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What Is RELX Vape Pens & E cig?

RELX vape (created by Kate Wang) combines elegant designs with innovative next-generation technology to provide beginner vapers with the most advanced electronic vapour cigarette starter kit available online.
Each vape pen is the culmination of our precise production process. We carefully monitor every step of the process, from design to manufacturing, to present new vapers with easy-to-use and efficient vaping devices. With our stylish vape pens, RELX hopes to provide smokers with an alternative to cigarette smoking.
RELX vape makes vaping a taste explosion, with RELX vape multi colour that ranges from regular, like black, red, pink…, to new combinations, like RELX vape Sunset glow, Nebula Radient…

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Package Content

Starter kit:

1 x Starter Kit
1 x USB Cable

Starter kit & pods:

1 x Starter Kit
2 x RELX Pod (Mint & Classic Tobacco come with regular colour; Ludou Ice & Watermelon mint come with the gradient colour)
1 x USB Cable


  • Power: 6 w
  • Charges: 45 minutes
  • Battery capacity: 350 mAh
  • Honeycomb diameter size: 0.01 mg
  • Pod Nicotine Strength: 50mg/ml (5%), 30mg/ml (3%)
  • Pulls available on full charge: 250 ~300 puffs


  • Softer and Smoother Pulls – Innovative ceramic atomizing technology for authentic flavour rendering and fresher throat feel.
  • Clean and Minimalistic Design – Buttonless operation & Compact and lightweight.
  • Magnetic Lock – Secures e-liquid pods in place & Intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Incredible Battery Performance – 250〜300puff available use in full power state.


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How To Use RELX Pod System?

  1. Prepare the RELX cigarette and pods
  2. Attach the pod to the device
  3. Inhale and exhale slowly

Relx Classic Starter Kit & Pod | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

RELX Starter Kit Troublesome

What does it mean when the indicator of Classic device changes?

During Standing: when the device is not used, the indicator will be off;
Low Battery: when the power is less than 10%, the indicator will flash 10 times;
During Charging: The indicator will stay on, and after it is fully charged, it will be off;
The indicating light flashes 3 times:

  1. Inhale protection: This protection mechanism is to protect the user from irritation caused by heavy inhale, the mod will initiate the protection mechanism.
  2. Overcharged protection: This protection mechanism is to protect itself when the charging cable is unplugged with too much strength after it is fully charged or unplugged frequently, and the indicator will flash 3 times.

How do I charge my RELX device?

The RELX Classic uses a micro USB cable, while the RELX Infinity and Essential use Type C cables.
Your RELX device is charging when the LED light pulses white. You’ll know your device is fully charged when the light stops pulsing and is a solid white. It takes about 45-60 mins to fully charge your RELX device. RELX’s smart-charge technology is designed to reduce overcharging.
You can charge a RELX device with a RELX pod inserted into the device, but this is not necessary.
Learn more ways to charge your RELX vapes here.

Do I have to clean the RELX device?

RELX devices are easy to maintain. To clean the charge contacts and inside the RELX device, use a dry or slightly moistened cotton bud.

What is the best way to store the RELX device?

Avoid storing a RELX device for more than two weeks on an empty charge. It is best to charge the device entirely and remove the RELX pod before storing it. How to maintenance & store your vapes?

How do I turn on my RELX device?

No buttons are required to turn on your RELX device, simply inhale from the mouthpiece. Once you have inserted a RELX pod into your RELX device, you are ready for a unique experience.

RELX Vape Near Me

Where can I buy RELX vape?

Looking for buying RELX vape near me? Vapepenzone supplies the 100% genuine RELX starter kit & pods to Sydney, Melbourne, and even nationwide. Order yours now to get the same day dispatch!

How long can the RELX vape be used?

RELX Classic adopts a soft lithium battery with a capacity of 350mA and a charging time of about 1h. For a person who smokes one pack of cigarettes a day, it can last for a whole day, 250-300 puffs approximately.
Kind Reminder: In order to protect your own safety and the device quality, please do not use it while charging.

Any RELX vape discount code or coupon?

Subscribe to us at the footer of the store and you will get the RELX vape coupon code!

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RELX Classic Vape

Starter Kit & Pod (Device+1 Pod+Charger)

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Image #1 from Cynthia
Image #1 from Cynthia


The easiest thing to use. It is literally saving my life. I haven’t had a cigarette since it arrived, very promptly, in discrete packaging. Please don’t hesitate to try this, it makes quitting possible...and I never thought I’d quit!

Image #1 from Cynthia
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  1. Exceptional unit.

  2. Arrived at my door really fast

  3. I like it😀

  4. Excellent service delivery time was exceptional, easy tracking I would recommend to anyone

  5. Really great devices. Though quality I think varies, my older standard models seem to vary more drastically (one of them actually died within a few months).

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