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10 Most Popular Vape Tricks & How To Do Them

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today we’re going to be talking about how to do the most popular vape tricks.

Vaping has become increasingly popular compared to traditional cigarettes. One of the factors that have popularized vaping is that it has less harmful effects than the traditional options for smokers. You will find a variety of vape pens like JUULRELX, etc.. Some of the common vape tricks used by vapers include French Inhale, Ghost Inhale, Blowing O’s, and Waterfall. These tricks are easy to learn, as explained below:

The Waterfall

This vape trick involves creating a seemingly heavier substance that flows out of the bottle. Use a water bottle with frozen water at the bottom. Blow vape inside the bottle and pour it out to create the impression of an amusing waterfall. 

The Tornado

This is a popular vape trick that involves spinning vapor on a flat surface to make it appear like a tornado. To make the tornado, take in vapor and attempt breathing of the table as in the first trick. Place the pinkie and ring fingers in a vertical position on the table with the vapor between them. Rapidly remove your hand from the table to form a rise and spin tornado. You can increase the number of fingers as you practice to create a more complex tornado.

10 Most Popular Vape Tricks & How To Do Them | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop


This vape trick is associated with the elevation of vape cred among those who practice it. It entails pushing a small O ring inside a bigger one to create an image of a jellyfish. To create a JellyFish, take a deep drag from your vaping pen, just enough to blow a ring. Use your hand to push the O ring as you blow it. Reduce the diameter of the O made by your lips and blow a smaller circle. Push the smaller circle towards the center while adding a little flair. Inhale all that is left as you enjoy jellyfish.

10 Most Popular Vape Tricks & How To Do Them | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

Liquid Mist

This vape trick is popular in clubs or parties where drinks are served. It entails blowing mist at the top of the drink and making it appear as part of whatever is served in the container.

You need tumbler or glass that is half-filled with a cold drink. Take as much vape as possible into your mouth. Touch the rim of the tumbler as if drinking then exhale the vapor.

Multiple O’s

Double and Triple O’s is the most common form of this vape trick. Blowing O’s is the oldest trick in smoking, meaning that a person has to do something extraordinary in order to stand out from the rest. Try to exhale at least three O’s at a go to awe your audience.

Take a deep draw from your vape pen. Put a finger at the middle of your O-shaped lips while gently tapping your throat using the other hand. The process looks complicated for starters, but the experience will make it seem easier. You should create enough rings to draw the attention of people in the entire room.  

10 Most Popular Vape Tricks & How To Do Them | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

The Dragon

This method will help you appear like a monstrous dragon. To appear this way, begin your vaping by dragging long vapor from the device. Ensure that you do not inhale the vapor but instead force it out through the nose and two ends of the mouth.

You may feel a little uncomfortable with the shape of your lips. However, you will master it with practice and be able to create the monster without building a block at the center of the lips or using your tongue.

10 Most Popular Vape Tricks & How To Do Them | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

Ghost/Snap Inhale.

Also popularized as a mushroom cloud, this simple vape tricks involves preventing sucking of the cloud by blowing it out. The user should allow the device to linger in the mouth before pushing the vapor into a ball. The process is repeated to ensure that the vapor is exhaled in short round bursts. The process is followed by quick attempts to inhale the vapor into the mouth, revealing ‘ghost vapor’ as the vapor returns.

Blowing Triangles

Circular rings have become popular with almost every person, creating the need to try something more impressive. To blow triangles, you have to combine the efforts of your mouth and fingers.

Take a long drag from your device and blow the O ring. Tap the ring on three sides using your fingers to create a triangular ring.

10 Most Popular Vape Tricks & How To Do Them | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

Vapor Bubble

It involves tapping vapor in a big bubble to create an impressive mixture of water, vapor, and soap. Put a plastic bottle with a cut bottom into soapy water. Blow into the shallow end of the bottle to form a vapor bubble.

10 Most Popular Vape Tricks & How To Do Them | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

Blowing O’s

This exciting vape tricks entails creating a letter O with your vapor. Take a long drag and ensure that it remains suspended in your throat. Place your tongue at the bottom of your mouth near the back. Form an O shape with your lips and start making quick pulse movements from your lungs to let out vapor shaped as letter “O”.

10 Most Popular Vape Tricks & How To Do Them | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

What is vape tricks?

  Vaping has enhanced the fun associated with smoking tricks, mainly because vape pens emit denser vapor. Regular smoke may choke a user when attempting most of the stunts described here. To start, learn how to smoke using your mouth. Online shopping gives you a better time to look for details and establish your taste before you can pick the device that best suits you. Vaping is also a viable outlet for a person looking for variety.

You may get to the point of inventing your own vape tricks. However, you first need to build experience using information from existing vapers. As vape pens penetraten vaping market, identify your most appropriate brand and stick to it, while at the same time being experimental enough to discover whether any new products in the market suit your tastes and preferences better.

  Vaping is arguably healthier than traditional smoking. As people embrace this fact, vaping is becoming the future of smoking. We hope that this piece of vape trick guide will help you be as cool as you wish when enjoying your time with friends.

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