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My Thoughts About Juul

Hey, how’s it going guys, this is Vapepenzone – Juul Online Vape Store again,

today we’re going to be talking about some thoughts about Juul.

I am pro vaping of course.

It makes total sense that big tobacco wants to tap in and even dominate the vaping market. JUUL pods have been huge with massive marketing campaigns and are huge around the world. It’s most likely the future of their industry.

Juul has also been pushing (legally) very high levels of nicotines doing their best to make vaping as addictive as smoking.

When I started vaping 5 years ago it was all about the free base and flavoured juice was in its earlier stages of popularity. Many if not most people DIY-ed and mixed their own juice from scratch. I believe from my experience that back then vaping was less addictive. Nicotine, especially free base I believe is less addictive but still gives a hit, a buzz, and pleasurable experience. Nicotines have made it easier for people to quit smoking because they are more addictive. Add to this the massive increase and perfections of tasty sugar like juices and the addiction is bigger all round. So from this perspective, I can understand why people have become more afraid of vaping.

Four new elements,

  1. Tobacco companies becoming heavily involved
  2. The invention of Nicotines which is highly addictive, possibly more than the free base
  3. Flavour, which has improved and become incredibly tasty
  4. Juul pods which have enabled this experience to become more portable, discrete, easier to conceal, and much more simplistic.

I believe if the industry had not evolved in these four ways that the legalisation of vaping would not be as questionable.

These are simply my thoughts about Juul, my largest concern would be that tobacco companies become more involved in the vaping industry.

Give me an old school RDA or even an RTA, a mod with plenty of batteries that go forever, a dash of flavour and some freebase any day!

From Stuart Dyson

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