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Top 6 Juul Pods Q&A

Hey, how’s it going guys, this is Vapepenzone – Juul Pods Online Vape Store again,

today we’re going to be talking about a ton of questions from you guys about the Juul pods, so I figured I’d answer some of those questions today.

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Q1: Can you use any juice in a JUUL pod? / Does it need to be a Nicotine salt juice?

Ideally, you want to use a nicotine, unlike normal, as your normal vape juice, it’s much thinner. There’s standard vape juice you’re going to be looking at, like anywhere between 70-80 max PG, which back in the day, it was like 90-95%. So with your Nicotine salt pod system, juices they’re gonna have a much higher PG ratio. The reason they do that is that inside of your pods, you have a very very small coil in there, with very very small wicks, and you’re running at a very very low wattage. If you’re using a thicker juice, those little wicks don’t weigh as well. If you do use a normal juice, it’s going to result in my dry hits, it’s not going to wick well, you’re gonna be like pulling really hard for that wick to actually wick, such low vapor production. If you’re trying to vape a 3mg normal Nicotine, it’s not going to be satisfied, you’re going to have to hit it repeatedly over and over and over again to get that Nicotine, that feeling if that’s what you’re chasing that throat hit, even the Nicotine effect it’s going to take you a long time to get there because it produces such a small amount of vapor. I mean I guess another point that out ads that is like you could use a non-Nicotine salt-based e-liquid and you are probably gonna have a hard time finding and something that is going to be the proper ratio of PG/VG, and you’re probably also going to have a hard time finding a high enough milligram Nicotine level, where those little puffs of vapor are actually going to be satisfying.

Q2: How do you stop it from spitting?

Question number two has to do with Juul refillable pods. After you refill your JUUL pod, it can leak. When you first hit it, the first few times you’ll get like juice in your mouth and stuff. There are a few ways that you can kind of remedy that situation.

One of them is trying to create a vacuum as you’re replacing the black pad and then the cap, the mouthpiece, to do that before you put the black pad on kind of squeeze, the clear plastic sides of the JUUL, like where the juice goes into then push on your rubber piece. Don’t release the pressure until after the rubber piece is in, that kind of creates a little bit of a vacuum. then you can put back on the black mouthpiece.

The second way to do it is after you put it together say your vacuum seal didn’t work, and you still have a little bit of spitting. Grab a piece of paper towel and just blow through your assembled JUUL pod to try to get whatever juice that’s like in there out, and after you do that a few times you should have no issues whatsoever with kind of spitting and things like that.

Q3: How many times can I refill my JUUL pods?

Generally speaking, you get five each refill. Unfortunately, there’s not a specific answer, it depends on a lot of different factors, what kind of juice you’re using, how often you’re hitting it, things like that. If you’re using sweeter juices with extra sugar or sweetener in them, it’s going to burn out a lot faster. Unfortunately once that cotton starts to go, that’s it on that pod, it’s time to change it out for a new one. Juul refillable pods buying please click here.

Q4: Can you change your cotton that on your JUUL pods?

As far as I can tell, you cannot. It looks like the whole coil assembly is like pressure fitted in there or something, and just poking around it I wasn’t able to figure out a way to get it out without destroying the pod, so short answer is no, I don’t think so.

Q5: I’m coming from a 3mg juice, what’s the equivalent if I’m going to a JUUL?

Now a JUUL pod is actually it says 5% which loosely translates to 59mg, which is a lot. Now you have to keep in mind that a JUUL is going to produce much less vapor than if you’re you know ripping on a sub-ohm tank. It’s almost a trial and error thing like we were talking about earlier with refilling your pods, I recommend starting a little bit lower, like a 20mg and a 40mg juice. If you’re concerned about how high the JUULs maybe start somewhere around there, there’s not an exact like if you vape three vapes this for the exact equivalent, it’s really a preference thing. You’re gonna have to play around with that one, and that kind of leads us into our next question

Q6: Is the throat hit the same?

The last question is most common, and I’m gonna answer this in two parts. One is if you refill the JUUL pod with another Nicotine salt, and then the second part of that is if you’re going from a normal sub on normal Nicotine juice.

Short answer, yes, definitely. If you’re doing something like a twenty, it’s going to be a little less intense. If you’re going to use something like a 50-milligram Nicotine salt juice, it’s going to be very very similar. On the other side of that, if you’re going from a sub-ohm juice, it’s going to be much more intense. Now that the nicotine juice generally is much smoother like Nicotine salts are very very smooth but when you have it at such a high concentrate, like a 20 40 50, you’re going to feel that. So depending it’s going to be much more intense if you’re going from like an 18mg normal Nicotine, you’re gonna be used to a pretty heavy intense kind of throat hit. So you’ll be right at home with the pod systems, but that’s what’s great if you’re going from a three to a pods you’re gonna get that Nicotine you’re gonna get that throat hit, with a much smaller vapor production, so it kind of all comes out in the wash and you just have to experiment and see what’s gonna work best for you.

And that’s it for this blog guys. thank you so much for reading. make sure you subscribed to our newsletter so you get notified when we post new content. Leave a comment if you liked it.

thanks for reading guys, we’ll see in the next blog. 

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