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Juul Kills You? DON’T GET PLAYED!

Hey, how’s it going guys, this is Vapepenzone – Juul Online Vape Store again,

We need to talk about a recent death in APPARENT relation to vaping because this question has caused a lot of discussions and been raised by many “new to JUUL” customers.


If those who were considering quitting smoking to try a Juul but were deterred due to the media blasting than I hope this lands in your feed as well. DO NOT fall victim to the most sensationalist media I have witnessed in a very long time.

The headlines are shocking and very effective, but the actual stories lack any real information if any information whatsoever. Headlines are designed to attract attention and increase viewer ratings no matter the consequences. How this type of media practice is legal surprises me.

Vaping for many reasons has attracted a lot of attention and these media outlets know it and are capitalizing on it very well, but in this process they are potentially destroying peoples lives, scaring them into believing that vaping kills, deterring people that may once have chosen to quit smoking with vaping to continue to smoke. These articles are full of misinformation, purposefully misleading millions of people who vape a JUUL.

Please when you read this rubbish, if you even bother wasting your time, ask the questions. How did vaping cause this? Does vaping really actually have anything to do with this? why is the information so vague? Why are there no facts, and why is there so much speculation? Where are the expert and specialist opinions and research into the cases?

You won’t find these answers! If you want real facts and real studies, you need to look at reputable research done by reputable institutions that are not backed or funded by disreputed sources.

For those who have started vaping to quit and are now thinking of going back to smoking or those who were thinking of giving Juul pods a try to quit but are now considering staying on the smokes because of these articles, DON’T DO IT !!!

Quitting smoking is the only option no matter how you choose to do it. No option is worse than smoking and there is plenty of reputable research out there that proves vaping to be a much much much safer alternative!

Have a read, be smart, have real knowledge ❤❤ Don’t affect easily by some Juul media. Once you have the knowledge pass it on to the skeptics who have been manipulated!

Hopefully, this can get shared as much as a bullshit attention-seeking media story.

From Tony Asmar Vape

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