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Relx Alpha Now – The Strongest Vape Ever

Hey, how’s it going guys, this is Vapepenzone – Relx Alpha Online Vape Store again,

today we’re gonna check out the strongest vape pen I’ve ever vape done before – Relx Alpha.

Relx Alpha now are, it actually feels like some pretty high-end pod systems, and they have something pretty interesting going on inside the pod that we’re gonna talk about later in the article. 

Inside the box when I open it up, I’ve got a nice little display of the device. and if we pop the lid, we got the Relx device. They’re gonna start you off with two pods, you’ll get the tobacco and the mint, and a USB C cable.  


113 millimeters tall, 22 millimeters wide, and 10 millimeters thick. Relx Alpha using an aluminum unibody design, so it’s super lightweight feels great in the hands. And it’s nice and durable, also comes in a luxe gold color. They will include two pods inside the kit to get you started, you’ll get a tobacco and a sweet mint. The pods are using a 5% Nick salt which is pretty much 50 milligrams. There also offer a few other flavors, like a sherbert in three percent, lychee in three percent, a mango in three percent and so on. 

4th Generation FEELM

The Relx Alpha hit market with the groundbreaking new 4th Generation FEELM Technology, if you look on the inside, it does look a lot different when compared to your traditional pod systems, because the improvements of the pods’ structure eliminate the possibilities of leaking. The 4th generation honeycomb atomizer gives you a softer throat feel and richer flavors, lowered risk of dry burn with wider at atomizer inlet.

The pods hold up to 1.6ml liquid, and you’ll get about 500 puffs per pod, there is no way to refill it, at least not to my knowledge and they do not offer empty pods so that you can use your own liquid.

There is one good thing about having a prefilled pod is that you don’t have to prime the coil, and you don’t have to wait five or ten minutes to use it. All you do is remove it from the box, drop it in, and you’ll notice that there are magnets on the inside that’s going to pull it into place. The device is going to vibrate and light up, indicating that it’s made connection and that you’re good to go, also the vise device will vibrate when you fake 15 times within 10 minutes, so I’m not sure but just letting you know, hey you’ve been vaping quite a bit, take it easy or what the case may be there. but on the front right here, I will say it’s a very soothing pulsing LED light.

Battery & Charge

The Relx Alpha vape device does have auto draw so as you inhale it’s gonna turn on and off, there is no firing switch there is no on/off button, and if you want to turn it off for storage or if you’re putting it in your bag just remove the pod and that pretty much will kind of turn it off. It is using an internal 340 milliamp-hour battery, fast charging, long-lasting battery, and you’ll get about 280 puffs off one charge, and when the light is blinking of red or pulsing red, that means the battery is at about 30%,  it’s time to charge it. On the bottom, we have a USB-C charging port, not a micro USB port, and they do provide the USB-C cable. It will charge in about 40 minutes flat when it is charged, it’s hypnotizing, check this out, it just pulses and it’s just so soothing look at that. But aside from that, that’s pretty much a pretty simple straightforward device, they got the Relx logo on one side, very minimal logo.


I will say this is a pretty high-end feeling device the aluminum body, feels great. Relx Alpha pods are nice and lightweight and doesn’t feel cheap. And it might actually be competitive to the Juul, I mean it’s a really nice feeling. You can dangle it from your mouth because it’s so lightweight, but let me tell you, man, these are some insanely strong pods. Five percent, fifty milligrams, now I vaped fifty milligrams before, but never like this, this is insanely strong. 

The Sweet Mint is really good, you get a little sweetness to the mint and it’s not as bad as some people may think, I don’t like mint at all, but this one’s actually not bad, great throat hit. 

The Tobacco is weird because it has a cooling agent in it, you could taste the nuttiness of the tobacco the sweetness, but then it’s followed by this cooling which really throws you off, and the throat in on this thing is insane do not long hit these things, because they will knock you the hell out. These are mouth alone devices, and if you’re not into high Nick salts, try the three percent, and if that’s too strong then you’re kind of screwed because they don’t offer empty pods the user on the liquid in, which will be kind of a big bummer for a lot of people. 

And the design of the magnets are nice and tight, I love the little vibrating feature, I love the pulsating light very comforting. The USBC port on the bottom charged the battery nice and fast.

But I wish Relx Alpha will have more flavors, I wish they give you the ability to use your own juices, And I wish they came in a few more color options, but the black and gold are actually not that bad-looking. 

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