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WARNING: Products on this website contain nicotine and are 18+ age-restricted.

nicotine prescription (VPZ Care included)

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How to get a prescription?

You can speak to your personal GP about obtaining a prescription for nicotine, but they do need to be an Authorised Prescriber.

The easier option is to add a 12-month script to your order in the checkout process without having to leave this website. We will pass your case to a registered doctor and auto-attach your parcel. 

Below you can learn more about how the prescription services work.

how it works?

Don't worry! Here are the options for providing a copy of your prescription to VapePenZone so we can include it in your orders:

add the script service

Add a 12-month script (+$40) on our checkout page. We will pass your case to a registered doctor and auto-attach your parcel. A full refund is available if it’s not approved.

Nicotine Prescription Application (VPZ Care Included) | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

Medical questionnaire for 12-month nicotine script

You will receive a medical questionnaire related to your medical and smoking history. This allows our doctors to verify your age and provide a treatment that is specific to you and maximises your chances of quitting smoking for good.

Doctor review

A registered doctor who is TGA Authorised Prescribers of nicotine/vaping products will review your case. The script will be auto attached with your future orders in VapePenZone once it’s approved. 

*Any of your private information will not be stored and exposed. Please contact us if you need a copy of the script.

prescriptions faqs

Yes, we will be running business as usual, you can still buy your nicotine vapes from an online vape store such as VapePenZone. 

Disposable, non-refillable vaping devices, including both disposable devices and non-refillable disposable pods, are not considered medical devices and are therefore NOT regulated by the TGA.

You do not need a prescription to import zero-nicotine vape juice, vape devices, coils, pods & any other product that does not contain nicotine.

The nicotine liquids inside these devices are regulated as explained in the rest of this page.


It is recommended to apply for a prescription and upload it at checkout (optional). If you do not upload or add a prescription form during checkout, we will also issue your order normally. What’s the risk?

We will contact you to ask some brief questions according to the doctor’s request, such as smoking habits, experience, strength, etc. You can also contact us with your order number once you completed.

If you have had a prescription, please upload your script at checkout page.

For privacy reason, we do not store your prescription – you will have to upload it every time you place an order.

As prescriptions are considered sensitive private information, we’ve chosen to prioritise privacy and safety and will therefore not store prescriptions on a long term basis.

From a logistics standpoint, it is not. There are tens of thousands of packages coming into Australia every single day. They need to physically open the package, read the prescription, take the time to match the prescription with the recipient and e-liquids inside… 


To illustrate how this might work, here is an explanation from a vaping industry senior player:

“It’s October 1, 2021, and 20,000 vape-mail packages arrive in the ABF warehouse.
These packages are sorted, opened, checked for a prescription, no prescription is found, the TGA is referred for assessment. If they can complete the process at a rate of a package a minute, it will take a dedicated team of over forty people three full days.

(Note: these 20,000 packages have to be stored safely in a warehouse somewhere, nicely laid out on shelves so they can be easily found at a later date.)

By day three, the TGA had been notified of all 20,000 original packages and sent letters to each of the 20,000 Australian Vapers asking for a copy of the prescription.

It takes a week (or more) for the letters to arrive, and the vapers have a week to respond.

The vapers wait a week and reply to the TGA via letter, taking another week (or more).

The TGA then takes three days, with a team of forty-two letter-openers, opening letters every minute of every working day to process the letters.

By this time, at least three weeks and six days have passed since they stopped the original packages – it’s now October 28, 2021 (or later), and the TGA has notified the ABF that, in fact, all 20,000 vapers have provided prescriptions.

By this point, the ABF has at least 540,000 vape packages on their shelves and have to go through them to find the first 20,000 to re-seal and re-ship out to the first 20,000 Vapers. This takes another team of at least 80 people three days to complete.”

Yeah, it all seems pretty crazy to us, too. 🤧

Australian Border Force (ABF) officials may stop and review your import at the Australian border.

If there is no prescription enclosed in the package, the ABF will refer the import to the TGA for assessment. The TGA will then contact you to ask for a copy of your prescription.

If you do not provide a copy of your prescription, the TGA can request that the ABF seize and forfeit (destroy) the goods. You may also face penalties for importing a prescription medicine without legal authority.

This page provides general information only and does not constitute legal advice. VapePenZone cannot reimburse you for any seized shipments nor be liable for any fines levied by any authority – the onus is on you to ensure that you are compliant with any and all laws.

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