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Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

RELX Essential Review: Is It Worth recommending?

Hello, my new friends and my loyal readers! When others mention RELX Infinity do you also think of RELX Essential? Is essential no better than infinity? We’ve reviewed both before now, we also compared with other generations. This guide will show you the RELX Essential review. Here we go!

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RELX Infinity VS Essential

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What Is RELX Essential?

Let’s examine the new RELX Essential, which is developed for every vaper’s everyday vaping sessions.

For power, Essential will certainly last as much as 360 smokes on a single charge and also can be conveniently charged with a USB-C cable in around 40 minutes.

As for reliability, Essential’s style is special. The wavy surface structure serves twin functions: supplying security from everyday damage, as well as being very easy to hold and recover from your bag or pocket.

RELX Essential Review: Is It Worth recommending? | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

The mouthfeel of Essential supplies is smooth thanks to 2 proprietary innovations. From the first to last smoke, Essential is Super Smooth ™.

When it comes to the total design, Essential is sleek, stylish as well as easy to use. The balanced cases make it very easy to change out in seconds. And, if you’re ever running low on power, the sign light comfortably allows you recognize when it’s time to recharge.

All facets of RELX Essential were developed to supply an instinctive experience, a Super Smooth ™ mouthfeel and everyday integrity. 

RELX Essential

RELX Essential is Super Smooth ™ every time you vape.

This is made possible by two key RELX innovations in the unibody vape: the Active-steam Pro as well as the Air Increase layout. 


Dimensions: 112 mg x 23 mg x 10 mg

Battery: 350 mAh

Charge time: 40 minutes

Activation: Draw activated

Charger type: USB Type C

Pod material: FEELM Ceramic Maze coil

Pod capacity: 1.9 mL

Pod weight: 6 grams

Pod life span: 500 – 650 puffs

relx essential-black


Let’s see the RELX Essential, for power, Essential will certainly last approximately 360 puffs on a single fee and can be easily recharged with a USB-C cable in around 40 minutes. Instead of thinking about when and also where you’ll require to plug your device in adhering to, you can vape with satisfaction, and also understanding that you have a durable device in your hands. Furthermore, the bumpy surface structure serves dual purposes: giving defence from daily wear and tear, in addition to being simple to grasp as well as retrieve from your bag or pocket.


For the mouthfeel, from the very initial to the last puff, Important offers are smooth which is thanks to 2 unique modern innovations. Essential features RELX’s Super Smooth efficiency criterion, which allows newbie and expert vapers the experience they are searching for. Along with, if you’re running low on power, the indicator light quickly allows you to acknowledge when it’s time to charge.

Pros & Cons

How Do I Use RELX Essential?

Pop in the RELX Pod. Initially, take the e-liquid hull out of its packaging and also insert it into the cavity of the e-cigarette device. You’ll discover it glides in smoothly, gently attaching itself to the device. What’s that about? Our skins, as well as tools, remain linked using a magnetic lock. No clicks, no hand-operated lock-in here!

Delicately inhale on the mouthpiece of the RELX Pod to start. No buttons to fuss with, simply breathe in or “draw” to activate the pressure-sensitive RELX Pod and absorb the vapour. You’ll notice the indicator lights up softly when you take a pull. As you get accustomed to this brand-new experience, keep an eye on the light to see if it flickers – this implies you’re inhaling too long or too deeply.

Pretty easy, right? Maintaining your RELX is just as simple. 

RELX Essential Review: Is It Worth recommending? | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

What Pods Are Compatible With RELX Essential?

The RELX device is compatible with the RELX Pod Pro. RELX Pod Pro offers improved security against leaks in both your mouth and also pockets.

Each pod has 11 structural layers to stop leaks, which supplies you with an extra protected vaping experience. And also, the innovative maze-like structure traps condensation.

When you purchase the Essential, you will not be stuck to the same old taste. The compatible pods come in a variety of tastes, including:

  • Menthol Plus
  • Ludou Ice
  • Garden’s Heart
  • Fresh Red
  • Dark Sparkle
  • Rich Tobacco
  • Tangy Purple

You can have fun experimenting and find the ones that you love! 

The RELX Pods Pro are available separately, so you’ll need to keep this in mind as you plan for future use with the Essential. 

relx essential 5

Is RELX Essential Worth It?

Firstly, if you are a newbie, after that important must be your perfect vape tool. The 18mg nicotine toughness uses satisfying as well as near-instant Nicotine hit with all the flavour and also vapour you would certainly hope for too. Battery life is excellent and the pods offer the maximum size within TPD (what is it?) laws giving you a suitable amount of use before your requirement to appear a fresh one. The coils were still functioning great also down to the last decline of e-liquid in the skin and also the flavour array itself is impressive too. If you would like to understand more information concerning RELX Essential, you are welcome to see our website!

Aside from the more recent entrants to the globe of vaping, if you still enjoy a mouth to lung kit and want something little for evenings out, this could be for you. Not needing to lug e-liquid bottles is always an incentive and also this one will certainly last you all evening without breaking a sweat. All up, the RELX Important will certainly not allow you down!

By the way, Nicotine vape laws will change in October and will require a prescription order from a general practitioner to purchase e-cigarettes containing Nicotine. Please click here to apply!

At last, If you like our article, please bookmark it and share it with your friends. If you have any suggestions or ideas on RELX Essential, please leave a comment and let us know by posting back, we will check and make adjustments in time to make sure we provide you with better content.

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