on top, which can be filled with juice later on. 

I bought a Relx, just to check it out. I literally just got it and just unboxed it. So let’s use it for the first time and get some first impressions. Not in any way a comprehensive, long-term review. Know more about Relx➡

Let’s hit it and find out. 


I just thought it’s just too much to carry around all day, so I bought a Juul kit. I’ve used the Juul for about 4 months now, and the best thing about it is that it’s light and easy to carry, even when compared to the Relx. It’s quite a bit smaller. The good thing about it being small is that I could just stick it in my pocket, unlike this monstrous being and that’s the primary reason for the change. This mod is thick as a brick, so it’s easy to have with you when you’re going out, but the drawback is that it’s too damn tiny, and mine is black, I can’t find the thing half the time.


This is the menthol pod that it came with. My first reaction is that the flavor is far better than the pods that Juul offers. The biggest complaint most people have with Juul is that even though they offer a lot of different flavors but they’re very vague and feel very artificial, in other words, the flavor is just bad but in a way, they did innovate and change. The flavors of Relx are really special and new. One flavor that everybody absolutely loves is the mung bean paste (a popular dessert) one, and the other is the iced lemon tea. I’m pretty sure you can’t find these with European/American juice brands. My favorites from Juul is probably the cucumber one, and the fruit medley. Of course with the pod systems like these, you won’t have the tens of thousands of juice options to fill your tank with. 

The vape industry after the traditional mods, people did gradually transition over to the pod system. The Aspire Breeze for example, but that one is still refillable. Ever since the Juul came out, people just liked that you can just change the pods, you don’t ever need to fill it, just toss the old one out and put in a new one. Relx Pods Flavors Review➡


However, not only does it not taste great, but it’s also hella expensive. A pack of 4 pods can run you about $39-49 AUD, the starter kit itself some store may go for about $69-199 AUD. The Relx however, comes in at only AU$70-80 AUD for a starter kit with 2 pods that sounds like a lot better than what you’re paying for the Juul. The pods themselves come in at $24-30 AUD for 3 packs, also better than what the competitor offers. 

Also, according to Relx, one Relx pod has the same amount of Nicotineas 3 packs of cigarettes and it has the same 5% Nicotineas the Juul pods. But according to Juul, one Juul pod has about the same Nicotineas 1 pack of cigarettes. So what does that mean? Since they have the same Nicotineconcentration, it’s pretty clear that the Relx pod has way more juice in it. Bigger pod, more juice. Relx wins very convincingly with regards to the flavor and bang for your buck, way better than what Juul has to offer. 


The menthol of Relx is just way better than the one from Juul and that’s just my first impression. However, the throat hit is a bit less intense than the Juul, further usage is required. 


Aside from the flavor and value, I have another huge complaint about the Juul: The battery sucks ass. Usually, I have to charge it at least once a day. Also, the way it charges is just frustrating, with the magnet and everything, sure it offers some advantages, too. You just have to make sure it stays standing and charging. The good thing is that since it doesn’t have an actual port, I totally just left it in my pocket and washed it in the washer the other day, it just sat in the water for at least five minutes until I realized that it’s not with me. I took it out of the washer and it’s fine. But the downside is, for example, I’m out and about, and I want to charge it off a power bank, It just can’t charge reliably, just wobbles. Very unstable and really hard to stay on the charger.

With the Relx however, it does have a micro-USB port for charging, so I can charge it easily even when I’m on the go. Let’s look at some other differences, I still don’t get how do I know how much battery is left. I guess I don’t. It has a little LED light the same with the Juul, but if I wanna know how much battery is left in the Juul, I just tap on it, and red means almost dead. With the Relx I still haven’t figured it out, maybe I need to read the manual. So that’s my first impressions on the Relx.

I also like the old systems, as they offer a lot of things that these tiny devices can’t such as the amount of vapor, the throat hit, and the density and ease to do tricks, these are just better for on the go usage, so I just keep this at home and take Juul or Relx with me when I’m going out.

So that concludes my first impressions with the Relx, so far it feels great! Aside from the slightly bigger footprint, the build quality is solid. With the right amount of heft in your hands, It’s just a little bit plasticky, just a little and it can be negligible. At all Great value for the money. Now we just have to see if it lasts, and how it feels after long-term usage. I will keep a detailed record and share it with you after my long-term trial.

If you have used Juul for quite some time and want to change it up, Compatible Juul Pods or Relx vape are great options. I’m not at all disappointed, but even a little pleasantly surprised. 

So that’s it for this blog – Juul vs Relx, If you like it or it helped you in any way, feel free to comment and follow us!

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