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Like the popular disposable vape pen, Puff Bar Plus has a more young-appealing flavour and is easier for vapers to try in their daily vaping life. It is no doubt to say that Puff Bar Plus is the newly upgraded products of its previous disposable vape device.

What’s more, this new vape device will be the next hottest disposable vape device and even around the world. Now put down your Puff bar and click here to choose the more attractive new products.

In this guide, we will give you the most comprehensive shopping guidance to help buy Puff Bar. Meanwhile, we will focus on our topic, where to get Puff Bar Plus near me, to further discuss. After finishing it, you will have a clearer idea for Puff Bar Plus. And then you can enjoy a better vaping experience.

Is Puff Bar Plus Good?

Just the above we mentioned, Puff Bar Plus take the safe raw material to make. In this part, we will further talk about why Puff Bar Plus is good. What’s more, unlike the previous part that focuses on the feature of Puff Bar Plus, this part pays more attention to its practicality.

Puff Bar heats the liquid to generate vapour. The device itself is slim, stylish, and designed not to hinder your use. It is designed to complement your lifestyle, not to limit it.

Package Content

1 x Puff Bar Plus Disposable


  • E-liquid Capacity: 3.2 ml
  • E-cig Longevity: Up to 800 Puffs
  • Creative disposable AIO system


Is Puff Bar Plus Worth? Puff Bar Plus is a new type of pre-filled disposable device that is larger and more creative than ever before. It continues to maintain compact size and portability as its previous product, Puff Bar. Each disposable device comes with more than 800 Puffs and has a variety of delicious flavours. Puff Plus take the more vivid package. Therefore the vapers can know the flavour by its outside package. At the same time, it uses vivid fruit patterns to attract vapers and give them great visual enjoyment.

No matter vapers want to quit smoking or look for the feeling of a throat hit.

Puff Bar Plus put the health of vapers in the first. Therefore it takes the health and safety material to make. What’s more, this disposable vape pen continues to refresh the vaping experience of vapers based on adhering to a healthy formula.

One Puff Bar Plus has over 800 puffs, which is equal to Juul pods. However, vapers just need to spend a quarter price to buy Puff Bar Plus. It is no doubted that this disposable vape pen is the high cost-effective vaping way.

One Puff Bar Plus is approximately equivalent to 2 packs of cigarettes (40 cigarettes). Furthermore, Puff Bar Plus take Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism. Its usage is the same as cigarettes. If you are a smoker and want to switch to vaping. Puff Bar Plus is your best choice. It offers a better way to help the smoker’s transit to be vapers.

Long battery life. 550mAh battery can be last for 1 week for the heavy vapers, 1.5 weeks for the moderate vapers and 2 weeks for light vapers. Therefore, this upgraded version is more lasting than Puff Bar. However, both disposable vape pens have a similar size. They are compact and portable.

No maintenance. Just like the disposable vaping device, vapers don’t need to waste their time in the maintenance of Puff Bar Plus.

Therefore, we can say that the Puff Bar Plus is worth vapers to try. If you are tired of your vaping brand now, pls join the group of Puff Bar Plus. Here you can feel the newly vaping enjoyment.

Puff Bar Plus Troublesome

How to make your Puff Bars last longer?

You can find that this new product lasts longer than the other disposable vape pens. However, its price is similar to most disposable vape devices. Of course, if you want to keep your disposable vape pen more durable or last longer, there are most comprehensive ways to teach you. 

Puff Bar not hitting?

If you are an experienced Puff Bar veteran, you should search for such keywords on the Internet, Puff Bar not hitting, how to fix it. Absorbed vapers feedback, Plus Bar Plus improve its production technology. This will largely reduce the occurrence of failures. However, this is not mean the product will not have malfunction forever. If your Puff Bar Plus won’t hit, you can click here to find out the ways to solve your problems. 

Does Puff Bar taste burnt?

To create better vaping enjoyment for its vapers, this disposable vape pen continuously improves its flavour and device. It introduces a new protection system to prevent its overheat and short-circuit. If you feel your vaping tool brunt during vaping, pls click here to solve your problem. 

From the above opinions, we can say yes that the Puff Bar Plus is a good product. Therefore, no vapers should miss it.

Puff Bar Plus Flavours

There are more than 10 flavours in Puff Bar Plus and it will come out with more flavour in the future. In this part, we will introduce the flavour of it and let more vapers have more understanding.


you will be addicted to this red fruit. Just imagine that you are in the hot weather, and suddenly you taste the flavour of watermelon. It brings you into the summer. Although the surrounding is hot, you still feel cool in drawing this disposable vape pen for watermelon. We believe that you will love this flavour.


This fruit is introduced from eastern Asia. When its flavour was used in Puff Bar, it became one of the popular flavours among then vapers. Its sweetness is different from most of the common fruit in the Western world. Therefore, we are sure that vapers will be happy after trying it.

Fresh mint and tobacco

this the classic flavour among most vaping brands. Therefore, Puff Bar Plus keep this flavour. However, when you try them, you won’t feel a strong throat hitting. Meanwhile, It retains the fresh feeling of mint and has a refreshing function.

Iced Grape

This flavour gives vapers a chance to embark on a pleasant journey, combining tropical fruits with the cold, icy spirit.

Peach and strawberry

From sweetness to sourness, your taste buds will be enough to make you taste the best condiments inspired by desserts. After finish vaping, vapers will still feel the unique fragrance of the fruit.

Iced Mango

It permeates the senses with a refreshing mango aroma and is coated with delicious saccharin. Meanwhile, the unique icy feeling makes vapers feel as if they are in a cool environment.

Additional information

Weight 0.035 kg
Puff Bar Plus Flavour

Blueberry, Cool Mint, Frozen Coke, Grape, Lychee Ice, Mango, Melon Ice, Peach, Strawberry, Tobacco, Watermelon

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Really good. Love the flavour and it is worth the price!

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