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Puff Bar Rises

If it is a senior vapour, then you must have watched such a video on youtube:
In his youtube video, vape reviewer “Thechasesmokes” sits encircled by friends in a bedroom. He holds up a white Priority Mail envelope and also disposes of out 20 vibrantly coloured flash-drive designed Puff Bar on the floor. He chooses one up, checking out loud tastes for the camera: Cafe Latte, Lychee Ice, Watermelon, Strawberry… the list takes place.
A very familiar scene, right?

A couple of years back, this would undoubtedly have been a rather ordinary scene– a regular vape “sesh” where a reviewer tries out dozens of tastes of an e-cigarette and articles their point of views online.

In 2018, researchers began to realize simply precisely how popular vaping was with teenagers. The circumstance came to a head in July 2019, BECAUSE the disease connected to THC vapes offered unlawfully via Instagram, Twitter, and elsewhere. Yet, it produced extensive pushback versus all vape products. Unqualified products trigger the final reason for this situation in the black market, not the digital cigarette itself triggers this illness.

Due to their appeal with teenagers, flavorful vapes dropped directly right into regulatory authority’s crosshairs. On February 6, the Trump administration’s partial ban on selling flavoured vape products entered into effect. Pod-based vape companies are now banned from offering any flavoured skins, in addition to menthol and also tobacco.

The autumn of it accompanies the increase of another thing: the non-reusable e-cigarette, and also one firm has risen above the remainder, albeit under hazy lawful conditions. That firm is Puff Bar, which markets vapes that are available in full, candy-coloured boxes topped with a fluffy cloud logo– the very same business that made the Cafe Latte-flavored vape held up in the YouTube video. The video clip had over 130,000 views.

Exactly How Prominent Are the Disposable E-cigs?

The absence of regulation as well as enforcement around e-cigarettes unlocked for an expansion of products. Newer disposable devices have expanded in appeal as JUUL stopped sales of some sweet and also fruity flavours in 2014 under examination for its leading role in the youth e-cigarette epidemic.

Online search trends suggest that disposable e-cigarettes are increasing in appeal. A December write-up in the journal Tobacco Control, “The surge of disposable JUUL-type e-cigarette tools,” reports that a Google search engine results in 31 brand names of disposable items on the initial results web page, with gadgets “priced as low as $4.60 with approximately 7% Nicotine and advertising and marketing 200 clouds of smoke.”

These products are priced significantly low. According to the write-up: ” disposable items might surge in popularity with minors and punctual customers of every age to attempt and also come to be addicted to vaping when they could not have tried it otherwise due to the price of entry.”

Puff Bar: The Most Preferred Disposable E-cigs

What’s In the Pack?

It is essential to know that the web content of each puff bar disposable sheath stick is 1.3 ml of e-juice. It enables you to maintain your vaping all day.

Exactly How Does a Puff Bar Work?

Puff Bar is little sufficient to suit a pocket, appears like a USB flash drive and also heats a cartridge having e-liquid to develop vapour.

Each shuck gadget is pre-charged as well as pre-filled. Once the vapour goes out, it can not be changed or replenished.

What’s Your Favourite Flavour?

The Puff Bar Disposable device allows many flavours like:

There is the Cucumber Blue Razz, Strawberry, Lychee I.C.E., Cool Mint Watermelon, Blueberry, Pink Lemonade, Peach, Tobacco, Grape Lush Ice Pineapple Lemonade, Pomegranate and also the Orange, Mango as well as Guava combination which is called O.M.G. for short.

If we contrast with the regular vaping pots, it is clear that the Puff Bar Disposable proves to be easier to take around. These are portable, light and small.

Triggering this device is also really extra comfortable as it contains 280mAh internal battery which has been pre-charged is the factor for the convenience of activation. When you choose a Puff Bar Disposable, all you require is take a puff to turn on.

Puff Bar Rises | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

Just How Much Nicotine Is In a Puff Bar?

Each Puff Bar utilizes Nicotine salts a formula that enables much higher degrees and effective shipment of Nicotine with much less irritability compared to earlier generations of e-cigarettes. Nicotine toughness can be as high as 5% in Puff Bars.

Numerous young people are not aware of their Nicotine usage when making use of e-cigarettes. Results from an April 2018 Truth Initiative ® research study released in Tobacco Control show that nearly two-thirds– 63%– of vape customers aged 15-24 were uninformed that the vapes they make use of always included Nicotine.

The Rise Of Puff Bar

Puff Bars have a lot more varied variety of tastes than other brands ever did, consisting of “Blue Razz” as well as an “O.M.G” flavour.

Worldwide, the rate of interest in the items is precise. Google look for “Puff Bar” “Puff Bar near me” and “Puff Bar flavours” have increased consistently because of late 2019. And it is the same as.

Puff Bar Rises | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop
Puff Bar Rises | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

Google fads browse data for “Puff Bar” have risen continually because of completion of 2019.

Phillip Clapp is a toxicologist at the University of North Carolina who has researched e-cigarettes because of 2016. Raising numbers of trainees in his vaping surveys report using brand names like Bidi Sticks and Puff Bar, Clapp claims. They are so prominent that he went to a vape shop near the university as well as bought them himself to examine in his laboratory.

” It was this abrupt change,” Clapp tells Inverse. “Everybody was making use of JUUL, and currently, everyone is utilizing something that isn’t a JUUL.”

In January 2020, Delnevo authored a letter in the journal Tobacco Control that defines the rise of disposable e-cigarettes.

But the Puff Bar’s beginnings are “cloudier than the majority of,” says Mark Anton, the executive supervisor of the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association ( SFATA), nationwide, pro-vaping campaigning for the group. The company is rising swiftly in total obscurity.

Why Is Puff Bar So Popular  Currently?

Andrew Imecs is a vape reviewer based in Canada that runs the YouTube network Thumb Duck. In December 2019, he made a Puff Bar video that overcame 55,000 sights. The feel and look of a Puff Bar are good, and its price is reduced. The flavours make us so tantalizing.

” The Puff Bars have a choice of tastes that appear to be irresistible,” Imecs claims.

” Flavors like Watermelon, Lychee Ice, Peach Ice, Cucumber, and also even Coffee! This is where the Puff Bar has a huge benefit in the market.”

With both the layout and also endless flavour choices, Puff Bar isn’t just reminiscent of JUUL, and it is also on its way to surpassing it in terms of demand, claims Brendan Chen, an employee at a vape store on the East Coast.

Throughout the summer of 2019, Chen started to notice Puff Bar items “blowing up” at vape shops, convenience stores, filling station, hookah bars, and Kratom bars in his location.


As it is defined that these puff gadgets are straightforward and straightforward to consume, that’s why you can get several other advantages like:

  • The Puff Bar Disposable is easy to use.
  • A broad range of flavours to pick from.
  • It includes more than 200 smokes per sheathing.
  • No previous e-smoking experience is needed.
  • The Nic E-liquid concentration is high.
  • Much More Affordable: The primary reason for the appeal of puff bar disposables is, these are simple to purchase as well as known as pocket-friendly. These puff bars are regularly valued at $15 – 20 AUD. Vapes, as well as a single bottle of its juice, can cost up to $60. By maintaining all these prices in mind, it can be ended that cigarettes are less expensive than these options. Nevertheless, keep in mind that cigarette sticks are single-use only. However, a puff bar can be used up to 200 times.
  • Takeaway. As it is clear that vaping and also its various other devices have a benefit over cigarettes so we can say that it is safer to vape than to smoke. You can stay clear of the chemicals developed by burning a cigarette, and the important thing is, it is likewise much cheaper to make use of puff bars disposables.
  • Puff Bar Disposable is convenient to acquire per unit.


  • This gadget allows you to hinge on the large quantity spent in the long-run. As whenever you buy wholesale, the cost is always cheaper.
  • It is essential to take caution when acquiring vaping products online. These warn expand to the Puff Bar Disposable Pod. There are several on the internet stores. However, it is necessary to buy from trustworthy.

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Reals and Fakes

It is not tough to locate Puff Bars online. You can buy them on wholesale vape web sites, and if you need it, please feel free to place an order on our web site.

You can additionally get Puff Bars from different places: vape shops, convenience stores… But you need to focus that you need to buy from standard producers or stores. Otherwise, you can’t assure the high quality of the product.

The fake products often leak, in some cases they last a very long time, as well as various other times, the battery is dead within a couple of hours.

There is a great deal of irregularity inherent to this disposable market.

Puff Bar Rises | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

The variability in between Puff Bar items is a constant factor of conversation, specifically on Reddit. Some describe flavours that smell like paint; others state dripping or changing tastes. This inconsistency, as well as the absence of advice from Puff Bar’s leadership, have led to a narrative online; there are “real” puff bar products, and after that, there are “phony” puff bar items. The “counterfeits” take the blame for dripping vapes and also errant tastes.

To distinguish the reals from the “phonies,” consumers have looked to subreddits like r/electronic _ cigarettes, r/vaping. However, they don’t stand for Puff Bar, and they do attempt to open up the conversation about the items for individuals looking for support.

” I truthfully recommend individuals to try the puff bar, since there are lots of people that use these devices daily, and also most of them or the vendors are more than pleased to talk about the item and address any kind of concerns people may have.”

The brand-new vaping pattern can be specified as Puff Bar disposable e-cigs. It is getting prominent as a result of its unique features as it’s disposable. However, there are numerous brand names in the vaping market; however, just a few of them provide puff bar disposal. The primary advantage of Puff Bar Disposable E-cig is its zero upkeep because there is no demand for re-filling or reenergizing, unlike standard vaping. Very recommend. If you want to try these tasty flavours, please feel free to visit the Vapepenzone, if you are new here or like this blog, please be sure to hit subscribe to stay up to date with our latest blogs. As always, we will see you in the next blog.  

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