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Relx Flavours Reviews Part 3

Flavours have always been a topic of concern to Relxers. Since we released the Relx Pods Flavours Review Program, we are very happy that we have received a lot of customers’ comments on the Relx pods flavours.

Past review:

In addition to the above flavours, today we will take a look at your Relx pods flavours review on other flavours: icy Slush, Peach Oolong, Banana Smoothie, Energy Shot, Grape

Here we go!

RELX Flavours Reviews

Icy Slush

RELX Flavours Icy Slush
Relx Flavours Reviews Part 3 | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

Cooling: ●●●●○

Intensity: ●●●○○

Richness: ●●○○○


This Icy Slush is my favourite flavour. It has a strong throat feel and a high degree of reduction. Especially in summer, it’s really comfortable to take a puff. The cold throat sensation, with the sweet taste of Icy Slushs, makes you comfortable just in a single puff.

And its reduction degree is extremely high when you take the first puff as if you are eating ice cream, you will return to the beauty of childhood at once. I like to drink a cold drink with the taste of Icy Slushs in summer, beautiful time, isn’t it? Every puff will cool you down. I think anyone who likes cool flavours can try it. (From Cheery)

Peach Oolong

RELX Flavours Peach Oolong
Relx Flavours Reviews Part 3 | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

Cooling: ●●●○○

Intensity: ●●●●●

Richness: ●●●●●

Recommended: ●●●○○

This taste I really like, and it must be the top three. At the beginning of the entrance is a light oolong tea fragrance, followed by a cool throat sensation, with a strong tea fragrance and sweet peach flavour. Immediately afterwards, your mouth and throat are full of peach oolong strong impact. Its reduction degree is really very high, just like you drink iced peach oolong tea.

When you spit it out, it will always be that taste in your mouth and the clouds, sweet peach flavour with a hint of tea. I strongly recommend this taste, and you will never regret it after trying it. I think this taste is suitable for girls who love the fresh taste as much as I do. (From Heihei)

Banana Smoothie

RELX Flavours Banana Smoothie
Relx Flavours Reviews Part 3 | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

Cooling: ●○○○○

Intensity: ●●●●○

Richness: ●●●●○

Recommended: ●○○○○

The taste of banana milk, this flavour tastes sweet, but also a bit like the taste of dried bananas. It has a strong flavour and almost no cooling, so in my opinion, it is not suitable for long-term use. This taste depends on personal preference, I think this taste is suitable for people who like bananas or like sweet. I don’t like bananas very much, so I don’t feel much. (From God)

Energy Shot

RELX Flavours Energy Shot
Relx Flavours Reviews Part 3 | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

Cooling: ●●○○○

Intensity: ●●●●○

Richness: ●●●●○

Recommended: ●●●●○

The taste will get more and more fragrant, and the degree of reduction is very high. This Energy Shot tastes like a 100% Red Bull drink. It’s very refreshing. It’s the smell after talking, and people around you can easily smell it. This taste sales are very good, I personally recommend it. I think those who like Red Bull drinks should really like this taste. (From Quattro)


RELX Flavours Grape
Relx Flavours Reviews Part 3 | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

Cooling: ●●●○○

Intensity: ●●●○○

Richness: ●●●●○

Recommended: ●●●●●

For the taste of Grapes, which just came out, personally think that it is actually perfect. When I opened the first puff, it was full of grapes, a bit like the grape juice we often drink, sweet with a hint of grape tart. The coolness is not very high, many female friends around like vaping this taste. It continues the coolness of Relx pods before. Compared with Peach Oolong, they make up for the lack of cooling and sweetness of Peach Oolong, and the fragrance is full.

The aroma of the grape is reflected incisively. Surrounded by the mouth and teeth, the juicy grapes are softer, and the throat feel is lower. It is indeed a perfect taste. At present, it is the second place in my pods. I think this taste is suitable for those who are new to Relx pods flavours or women who like fruity fragrance. Trust me, this is a new taste totally worth trying. (From Leaf pika)

Well, that’s it for todays RELX flavours review. If you’re interested in any of those flavours or you want to shop for some RELX products, you can check out our RELX Collection page.

To create a more satisfying experience and help other new vapours to learn more about us, we hope you could share your thoughts on the flavours, products and your shopping experience, and we will continue to update this series. Thanks for sharing!

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