12-Month Nicotine Prescription & VPZ Care


This service includes:

  • GP review
  • 12-month nicotine prescription fast application
  • DHL Express option available
  • VPZ care


  • Easy returns
  • Products warranty
  • Live chat / Mail support

Upload your nicotine prescription

Already had one? Upload it below! It will be auto attached to your all future orders.


You can speak to your personal GP about obtaining a nicotine prescription, but they need to be an Authorised Prescriber.

The easier option is to add a 12-month script to your order below without having to leave this website. We will pass your case to a registered doctor and auto-attach your parcel. 

Below you can learn more about how the prescription services work.


Add The Script Service

Finish checkout of GP Review, 12-Month Nicotine Prescription & VPZ Care service. We will pass your case to a registered doctor and auto-attach your parcel. A full refund is available if it’s not approved.

Medical Questionnaire

You will receive a medical questionnaire related to your medical and smoking history. This allows our doctors to verify your age and provide a treatment that is specific to you and maximises your chances of quitting smoking for good.

Doctor Review

A registered doctor who is TGA Authorised Prescribers of nicotine/vaping products will review your case. Once approved, the script will be auto-attached to your future orders in VapePenZone. 


Can I still buy nicotine vape online?

Yes, we will be running business as usual. You can still buy nicotine vapes from an online vape store like VapePenZone. 

What products does it relate to?

Disposable, non-refillable vaping devices, including disposable and non-refillable disposable pods, are not considered medical devices and therefore NOT regulated by the TGA.
You do not need a prescription to import zero-nicotine vape juice, vape devices, coils, pods & any other product that does not contain nicotine.
The nicotine liquids inside these devices are regulated, as explained in the rest of this page.

Do I need a nicotine prescription?

Applying for a prescription and uploading it at checkout is recommended (optional). We will issue your order normally if you do not upload or add a prescription form during checkout. 

What should I do if I added a script at checkout?

We will contact you to ask some brief questions according to the doctor’s request, such as smoking habits, experience, strength, etc. You can also contact us with your order number once you completed it.

How do I upload a prescription? What happens if my parcel is stopped/inspected?

Please upload your script above this page if you have had a prescription.
For privacy reasons, we do not store your prescription – Please contact us for a copy if you need it.

What happens if my parcel is stopped/inspected?

Australian Border Force (ABF) officials may stop and review your import at the Australian border.
If no prescription is enclosed in the package, the ABF will refer the import to the TGA for assessment. The TGA will then contact you to ask for a copy of your prescription.
If you do not provide a copy of your prescription, the TGA can request that the ABF seize and forfeit (destroy) the goods. You may also face penalties for importing prescription medicine without legal authority.

*This page provides general information only and does not constitute legal advice. VapePenZone cannot reimburse you for any seized shipments nor be liable for any fines levied by any authority – the onus is on you to ensure that you comply with any laws.