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PAX 3: The Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

Buy Pax 3 with the best perfomance in dry herb vaporizers.

For years, many people have desired an unit that would certainly permit all of them to vaporize weed discretely, and may accommodate conveniently in their wallet. The authentic PAX was actually the solution to the portable organic vaporizer, and also it took the marijuana globe by tornado almost ten years earlier in 2007.

PAX recently released a 2nd variation of the authentic PAX vaporizer which boasted a much bigger battery life in a much smaller general bundle. The PAX 3 is actually commonly viewed as some of the most ideal mobile vaporizers today, as well as today we are examining the third vaporizer within this legendary triumvirate: the PAX 3.

Package Content

1x Pax 3 Vaporizer

1x Concentrates Insert

1x Charging Cable + Dock

1x Maintenance Kit

1x Multi-Tool

2x Mouthpieces

2x Oven Lids (Full and also Half Pack)

3x Replacement Screens

1x Replacement o-ring (for concentrates insert)


Compatible along with bloom as well as concentrates

Haptic feedback

High-polished plated aluminum layer

15-second heat up (30 secs a lot faster than PAX 2)

4 temperature environments

Full-color LED user interface showing battery life/temperature and also more

Inner accelerometer conserves electricity and also product

3500 mAh battery (16% larger than PAX 2)

Double the oven power of PAX 2

Bluetooth enabled; suitable along with PAX Vapor app

Sizes: 98.5 (H) x 30.6 (W) x 21.4 (D) mg

PAX 3 warranty


$299-399 AUD 4 different colors accessible (Black Gold Silver as well as restricted version Rose Gold).

Pax 3 Along With Dry Herb

Waiting 5-10 few seconds after it turns green to get the vapor flowing. It simply takes around 30 seconds from the moment you pack it up till your incredibly first drag off the PAX 3.

Begin on the 2nd most reasonable heat energy setup as well as go from there. If the treatment is long good enough, rouse my herbs and also crank it up to the 3rd or next highest setup. I know when the treatment mores than given that the flavor begins dropping off. Yet with the PAX (in any type of variation), a reduction of flavor merely means it is actually time to kick it up a mark!

When utilizing the PAX 3 with dry herb, the efficiency is almost identical to the PAX 2, apart from that you have much more control over the temperature and also the potential to pack a lot less material. Apart from that, they practically vape herb the exact same, both supplying a soft as well as constant stream of water vapor.

Pax 3 Along With Concentrates

The PAX 3 concentrates chamber will certainly get EXTREMELY HOT after being actually made use of! Let it sit for 5-10 minutes just before touching, examining, or maybe thinking of it.

How carries out the PAX 3 perform with concentrates? I will be loading up a small bit of wax in to the concentrates chamber.

The wax chamber doesn’t sit flush inside the unit like the herb ones perform. It pops out on the bottom, however c’est la vie. I’m certain there’s a technique to their madness.

Take a very small part of concentrate and also placed it straight in the facility of the wax enclosure. PAX Labs encourages utilizing it on the highest setting for wax so I am actually cranking it up completely. You will scent something taking place, and the PAX 3 is really vaporizing this concentrate much like it will dry herb. It is slowly cooking the dabs, generating a delicious and also enjoyable favorite.

It’s best if you care to appreciate the flavor account of the concentrates – along with a much more convenient effect. 

Dry Herb vs Concentrates

The PAX 3 makes a virtually identical adventure whether you load it up along with concentrates or dry herb. It astonishes me that they managed to develop it to not simply operate equally too, yet in a very identical fashion. Vaping with the PAX 3 is actually practically the very same expertise, regardless of what you make use of.

Along with a tiny part of wax that would certainly give me 3-4 hits in a vape marker, I’m receiving a whole entire 15 minute session. I might observe on my own using this to make a percentage of concentrates final a very long time. Nevertheless, after a lengthy session on such a high setup, the PAX 3 often tends to get hot.


Cleaning up the wax chamber resembles it will be actually fairly merely, in spite of how unpleasant as well as messy it can easily obtain. I would certainly just get rid of the enclosure from the rubber bottom, take in alcoholic drinks as well as rinse. My insight would certainly be to vape as a lot of the wax in your chamber prior to seeking to cleanse it.

PAX Vapor App

PAX 3: The Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

The PAX 3 links to the Vapor app by means of bluetooth. It also permits you to name your PAX, incredibly evocative of Apple items.

The Vapor application makes it possible for the individual to certainly not just call in the particular vaping temperature, but it possesses a couple of methods that can be available in useful for different circumstances like boost, flavor, stealth and efficiency mode.

The PAX Vapor app enables you to fine song your encounter. Considering that the PAX 3 does not have an LCD feature, some folks are going to favor making use of the application instead.

Pick Your Mode

The PAX Vapor application includes five different methods, which features the conventional one that happened along with the original PAX vaporizers. These four new modes consist of: boost, efficiency, stealth as well as flavor method.

Standard Mode

This is actually the nonpayment setting, which are going to be actually quite acquainted to those who possess the original PAX or even the PAX 2. In this particular setting, the oven heats 5-10 ° when you begin puffing on it. Utilizing the PAX Vapor App, we right now reach find the particular temperature level of the unit, directly, which is actually quite orderly.

By wiping the temperature flat, you can easily likewise readjust the PAX in 5 ° periods, or even vertically, which will definitely allow you to use 1 ° periods. This relates to each of the modes as well.

Flavor Mode

Flavor setting is actually significantly like the regular mode, just it cools off as well as heats quicker and more powerful to deliver the max flavor feasible on each drag. This is actually an ideal choice for folks who want to taste the individual terpene account of each tension, also known as flavor chasers.

Boost Mode

Boost mode will certainly lessen the cooling features dramatically and also remain hotter for longer time periods. This function is actually fantastic for much shorter treatments. Occasionally all you only need to have is actually that added boost. Never mind being actually sneaky, if you desire a harder-hitting PAX 3, experiment with this setting and also obtain boosted. This is heading to be the minimum discrete method, you are going to be getting denser water vapor and less stench reduction. Generally this environment is actually for when you wish to “blast off”.

Efficiency Mode

Efficiency setting is actually for individuals interested in receiving the most out of their dry herb component. It will progressively boost in temperature by a couple of degrees throughout your session, based upon just how tough you drag. It will definitely keep climbing to 430 °, therefore beware. This method is actually excellent for preserving buddy.

Stealth Mode

In Stealth method, the LED illuminations on the PAX 3 will definitely be actually disabled, and also the air conditioning functionality works to reduce odors. Certainly, there is actually still visiting be some degree of smell entailed, as a matter of fact the PAX possesses a very specific stench. One time my friend visited, scented it and asked if I was “PAXing”. When it involves reducing scent, it is actually still your best option.

Bonus Games

The PAX has a covert attribute that enables you to participate in PAX Run, in which one of the LED pedals are going to light up green, and also the other red. The other video game is PAX Spin, which can easily be actually ideal for participating in “Spin the PAX” at those wild celebrations …

You might be could that assuming games are video gamesAre actually or too or even to quick and easy.

Additional functions

The PAX Vapor application also possesses the possibility of locking the unit, transforming the colors to some of 3 various concepts and readjusting haptic reviews.

Through clicking on the upper left side palm section, you can easily access the main PAX Labs web site and also locate an official PAX store.

The app presents your remaining electric battery life on display directly.

PAX 3 vs PAX 2

One point I performed notice was that the PAX 3 warms a small amount quicker than the PAX 2. I likewise feel like they might have improved the amount of the airpath since I am receiving a somewhat looser draw. That aside, the water vapor creation and also flavor are actually virtually on the same level with the PAX 2.

The PAX 3 possesses an even extra fulfilling draw as a result of to the strengthened air flow, in my opinion. When clearing away the dry herb at the side of my treatment I was actually astonished by how evenly vaped the material was actually.

When placed side-by-side, both the PAX 2 and also 3 are actually nearly similar in height as well as size. The PAX 3 is actually meant to have increased battery lifestyle however I am actually not thus sure I have actually seen a substantial distinction. One more improvement is actually the stove which is twice as strong, yet can induce it to acquire instead scorching.

PAX 3: The Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop


Terrific electric battery life.

Half-pack choice.

Dissipates dry herb as well as waxy concentrates.

Ultra-portable and also distinct.

Bluetooth app.

A number of modes.

Easy to maintain/clean.

Compatible along with PAX 2 wall charger.


No pass-thru charging functionality.

Device gets hot on greatest setup after stretched make use of.

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