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Looking to Enter Vaping World? How About Relx Vape?

Hey, how’s it going guys, this is Vapepenzone – Relx vape Online Vape Store again,

ok, I just totally confused myself. I want to start vaping, as I really want to stop smoking. So I’m very keen and eager to enter the vape world asap.
I did my research and thought maybe is Relx vape is a good choice? Juul is well known. I have tried just over 2 weeks vaping, and loving it. I love the vaping, shape of the mouthpiece, love the overall finish. 

BUT now I wonder, is it going to be too overwhelming as a beginner? Would I be better off with a Relx vape as a first vape device? I want a small vape pen that is no bigger than a pen. 

Can you give me some advice, please? What small pen size vape is good?

Another question is the battery. It is totally stuck so I cant change to the other battery. Have tried rubber bands, putting it in the freezer, even my husband can’t get it unscrewed. And I been caught twice now without a charger in the car, and nearly bought some cigarettes, so I can’t let this happen. Because vape pen‘s battery is no need to change, so I am thinking about that.

Here is my ideal vape model:

  • Don’t have to be another pen type.
  • Don’t want anything huge or complicated (newbie who needs to follow KISS principle).
  • Not large, handbag space is at a premium.
  • Not plastic.
  • Something the battery will last through the day.

What is your ideal vape pen model? Have you tried Relx vape before?

From Sina Morse & Shelley Kinchington

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