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Vape Pen Or DIY E-juice?

Hey, how’s it going guys, this is Vapepenzone – Vape Pens Online Vape Store again,

do you have difficulty in liquid?

If talking about E-juice,

seriously, many I have forked out good money for (and I have quite a collection from various vendors) is down-right revolting and tastes nothing like it’s delicious sounding profile.

The pods of vape pens are well-made and I think sometimes may taste good.

Or even if I make my own juice from a DIY menu Shared online, sometimes I still might not be satisfied with the flavor.

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* Recipes for beginners: DIY Vape Juice: Share My Lemonade Recipes

I’ve vaped certain flavors with a set profile mentioned…alas…. a totally different taste to which was mentioned on the bottle or package…

If I go to a supermarket and buy a strawberry cheesecake I expect it to taste like a strawberry cheese.

If I go to a supermarket and buy butterscotch custard I expect it to taste like butterscotch custard.

I don’t like the taste of the fruit ‘mango’ but I know exactly what it tastes like and would expect a mango to taste like a mango.

There are millions of food & drink products produced and sold that taste *exactly* as they are advertised to – even if someone doesn’t like a particular flavor it doesn’t change the fact that products still taste like they are supposed to.

Different devices/wattages used to vape these juices should make no difference to the taste & flavor. But now I think only vape pens have done that because the pods are specially made for that.


But I know Flavour is subjective when it comes to E-juice, what one person may taste….another may not…

When I DIY my E-juice, I can’t use anything with watermelon in it as it’s Tate’s like soap and actually makes me cough. But I love watermelon.

There are copious amounts of food-grade flavors of the same kind but different brandings that give different tastes. 

Besides, wattage affects the flavor as some come through on higher temps while others shine at lower

It can come down to the type of coil used ie: kanthal, stainless, ceramic.. rebuildable or sub-ohm tanks…

There are way too many variables just like food. You go to the store to purchase a cheesecake, there’s a home brand…big brands and all sorts of shit that give different tastes….textures and whatever else……

Not everything will be the same…not everything will be good. 

Sometimes picking your vape pen or device isn’t the hardest part, finding a flavor that you enjoy out of hundreds and thousands isn’t easy. 

If you don’t like a flavor,

the best thing you can do is go to a store with an available juice bar so you are able to try before you buy, but not all states are legally allowed to offer taste tests/juice bars.

Or hunt around more, try to buy a vape pen or DIY some new flavors, and you may be surprised to find one.

From Sue Barber & Ryan Nowers

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