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Vaping: For Vape Pens’ Popularity Booms, Safety Concerns Grow

Hey, how’s it going guys, this is Vapepenzone – Vape pens Online Vape Store again,

today we’re going to be talking about the rise in underage vaping has authorities worried.

Should 250,000n Vapors be Worried About Nicotine?

In the UnitedStates,health authorities are considering youth a cigarette use an epidemic. We have never seen the use of any substance rise so rapidly amongst American youth as e-cigs arrests have.

The federal government warned Americans not to use vape pens following several mysterious deaths linked to vaping, there are more questions now than answers.

There are many options for vape pens, but the key is to choose quality products such as JUULRELX, etc.

And we join with theCenters for Disease Control to adviseminors to stop vaping now.

Vape pen laws are very different from the U.S.

Nicotine & marijuana e-liquids are illegal.And the legal age is 18.

So a survey that talked to 12 to 17 year-olds showed that one in 10 young people have tried a vape pen, and of that one-third had used a cigarette in the past month.

There’s quite a number of ways that the vape industry is starting to target youth, the vials are very very colorful. They’re really enticing towards adolescents and young adults. If you were to put them next to lollies or PACA just a popcorn. You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference and then there’s also the new wave of marketing that we’re seeing at the moment with social media. But also that brand awareness we’re seeing launch parties. We’re also seeing very glamorized, pictures, ads as well and the flavorings themselves are heavily marketed to you so you get things like bubble gum flavor, popcorn flavor, apple pie flavor.

Mango, mint, cucumber, the marketing it as cool, stylish, sexy, popular. everybody that starts vaping says it’s harmless and that’s wrong.

In places like the U.S. and Canada where each cigarette is freely available, there’s been a 78% surge in the use of vape pens amongst young people.

The story is so incredibly common, I went to high school, my friend brought out a vape pen or a USB Drive in a said hey you want to try it, I tried it, and it was nothing, it’s like breathing air and so it’s really easy and they think it’s cool. now they’re hooked, I don’t think there’s enough being done in the schools.

Somen schools are being proactive in the fight against vaping.

Vape actually had your attention through cyber safety work that we were doing with students, because the advertisement for the vapes were popping up in their Social Feeds. so it is about us educating our young people around. this social phenomenon that has taken off in the U.S. that we don’t necessarily want to see here. we actually want to see as our young people educated about the dangers and make informed decisions if they choose to eventually do it when they become adults.

The issue here is people don’t really know what they’re inhaling so a bit of better labeling or a bit of better awareness around what’s actually in these devices is probably what’s required.

The tobacco & vaping industry is pushing forn regulations to be relaxed.

Vaping Nicotine maks it easier to quit cigarettes.

People who switch to vaping can expect substantial improvements in their health and we need to make these products at least as available as cigarettes not restrict them more than a product that kills two other three uses.

Some critics say vaping could be doing the opposite.

vape pens have the potential to fuel Nicotine addiction and renormalize smoking. leads the world in tobacco control. we are very concerned that it’s too easy for young people to purchase these products online and we’d really love to see stricter controls at the border.

Young kids who are exposed to the behavior of smoking and then may want to go on to try traditional cigarettes to get a bigger hit, for instance, they might think, oh you know this cherry-flavored a liquid and/or vape pen tastes lovely I might try some cigarettes. and we’re certainly seeing that in the research that we’ve found on young adults, but also a lot of research coming out of the U.S. that shows that kids who use vape pens are more likely to go on to them become actual smokers of traditional cigarettes which is very concerning.

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