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About PAX 3

The PAX 3, in spite of being on the market for numerous years, is still among the much safer portable vaporizer purchases you can make. It has been refined with a matte finish, enhanced functionality, and can vape focuses if you select the Complete Kit. The Pax 3 has a rapid heat-up time, haptic responses, smart oven technology, and also a fantastic app for tweaking points further.

It’s intuitive, effective, durable, and generates fantastic vapour. The PAX 3’s clean, all-in-one type factor makes for a best daily bring, as well as the large herb chamber and great battery life will maintain you satisfied.

Beginning at a better price, the PAX 3 uses a top-shelf experience for a mid-range cost, with the alternative to bumping up to the Complete Kit depending on just how you such as to vape as well as what devices you’ll require.

PAX 3 Vaporizer

Package Content

Basic Kit includes

1 x Pax 3 Vaporizer

1 x Charger

1 x Flat Mouthpiece

1 x Raised Mouthpiece

1 x Cleaning Kit

1 x Standard Oven Lid

Extras for Complete Kit

1 x Half-Pack Oven Lid

1 x Concentrate Insert

1 x Extra Screens

1 x Multi-Tool



Battery: 3500 mAh

Sessions Per Charge: 8-10

Charge Time: 90+ Minutes


Device Size: 4”h x 1”w x 1”d

Oven Size: 0.3g


Temperature Range: 360 – 420 F

Avg Heat Time: 20 Seconds

App & Bluetooth

App Support: Yes Via Bluetooth Le

Bluetooth Range: 10 Feet


  • Temperature Range: 360 – 420 F
  • Sessions Per Charge: 8-10
  • Battery: 3500 mAh
  • Avg Heat Time: 20 Seconds
  • APP Support: Yes
  • Charge Time: 90+ Minutes


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PAX 3 Review

Much Better, Faster, Stronger

The PAX 2 was designed with the user experience front as well as facility, as well as the PAX 3 increases down on that promise. It has the very same intuitive user interface, boosted battery life with much less waste, as well as an all-in-one form factor efficient in generating the same dense, pure vapour previous PAX vaporizers have actually come to be recognized for.

The PAX 3 is less than four inches high, with a stove that can hold regarding one-third of a gram. You should get 15-25 attracts from a totally stuffed stove, making it excellent for extended, on-the-go sessions.

It’s pocketable and also concealable. You can carry it around all the time and its appearances don’t scream out ‘vaporizer!’ It really feels great to hold, has some weight to it, an aluminium covering with a matte finish, and also 4 colours to choose from.

Dimension specifications

Height 3.87 in/ 9.83 cm

Size 1.21 in/ 3.07 cm

Depth.085 in/ 2.16 cm

Weight 3.28 oz/ 93 g.

Complete VS Basic kit.

Instead of supplying a one-size-fits-all alternative, there are 2 PAX 3 bundles, the Basic Kit and the Complete Kit are at different prices. The Basic Kit includes the PAX 3, charger, cleaning upset, and also both level and also elevated mouthpieces. Update to the Complete Kit, and also you’ll additionally get the concentrate insert, an added set of displays, a multi-tool, as well as the half-pack stove cover, which is virtually worth of additional accessories.

The real questions are “Do you vape focuses?” as well as “Do you ever intend to load less than a full oven?” For us, the answer to both of these is true, which is why we easily went with the Complete Kit.

Vape Focuses

A brand-new addition for the PAX 3, the Complete Kit consists of a concentrate insert that ports right into the oven. If you generally vaporize focuses, you might desire to look at something constructed particularly for that, yet the PAX 3 functions great if you are such as to include a little essence to your life below and there.

Fantastic Vapor High Quality

The PAX 3 puts out some very thick vapour that is smooth as well as tasty. The manufacturing unit we tested for our PAX 3 evaluation got to the greatest of 4 temperature level settings in around 30 seconds. You can fine-tune the temperature level settings in one-degree increments with the smart device application.

Temperature Level Setups

The first two temperature levels are tasty with light vapour, and also the last two provide thicker clouds with a little bit more punch. We typically finish sessions on the highest possible temperature level, and like the adaptable, easy shut-off timer.

All PAX vaporizers have the same wise design, with the oven as away from the mouthpiece as feasible, at the end of the device. This range, combined with the separated airpath and also the flush mouthpiece, cools the vapour extremely well, for a smooth, trendy draw.

Basic To Make Use Of

We love the basic, instinctive controls of the PAX 3. A solitary, covert switch on the mouthpiece controls everything, and the trademark “flower” lights inform you all you need to recognize.

One button push and also it’s on. Just hold the button for a couple of secs to go into the temperature adjustment setting.

The PAX sign on the front has 4 LED lights that inform you whatever, from battery level to present temperature level, as well as when the gadget is heating up, and when it’s all set to go.

Do not like a switch, as well as wish to examine the battery life or exit temperature mode? Just drink it rather. The PAX 3 likewise vibrates when it’s ready, so you understand what’s up when you aren’t looking!

Smarts That Conserve Natural Herb

This is the sort of stuff we such as! Conduction vapes cook our natural herbs, also when we aren’t making use of them. In action, the PAX 3 uses lip picking up technology and an accelerometer to tell the system when you’re vaping and not, dynamically changing the temperature to preserve your natural herbs and battery life.

Set the PAX 3 down and also it will drop the temperature after 30 secs. Choose it up or put it to your lips as well as the PAX 3 will increase the temperature to your collection temperature level on the fly. This function works even much better with the stronger heating unit in the PAX 3, compared to the PAX 2.

The auto shut-off timer is done right. After 3 mins without moving, the PAX 3 will certainly shut itself off. There’s no collection timer, so the PAX adapts to your session length, instead of determining your pace.

Remarkable Application

By linking your PAX 3 to your phone, you’ll unlock a wave of brand-new attributes as well as customizations. It’s a well-equipped app that opens a large selection of functions for the PAX 3.

The application also lets you pick among 4 heating accounts: boost, efficiency, stealth, and taste. Boost mode restricts automobile air conditioning for longer, more powerful sessions. Efficiency mode instantly enhances the temperature over the length of the session. Stealth mode remains at lower temps, with quicker cooling, so your exhales aren’t as noticeable. Flavour mode additionally stays at reduced temps, but only heats up when you are drawing, for maximum taste. These profiles allow you to tune the experiences to your choices. Directly, I like the taste setting for slower, laid-back sessions.

**On November 15th, 2019, Apple got rid of all evaporating apps from its store, including this PAX application. The PAX 3 works penalty on its own, yet can not be personalized with the app on an Apple iPhone, unless it was downloaded and install before November 15th.

Remarkable Battery Life

We hopped on average 90 mins of vaping time from a full charge while testing for this PAX 3 testimonial. Without a set timer, and the stove turning on and also off as necessary for performance, it’s tough to contrast the PAX 3’s battery life with various other vapes.

We like to kick back when vaporizing, and also some of our sessions can obtain up to 10 minutes long, but we still got 3 nights’ worth of usage before the PAX 3 needed to be docked for a charge. It’s tough to measure with this vape, but we feel like it has some of the ideal battery life readily available.

Isolated Air Course

Staying real to create, the PAX 3 has a stainless steel oven and vapour tube bring about a silicone mouthpiece situated at the opposite end of the device. All materials are medical-grade and also thought about secure to vaporize with. The heating element is a “non-ceramic tuned thin film heater” bonded to the stove and beyond the vapour course, according to PAX.

The draw resistance will certainly depend on how snugly you pack the PAX 3, such as a tight pack. We were a little bit surprised at exactly how excellent it felt with a securely packed oven. Some vapes pertain to an airflow stall when faced with a tight stove, but the PAX 3 liked it.


The PAX 3 is a sturdy little vape with no relocating parts or glass to break. It’s fantastic for on-the-go sessions, and also outside activities.

It briefly featured a polished surface, however, is now draped in a matte surface, which ought to much better hide any type of minor dents or scratches that may gather.

PAX 2 vs PAX 3

PAX 3 vs PAX 2

The PAX 3 electronic cigarette has a more powerful battery that warms up quicker, as well as lasts simply a little bit longer than the PAX 2. But the price will be surely different.

PAX 3 > PAX 2

Concentrates (Complete Kit)

15% More Battery Life

Faster Heat Up Time

A Touch More Power as well as Heating Efficiency

Mobile phone App for More Customization

Half-Pack Lid (Complete Kit)

Vibration Feedback

Matte vs. Brushed Finish

Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 2.5 × 2.5 cm
Pax 3

Matte Black, Matte Fuchsia, Matte Rose Gold, Matte Silver, Matte Teal

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