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Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

RELX Alpha: Every Puff Is Pure And Smooth

RELX Alpha Device

RELX’s cutting-edge layouts set the RELX Alpha apart from other gadgets in the marketplace. Each RELX Alpha device with the following innovative features:

RELX’s one-of-a-kind α-shaped airways improve the tastemakers of the vape pen, offering you a fuller taste. These enlarged airways likewise replicate draw resistance that is 95% similar to blowing on a real cigarette.

Each vape pen improves vape fluid with 4th generation honeycomb atomizers. This generates ultra-smooth vapour that’s easy on the throat and additional enhances its preference.

Its classy and also minimalist styles transform it from an easy vape pen to a high-end accessory. The long-lasting casings come in a stylish black surface or a regal golden finishing.

The easy-to-use vape pen also has a respiratory tract condensation lock, light-up reduced battery indication, and also softly shakes to indicate if you’re overusing the device.

The RELX Alpha is the costs product of the RELX lineup, including a machined aluminium unibody style that really feels absolutely superior in the hand.


  • Size: 23 x 10 x 112 mg
  • Weight: 27.2 g
  • Battery Capacity: 340 mAh
  • Pod Capacity: 1.6 mL
  • Resistance: 1Ω – 1.2Ω
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 1.6ml
  • Extra Durable Flavor Pods with Condensation Trapping Airway Wall
  • FEELM 2.0 Honeycomb Ceramic Coil Technology
  • Nicotine Salt-Based Flavour Pods
RELX Alpha


The impression is whatever and also upon taking a first consider the RELX Alpha, the style is strikingly attractive.

The RELX Alpha can be found in four different colours – Jet Black, Neon Purple, Royal Blue and also Luxe Gold. While there isn’t much range in colour option here in contrast to various other vape brands, both the Royal Blue and Luxe Gold surfaces are smooth and advanced. It remains to be seen whether RELX will certainly provide even more shade choices in the future.

The RELX Alpha additionally includes RELX’s copyrighted AlphaStream layout which includes an elongated a-shaped air passage that remains in place to offer you extra taste with each puff. This layout likewise sustains a 95% draw resistance that will certainly be especially appealing to previous smokers as it really feels unbelievably similar to a genuine cigarette.

The most important thing is, with its 4th generation honeycomb atomizer, the RELX Alpha has verified to generate a softer throat really feel that will not cause unnecessary burning or irritation likewise to that of other vapes. This is thanks to the atomizer’s bigger inlet.

Pros & Cons


  • The sleek, compact, lightweight body design
  • Much larger pipe than most pod systems
  • Leakage protection system
  • Higher pumping rate per pod
  • Patented design features that provide more flavour


  • Fewer body colour options
  • Battery life is not particularly long
RELX Alpha Colour

RELX Alpha Flavour

Sweet Mint

– The feeling of enjoyment when you’re out prior to the crack of dawn. The chill airborne, a welcoming pal just like the icy mint vapour tantalizing your senses. Absolutely nothing is difficult and every little thing is up for grabs. RELX, the day is currently your own. A splash of menthol included for additional coolness.

Ludo Sorbet

– Warm summer evenings spent playing outdoors finishing with a timeless sweet treat, or stories of immersive journeys in East Asia that involves a new gastronomic discovery. Ludo desserts win any individual over with a refined, fresh taste made much more powerful in e-liquid kind. RELX and make new memories, or let old ones bury you with sweet fond memories.

Mango Pomelo Sago

– Delight in the taste of creamy mango purée, soft sago pearls, as well as a zesty pomelo coating. RELX and also live life easily.


– The late afternoon light jumps off mild blue swells as a rumba rhythm floats in from a distance. The salted air brings with it the scent of cigarette, wrapping up silent moments by the seaside. RELX, the next best point is right below.

Fresh Red

– Sunbathing in Greece with this amazing watermelon mix. Rejuvenate and also revitalize your life with Fresh Red. A dash of menthol added for added coolness

RELX Alpha

How To Use RELX Alpha?

Remove the pod from the package and insert it into the cavity of the RELX Alpha device. You will notice that it slides in smoothly, gently attaching itself to the vape device, which means the pod and the device stay connected via a magnetic lock. There’s no clicking here and no manual locking.

At the same time, the pod is not divided into positive and negative, even if you close your eyes, you can change the pod, the front and back of the smoke bomb can be inserted into the hidden air inlet, so you are not afraid of being obscured, and it is very convenient to pick up and vape directly. Although it is easy to use, the RELX vape use of cautions you should also know, vaping will be more comfortable and interesting.

How Do You Refill RELX Alpha Pods?

RELX pods come in 2 main varieties – the classic RELX pods and the AlphaPods. While the difference between these 2 types of cases mainly lies in their series of tastes, there is likewise a key distinction in their structures. Particularly, AlphaPods are developed to be a great deal much more sturdy than classic RELX pods and can substantially avoid leakages and damages.

Consequently, while you can do a RELX pod refill, we would certainly not suggest doing so without the correct research study and preparation. Additionally, considering that AlphaPods are built so well, you should think about whether it is worth risking its structural integrity to refill.

All the same, if you’re ready to follow our RELX pod refill directions, reviewed below!

Step 1 – Remove the pod’s casing

Locate the rubber casing located on the bottom of the RELX pod. This casing is typically purple or light grey, so it needs to be simple to find.

As soon as situated, utilize a small blade or a cutter to force it out. This procedure will be very time consuming as this casing is well embedded in the pod body. Precision is vital, as you must stay clear of harming the shell or pod.

Step 2 – Remove the rubber

As soon as you have forced the shell open, you need to locate a piece of rubber inside the pod. This item of rubber has a translucent white shade.

Using your fingers or a set of tweezers, eliminate this piece of rubber and location it in a dry and also awesome place.

Step 3 – Clean up

Clean the inside of the vessel and the rubber you simply removed with a clean paper towel to remove any kind of residual fluid.

Step 4 – Refill

Obtain your preferred e-liquid and get ready to replenish. To be on the risk-free side, attempt to replenish the sheaths just to 90% of their height. This is to prevent any type of possible leaks that can harm your pods.

Once you have actually completed filling up, rebuild your pod in the exact same order as you dismantled it. Try to be careful with each part as they are very fragile.

Step 5 – Rest your pods

Allow your pods to rest for 15-20 mins prior to utilizing them. This is, obviously, the last action in your RELX pod refilling procedure.

RELX Alpha VS Classic

RELX Alpha VS Classic

The RELX Classic is RELX’s beginner-friendly kit and features many terrific features for newbies and also progressed vapers. The RELX Classic starter kit includes 1 device, 1 shell, and 1 micro-USB billing cable, making it rather reasonably valued, especially when we contrast RELX vs JUUL.

On the other hand, the RELX Alpha is laser-focused on the advanced vapers, with its wealth of attributes and exceptional layout. An amazing aspect of the RELX Alpha is the addition of the acclaimed FEELM atomizer, which guarantees flavorful smoke. In addition, its AlphaStream layout enables accurate draw resistance of as much as 95%!


The RELX Classic and RELX Alpha both have fantastic battery capacities, at 340mAh as well as 350mAh respectively. This suggests that both tools can quickly last you a complete day of usage or perhaps 2 or 3. Nonetheless, which one is much easier to utilize when it involves billing?

Fortunately, both the RELX Classic and RELX Alpha utilize a USB charging port. This suggests charging them would be almost similar to charging your phone. Nonetheless, the RELX Alpha does have a benefit in that it makes use of USB-C charging, making it charge faster than the RELX Classic, at approximately 40 minutes for a full charge!

Pod Build Quality

Pods are another important point in our RELX Classic and also RELX Alpha ease-of-use contrast. Both RELX sheaths as well as AlphaPods benefit from RELX’s design choice of including magnetic locks to make it easier to affix them. However, the difference lies in the build high quality of the two kinds of sheathings.

While normal RELX pods have been reported to leakage several times, AlphaPods completely removes this problem thanks to the 4 architectural improvements introduced by RELX. These enhancements guarantee a toughness of 175% greater than other husks and are extremely valuable.

In conclusion, both packages are worth your cash. But certainly, you can always get better deals on RELX vapes at VapePenZone.

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