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Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Best Option Of Nicotine Free Vape Products In 2021

Welcome everyone, new and loyal readers! Today we are going to talk about Nicotine Free vapes. Since the vape has invented, vape has been used by many smokers as an alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. Research study has suggested that an increasing number of individuals have effectively quit vaping.

Is it possible to vape without Nicotine? The answer is Yes! Nowadays non-Nicotine vaping gains popularity. Read on to obtain all the details you need to choose concerning Nicotine-free vaping.

Best Nicotine Free Vapes In 2021

There are all the same great flavours and then some with a 0mg vape. And the main feature of using a non-Nicotine vape pen is that any e-liquid vape pen can become Nicotine-free in just one action — switch to 0 Nicotine material. Noted kits are perfect for those that like vaping but respect not obtaining Nicotine right into the body.

Mig 21 Clear Fusion Vape Pen Kit

Nicotine free Vape Pen Kit



Stylish and sleek, the look of this vape pen with the colourful body and clear tank makes a statement. It is not all looks, though. A 380 mAh battery that offers up 4.2 volts is more powerful than the small size of the pen would have you believe.

The Bug Mini Vape

Nicotine free - The Bug Mini Vape



The Bug features an internal 1100mAh battery. The kit includes a single 0.8ohm coil for mouth-to-lung and direct-lung vaping. The device has 24k gold-plating on its 510-connection as well as on the coil heads. The gold-plating allows for a better connection and delivers a consistent rate of power. The coils feature Kanthal wire and organic cotton wicks. The Bug kit includes a 2ml tank made of glass and stainless steel.

Special K Vape Pen

Nicotine free Special K Vape Pen



The KandyPens Special K is a stylish and stealthy vape pen that is one of the most popular mini vapes on the market. It is designed to look like an office pen, but beneath the exterior are exceptional features like a powerful 650 mah battery and variable voltage settings.

It likewise has a refillable storage tank suitable with e-juice and also oil, and also it has a comfy mouthpiece with superb airflow.

Best Nicotine Free Disposable Vapes

A disposable vape that contains 0% Nictonice Nickless is a Device designed to help People Quit Vaping, or Quit Nicotine in general. Juice is very tasty and full of flavour, has the same feeling as vapes that include Nicotine. Nic Less is Designed with no Nicotine to help people quit vaping Nicotine Products. Here are the lists for you to choose:

You’re welcom to visit our webiste for more information about disposable vapes!

Zaero Disposable Vapes:

Nicotine free Zaero Disposable Vapes



Ezee Puff Disposable Vape:

Nicotine free Ezee Puff Disposable Vape



Zero Disposable Vape:

Nicotine free Zero Disposable Vape



Best Nicotine Free e-Juice

Nicotine free vape juice, or vape juice with 0mg of Nicotine, is a great option for those who enjoy vaping but prefer not to consume Nicotine. The only difference between a standard e-liquid and Nicotine-free vape juice is the Nicotine content. Because Nicotine is known to be an addictive chemical, Nicotine vape juice is commonly healthier and also much safer than vape juice with pure Nicotine. We have compiled the following list of the best Nicotine free e-Juice for your reference:

Aj Vape Mango Blackcurrant: Produced all the way back in 2013, the classic Mango Blackcurrant from AJ Vape is no stranger to vapers in Malaysia and now, worldwide.

Its simple 50PG/50VG blend of Mango and Blackcurrant that uses high-quality ingredients has garnered thousands of fans from around the world.

Haiigan-Dazz: The newest, and also the only creamy product on this list, the Haiigan-Dazz Chocolate Ice Cream e-liquid took many of us by surprise. We all know where the influence for the flavour came from.

This is also one of the only creamy flavours that have menthol in it. It may seem like a surprise, but don’t knock it before you try it. If you’re a vaper who loves ice cream flavoured e-Liquids, this is one for you.

Fcukin Flava Fcukin Munkey: Fcukin Flava’s Fcukin Munkey from their ADV series has been one of the top sellers for a long time. Its simple blend of honeydew, bubblegum, and the right amount of cooling makes this a great all day vape flavour.

Throne – The Mad Queen: The newest kid on the block, Throne – The Mad Queen has been a perfect replica of the ever-popular Al-Fakher’s Double Apple Shisha. The smooth inhales of fresh apple, finished off with the sweet aroma of applewood on the finish to give it its shisha-like experience when vaping.

If you love shisha, or if you’re looking for something other than the usual fruity flavours, there is no other place to look.

Fantasi Bundle: No list is complete without Fantasi’s range of product and to be frank, we can’t single out any flavours as all of them are just amazing.

Their classic line of Orange, Mango, Apple, Grape and Lemonade has been taking the vaping industry by a storm.

For first time buyers or anyone looking for 0mg flavours, you can’t go wrong with the above options. Moreover, our shop also provides e-juice Nicotine Free, click here to have a look!

So if you’re able to get past the idea of vaping always involving Nicotine, you’ll increase your options of products to try. Just use good judgment when choosing, and steer clear of novelty products promising miracle cures with ridiculous supposed health benefits. We’re also pretty sure that some of you love the Nicotine-free products from other brands. If there are no 0mg options available, shoot us a message or leave us a comment! We will provide more batter content for you the next time!

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