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How can I upgrade to a more senior member?

The membership level is based on your Membership value.

  • Membership Value≧2000 Bronze
  • Membership Value≧3000 Silver
  • Membership Value≧5000 Gold

What can members enjoy?

In addition to daily discounts (such as weekly promotions, holiday promotions, discount codes, etc.), members can also enjoy

  • Earn coins and membership value with your actions
  • Additional special discounts
  • Customer service with faster response

Will my membership level be cancelled?

The level is automatically upgraded and downgraded based on the member value. The inactive value will get expire after 3 months.

How can I get the coins?

Finish the actions in the list and lock the rewards in the list. You can check your loyalty history here.

Will my coins get expired?

You always spend your oldest coins and the coins will be expired if they haven’t been used within 3 months (only lose the coins that haven’t used during the period).

Why is my membership discount not applied?

  • You did not log in to your account
  • The discounts/ coins in your account expired
  • Please contact us to troubleshoot the problem if the 2 conditions above are not met.
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