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Puff Bar Plus Flavour: Which Is The Best-Tasting One?

Puff Bar Plus flavours become a hot topic on Google. As the new updated version of Puff Bar, this disposable vape pen attract many vapers when it came out. Today, we will focus on its flavour. Of course, the best flavour is a subjective choice. Just as the old saying “there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes.” the inspiration of this blog is from the vapers’ opinions about the Puff Plus flavours.

Puff Bar Plus Vs Plus Bar 

According to our after-sales team’s feedback, many vapers ask them to recommend Puff Bar Plus Flavour to them. At the same time, vapers will ask how the differences of flavour between Puff bar Plus and Puff Bar. 

Now, we make a brief comparison to show you.


  • An updated version of Puff Bar. This improved product is laster during daily vaping. what’s more, the heavy vapers can use it for one week. Of course, there are the most comprehensive ways to make your Puff Bar lasts longer.
  • Protection technology. Puff Bar not hitting is a frequent problem in its previous product. Therefore, to prevent this, the new version takes creative protection technology to keep it from short circuit and E-liquid leaking. This technology largely helps to reduce Puff Plus not working.
  • Reducing burnt-tasting. Except for the protection technology, this disposable vape pen controls its working temperature. During producing vapour, high temperature will burn the coil and then the vapers will have the feeling of burnt-tasting. Therefore, a suitable temperature is the best way to prevent a worse taste in vapers. When it comes to this topic, we also offer some good ways to stay away from burnt vape tasting.

What Is The Puff Plus Flavour?

When considering the best Puff Bar Plus Flavour, you need to keep all aspects in mind. First of all, the taste is subjective. For example, you love the peach flavour, but other vapers who hates the taste of peach may hate it.

Even though each flavour contains the highest quality E-liquid, and when drawing in the sweet vapour, you might swear to eat the only fresh peach, vapers who hate peach will still hate this flavour.

That’s why in this review, I tried to ignore my taste preference and evaluate each flavour based on its unique feature.

Well, no longer a boring topic, let’s talk about what you want to know: What is the Puff Plus taste?

Now, let us enter our list of top Puff Plus flavours to help you determine which flavour is good, and other flavours you want to convey.

In this part, we will make a simple chart to show a clearer idea of this pre-filled vape pen flavour. Now, pls check out the rank. 

What Is The Best Puff Bar Plus Flavour?

Fresh Mint

This is one of the classic flavours in all disposable vaping device. What’s more, we can say that this flavour plays an important role in the E-cig. Fresh Mint largely restores the actual taste of mint. Furthermore, it has a refreshing effect. 

The biggest highlight is 5% nicotine can’t bring strong throat hitting for the vapers. At the same time, the throat hit is as smooth as expected, while providing a perfect mint flavour. 

when inhaling this refreshing vapour, vapers have the feeling of cooling, which sweep your tiredness. If you are the first time to try Puff Plus, this flavour may be your best choice to start. 

Mango Ice

This is another great flavour of Puff Bar Plus, which is based on fruit. The taste of mango is exactly as it should be. Meanwhile, it largely gives a feeling of a fresh and ripe mango to vapers during the process of inhalation and exhalation.

Too different from the mango flavour of other vaping brands, it is added the menthol. Therefore, it has a bit of strong throat hitting. However, Puff Plus balances the content of mango flavouring and menthol very well. Finally, it becomes one of the popular flavours among vapers. It is a very difficult job but this disposable vaping device indeed achieve.

In other words, it is also the creative thing to make the perfect combination of fruit flavouring and Refreshing substance.


This is another great flavour. It is perfect for smokers and vapers who start to switch from smoking to vaping. With this flavour, you can get a simple and rich taste of tobacco flavour during inhalation and exhalation. There is also a cigarette smell that lingers in the lung when you inhale.

Tobacco is Puff Plus’s second tobacco-based flavour and is the best flavour so far. If you like the rich, earthy and smoky tobacco flavour, you will like it. Sore throat and Nicotine satisfaction are also related to this.


Here’s the hot-sale product when it came out. Its unique flavour brings vapers into the world of the juicy grape. Besides, it will leave a fruit aroma after finishing vaping. Hence, women vapers love it very much.

Furthermore, mentol is added into its ingredient. Vapers won’t feel too sweet during vaping. The sweet smell of grapes and the cold menthol give a refreshing feeling of vaping. You won’t feel disappointed to try. 

Iced Cola

Who doesn’t like cola-flavoured e-liquids? It sounds like Iced Cola, a common beverage with unique menthol. It is described as cool and incredible.

During the entire inhalation and exhalation process, it is incredibly cola-feeling. When you inhale, you will taste more cola, and when you exhale, the mentol shine. It blends well and tastes great. This is the ideal vape for vapers after working or in the afternoon.


The classic name of watermelon is almost the taste of pure watermelon. Whether you inhale or exhale, you will get a sweet watermelon aroma, which does provide an excellent vaping effect that many drug addicts and smokers need.

For smokers who like watermelon, this is a perfect choice because it can do as expected and provide a pure watermelon flavour. This is also great for experienced vapers! If you are looking for a watermelon flavour without any other mixed flavours, look no further.

What Is The Less Popular Puff Bar Plus Flavour? 

Strawberry Lemonade

This is another unique flavour, but one we didn’t enjoy as much. It’s a strawberry and lemonade juice type flavour and it does provide a slight sweetness, but it just wasn’t meet the requirement of most of the vapers. There is a bitter taste going on throughout the vaping but is much more obvious on the inhale.

On the inhalation, you do get a sweer strawberry flavour, but when you compare this one to the others, it’s just not as good taste. It might be great for a vaper who look for a unique flavour experience. But many vapers said they can’t take it as their daily vaping list.


Many western vapers are unfamiliar with lychee, a kind of Chinese fruit. Therefore, its sales are not as good as other flavours. To be honest, lychee flavour perfectly replicates the fruit of lychee. It makes a smooth transition from sweetness to sourness.

Melon Ice

Many vapers complained that this flavour is too sweet and they can’t feel the Nicotine in this. However, for sweet tooth fans, this is their favourite. It is hard to say it is the less popular one. we list it into here because of the sales.

Some vapers only buy melon ice. It is the reason why it still is kept in the Puff Bar Plus. We recommend the vapers can inhale it in their sad time. It will sweep your sadness and tiredness. 


As we mentioned above, the best Puff Bar Plus Flavour is a subjective choice. The purpose of this blog is just to guide the vapers who are the first time to try Puff Plus. Pls, bear in mind that all Puff Bar Plus Flavour has its unique feature. Meanwhile, they also the best flavour for some vapers. If you are the people who like to accept the new things, you can try all flavour and make the rank for them. 

As always, if you are new here or like this blog, please be sure to hit subscribe to stay up to date with our latest blogs. See you next time.  

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  1. Good description of flavors. Needs updating but helps when choosing a new flavor and what’s popular. 🥰

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