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How to Fix Juul Compatible Pods Leaking and Spitting Back?

Juul compatible pods leakage is a concern of every vapor. Not only do they cause nasty spit back, however they can likewise have long-term results on your Juul. But many vapors think that it is unusable after they get the leaked pod, which is not the case. It only takes you a few minutes to fix it.

Today we will share a very useful method to fix the Juul compatible pods leaking and spitting back.

Actually, we do not agree to the use of leaked pods. If you continue to utilize a pod that is leaking, the liquid will merge inside of the chamber real estate the battery contact. This can trigger the contacts to obtain unclean, leading to weak hits. Ultimately, the contact can obtain so bad that your Juul won’t be able to detect brand-new pods. The juice can also leak right into the battery itself, creating a totally bricked gadget. 

Firstly, allow’s a review of why a Juul compatible pod might leak and spit back. Recognizing the causes will certainly aid you to avoid it from occurring in the future.

What Is Juul Compatible Pods Leaking And Spitting Back?

Spit back is instantaneously noticeable as the juice in the mouth or throat. If vaping at high wattages, the liquid may also be hot and also awkward.

Juul compatible pods spitting is usually an indication that the pods’ juice has extremely saturated and swamped the coils. When you fire your Juul, the vapour turning up with the flooded juice makes the liquid spit and jump up the smokeshaft and also with the mouthpiece. Spit back liquid can be warm and also uncomfortable however usually it is just bothersome to taste the raw liquid in your mouth.

In order to quit the spit back hazard, we require to recognize what creates spit back. While there are a variety of causes, the number one culprit is a swamped coil.

Why Juul Compatible Pods Leak And Spit Back?

Pulling Too Hard as well as Too Often

The Juul is developed to be blown delicately. If you’re drawing on it like a straw, you’re mosting likely to damage the pods. Which kind of activity will give you creases, anyway?

Furthermore, you ought to avoid “Chain Juuling.” In my experience, this causes the juice to get hot and contributes to leakages.

Squeezing the Pod

Take care not to press the pod when taking a hit or inserting it right into the device. I understand a lot of people say they improve hits when they squeeze the sides of the pod. While this may be true, you’re only gonna get a few fantastic hits prior to it begins spitting at you.

It’s also simple to use way too much stress to the pod with your lips. Once more, it’s not a straw. Be mild.

When you remove a Juul pod from its pack, do not pop it out carelessly like an item of gum tissue. Prevent removing the pod unless it’s vacant or you absolutely have to.

Temperature level, Humidity, and Altitude

Always save your Juul pods in an awesome, dry place. What could be worse than awful brownish Juul fluid leaking right into your mouth?

Likewise, if you’re travelling on a plane, you need to wait to get brand-new pods at your destination. An extreme adjustment in altitude is among the best ways to obtain that Juul pod leaking.

How to Fix Juul Compatible Pods Leaking and Spitting Back? | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop
How to Fix Juul Compatible Pods Leaking and Spitting Back? | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

When you hit your Juul, the Juul compatible pods liquid will be heated by the coil and wick, and the generated vapour will be sucked through the chimney. 

However, due to the reasons I mentioned above, the Juul pod has been squeezed or changed by the air pressure difference. The juice in tanks has flowed into the wick along with the coil before you use it, so when you hit the Juul, the liquid is not heated. But the liquid leaks directly into the mouthpiece or spit back into your mouth. Pls refer to the image below.

How to Fix Juul Compatible Pods Leaking and Spitting Back? | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

How To Fix Juul Compatible Pods Leak And Spit Back?

1. When you open a new pack of pods, you should first check if there are any leaks in your pod and if there is any juice flowing into the pod’s coil.

2. If there is juice in coils and wicks, please support the side containing the electrode pad with a tissue, and blow gently against the hole on the side with the black cap.

How to Fix Juul Compatible Pods Leaking and Spitting Back? | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

3. Check the paper towel. You can see that the excess liquid in the coil has been blown out and is stained on the paper towel.

4. Check again that the coil is clean. If there is still liquid in it, repeat the above actions until there is no excess liquid in the coil.

5. Lastly, wipe the remaining liquid on the pod gently with a paper towel.

In this new version of Juul pods, we upgraded the e-liquid made with the freshest date and improve the structure, each pod is equipped with a food-grade silicone dust cover, which can prevent the pod from leaking to the greatest extent. Therefore, the above method can solve 90% of leakage. 

If you still cannot solve the pod in this way, please refer to this guide: How to Stop Juul Compatible Pods From Leaking?

That’s all of the ways to fix leaking and spitting back Juul compatible pods. Do you know other good ways to fix it? If the methods described in these two pages still do not work, please feel free contact us. Please elaborate on the problems you encounter, we are willing to work for you, which helps to enhance your shopping experience and help our product development team to improve our products.

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