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Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

A Brief History of Disposable Vape

With the Vape from niche culture to the mass market, more and more Vape companies began to make an effort in the small cigarette market. Disposable Vape has become a trend for the masses. Today I will give you a comprehensive introduction to Disposable Vape.


When Did The First Disposable Vape Come Out?

For thousands of years, people have been enjoying the subtle rush that smoking tobacco leaves, thereby ingesting Nicotine, can provide. But it wasn’t until about 220 years ago that doctors started realizing how harmful smoking can be. Ever since, inventors have been on a quest to find new ways to get a satisfying Nicotine high, without stinky cigarettes.

The first disposable vape developed by Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist that struggled with cigarette smoking cessation, the disposable smokeless cigarette was a ground-breaking remedy for those who previously had a hard time when trying to give up conventional cigarettes. This had kept his exciting new idea ignored and archived away for decades until 2003 when Hon Lik stepped in. Hon Lik was a small-time pharmacist and medical researcher from China and a hopeless cigarette addict who despises for possibly facing the fate his father had who had died from lung cancer.

The story has it that he had fallen asleep one night without taking his Nicotine patch off and vividly had a dream where he drowning at sea when suddenly the water had turned into vapour allowing him to breathe easily. This ignited his inspiration to make an electronic cigarette that consisted of a battery, an ultrasonic atomizer, Nicotine cartridge compiled into a plastic cartridge. Within this device, the user could deliver themselves a vaporized form of Nicotine liquid solution with the air activating the atomizer. Cancer-causing Tar and other substances found in regular cigarettes were eliminated from the user or anyone in their vicinity with second-hand smoke eliminated as well.

Hon’s early device, an “e-cigar” so named for its size and shape, would be called the Ruyan (Chinese for “like smoking”) and would prove to be a hit on the domestic market. This would generate the cigar-like, a smaller sized gadget developed to simulate a cigarette in size and really feel, to a radiant light at the pointer that would certainly illuminate like a smouldering cigarette when the user took a puff.

But how was the first vape created? Keep reading if you’re interested.

What Was The First Vape Ever Made?

The first vape was developed in America. In 1963 Herbert A Gilbert applied for a patent for his “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette”, and the patent was granted in 1965. Gilbert’s invention was Nicotine-free, but it produced a flavoured vapour that was supposed to replace tobacco smoke. Gilbert actually got as far as making prototypes of the gadget, but there wasn’t any real commercial interest. Doctors had only just started to warn of the dangers of smoking; in 1963 about 44% of American women, and over half of American men, smoked.

Nobody was worried about the health risks so nobody was looking for a safer alternative. There were some technical challenges, too. Gilbert’s design relied on battery power, but battery technology in the early 1960s was a long way behind where it is now. Rechargeable batteries were expensive and usually heavy; conventional batteries weren’t cheap either and had limited energy storage. The first electronic cigarette was ahead of its time both socially and technologically, and after Gilbert’s patent was granted the concept sank into obscurity for almost 40 years.

disposable vape

When Did Vaping Become Popular?

By the early 2010s, the cig-like was quickly being phased out, replaced by mods and “eGo-style” devices that would popularly come to be known as “vape pens,” a more reliable version of the simple product about the size of a small felt-tipped marker.

With mass market availability of quality products, the popularity of vaping soared. The estimated number of vapers worldwide jumped from just 7 million in 2011 to almost 25 million in 2014. By that time, vaping had become so widespread that the Oxford English Dictionary named “vape” its word of the year.

There are a number of factors below that play into people’s decisions to switch from tobacco to vape.

  • Price – Generally speaking, people switching from smoking tobacco to vapour will cut their cost drastically. While the initial purchase can be somewhat costly, the recurring costs are quite low.
  • Health – The entire purpose of the e-cigarette is to give people a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco for their Nicotine. Although no long-term studies on the health effects of vaping have been completed as of yet, most agree that the health risks of vaping are incredibly small compared to those of smoking.
  • Hobbyists – For a certain small percentage of those who pick up vaping, what starts as simply a lifestyle change to cut costs and increase overall health quickly becomes a hobby. These are the people who will often upgrade their vaping devices multiple times, develop an interest in sub-ohm vaping and “cloud chasing,” or otherwise find enjoyment in experimenting with different equipment & e-liquids.

While vaping may be a relatively new convention, it has caught on like wildfire, with more and more people switching from tobacco to Vape every year. Disposable vape has become an essential product for more and more beginners to contact with Vaping. Also, Disposable vape is the best transitional product for users who are switching from smoking cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

Why Are Disposable Vapes So Popular?

With the health benefits of vaping over smoking traditional tobacco products, is it no wonder that more and more people are switching to vaping products. Disposable Vapes in particular are an incredibly popular choice for vapers. They are discreet, stylish, and perhaps the closest comparable product to regular cigarettes. Rather than combusting and creating smoke, vaporisers heat to a lower temperature, instead of producing a deep and flavoursome vapour.

Also, for those who are trying to quit smoking, this disposable vape can give you the feel of more traditional cigarettes without the negative aspects of cigarettes. These devices are also made with food-grade ingredients to produce e-liquids. Thus, you can tailor your experience to match your personal preferences. At the same time, Disposable Vape Pen is popular as an option  as it is in other countries like the US and in Europe.

Best Disposable Vape In 2021

The list for the best Disposable Vape was obtained by collected various comments. Since many off-brand disposable vapes are sold in gas stations and C-stores, you can rest assured that these brands and devices are made from reputable companies with positive track records.

Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max:

The Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max disposable has a robust flavour and a solid hit. The Dinner Lady disposable comes in 9 of their renowned dessert and fruit flavours. The Nicotine percentage is 3% or 5% and comes in a whopping 6.5 mL capacity.

Hyppe Max:

The Hyppe Max is a mega disposable with a 5 mL juice capacity and 650 mAh battery life. The Hyppe Max comes in 12 fruit flavours with optional cooling flavours. The draw is smooth and easy, while still giving a nice MTL draw and throat hit. Each battery has a rubber coating, making the hand-feel a pleasure to carry.

Bidi Stick:

The Bidi Stick is a popular disposable vape with 6% Nicotine salt strength that compensates for its more stealthy size. It looks like a JUUL but it has a more ergonomic mouthpiece and the draw is smoother. Coming in 9 flavours, the standouts are Solar Berry, Regal Dragon (fruit), and Gold Fruity Mango.

POSH Disposable:

The Posh by Fuma is like a disposable JUUL. It’s got a similar form factor except it has 60 mg nicotine, eight total flavours to choose from, and you never have to worry about charging. Once the battery dies, simply dispose of it. The Posh holds 1.5 mL and the flavours are some of the sweetest in this category of devices.


The VGOD Stig is one of the tiniest, most discreet disposables on this list. It’s shaped like a little flattened bullet and comes in 3-packs of five flavour options with 6% Nicotine. The Stig holds only 1.2 mL of juice but the smaller size, the quality of its flavours, and its strong hit make it a great choice.

On the contrary, the following are the cheaper disposable Vape:

  • Blazer Bar: Blazer Bars has seven flavours. The three staples of nicotine disposables are available are mango, mint and tobacco. 
  • Zaero Disposable Vape: Zaero Disposable Vape available in 0, 1.8, 3 and 5 % Nicotine strength, each Zaero contains 1.8ml of nicotine e-juice.
  • Blow Vape Stix: Blow Disposable Vape Stix are loaded with 1.2ml of Nicotine salt vape juice, with a Nicotine strength of 6 %.
  • Mojo Vapes: The Mojo vape contains a 1.2ml tank contains a 50ml Nicotine salt and available in eight different flavours.
  • Sea Air:Sea-Air vapes contain a 5% Nicotine strength and hold 2.6ml of Nicotine salt and available in eight different flavours.

After reading this, I think you know something about Disposable Vapes. They’re incredibly easy to utilize, little and also pocketable, and there’s no genuine discovering curve. As with any kind of device that’s powered by a lithium-ion battery, we need to caution and care. But that doesn’t prevent it from becoming the most worthwhile vape in 2021. Interested? Fortunately, we’ve got some Disposable Vape here on VapePenZone, click to shop for some.

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