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Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Juul Vape And Pods: Where To Buy The Best Vapes

Juul – Best Vape

JUUL vape is the world’s most preferred e-cigarette. It ushered in the period of pod vape systems, as well as promoted pure Nicotine salt e-liquid. It provides Nicotine nearly as effectively as a tobacco cigarette, as well as it has made it possible for numerous people around the globe to switch over from smoking cigarettes to vaping relatively conveniently.

The next two reasons why Juul is such a great beginner’s e-cigarette are technical in nature. JUUL was the brand that popularized pod-based vaping devices. While JUUL might not have strictly been the first pod vaping system, it was certainly the first to enjoy mainstream popularity. Effectively, every other pod-based vaping device on the market is a JUUL clone. Which would you rather have – the clone or the original?

Pod-based vaping devices have become incredibly popular because they’re absolutely perfect for people who want to keep vaping simple. Each Juul Pods arrives filled and ready to use, and each pod contains about enough e-liquid for a full day of vaping. Just push a pod into the device to vape, and when the pod is empty, you’ll throw it away and start using another pod. Another benefit of using a pod-based vaping system is that it’s easy to switch to a different flavor whenever you like just by swapping pods.

juul starter kit
Juul Vape And Pods: Where To Buy The Best Vapes | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

Juul Starter Kit – Specifications

  • Dimensions: 8.72 × 9.48×1.51 cm
  • Pod capacity: 0.7 mL = 200 puffs
  • Nicotine: 5%
  • Wattage: estimated at around 8 W
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Colors: Metallic Grey (standard) and Silver

For adult cigarette smokers looking for an option to cigarettes, every information is designed with grown-up smokers in mind, delivering a product that divides itself from any type of e-cigarette or vape device. Includes 4 Juul Pods 18mg/ml Nicotine level.

Using a Juul starter kit couldn’t be less complicated, just put a new skin to begin vaping and once it has run out, change with a new one. The integrated battery is instantly activated and a convenient magnetic billing deck is included. The layout of the JUUL tool makes it pocket-friendly and also suitable for brand-new and existing vapers seeking a hassle-free sheathing electronic cigarette kit to take out.

Prefilled Nicotine Pods

The JUUL comes supplied with 4 prefilled vape pods in a range of flavors. The Nicotine salt e-liquid contained within is optimized to provide a smooth vaping experience and can provide a larger dosage of Nicotine without the harshness associated with regular high strength e-liquids.

Automatic Battery

The JUUL features an automatically activated battery, so you simply need to inhale to produce vapour. If you wish to see the remaining charge, tap the JUUL gently 2 times and the light will illuminate to indicate the remaining power.

Magnetic Charging System

Charging your JUUL couldn’t be easier, simply slot the battery into the magnetic charger and the light will activate to indicate a charge is being received.

Juul Vape Review

The Pros

Super easy to use

The Juul couldn’t be simpler to use: place a pod in the battery and vape when you want. There are no buttons or complicated menus to navigate. Just take a hit when you want. It’s ready when you are. Once your pod is empty, remove it and replace it with a new one. Smokers will appreciate the simplicity.

Consistent puffs

Juul is an unassuming device. What sets it apart from other similarly sized devices is its innovative technology and performance. The tech in the JUUL works well! I’ve tried dozens of similar pod vapes but the performance of the JUUL is in a league of its own. The JUUL uses automatic temperature control, a feature typically found in bulky vape mods with complicated settings. Because of temperature control, JUUL does not produce burnt hits like some of its competition.

The Cons

Limited Nicotine options

One of the major selling points of Juul is the high Nicotine strength. But there is only one option for the majority of flavors. JUUL currently only offers a lower Nicotine strength (1.7%) for the Mint and Classic Tobacco flavors. For those transitioning away from cigarettes, this will hardly be a concern. The issue is that some users would like to step down their Nicotine consumption after leaving cigarettes behind.


If you’re a smoker and have actually already tried unsuccessfully to switch to vaping, you owe it to yourself to try a JUUL. Out of the plenty of beginner vape devices, the JUUL is one the best for smokers wanting to make the switch to a healthier option. It’s super straightforward to make use of, it’s little as well as discreet, and also it tastes great as well. Don’t quit on giving up, just try a better means.

Buy Juul – How To Get Juul

VapePenZone is a Nicotine Pod Vapes Juul Online E-Cig Store. Nicotine-free Compatible pods for JUUL is Also Available. 

  • A larger variety of compatible vaping products for JUUL
  • Perfected VaporCave™ vape products for JUUL sale system

A larger variety of compatible vaping products for JUUL – Vapepenzone has compatible pods for JUUL, compatible starter kits for JUUL, and other accessories for Juul (Refillable pods for JUUL, chargers for JUUL, and more).

Buy Juul Vape

Though Juul has not officially launched yet you can still buy Juul devices and Juul compatible pods. We supply compatible JUUL devices and high-quality JUUL compatible pods to allns so you don’t have to wait any longer to experience the best vaping device yet!

VC Starter Kit JL-02

juul compatible starter kit
Juul Vape And Pods: Where To Buy The Best Vapes | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop


  • Dimensions: 9.5 × 1.5 × 0.68 cm
  • Pod capacity: 1 mL = 300 puffs
  • Battery: 200mAh
  • Nicotine: 0%, 3%, 5%
  • Wattage: around 8 W
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Colors: Black

JUUL starter kit is 100% Compatible with nic slat Juul pods or compatible pods for JUUL.

Buy Juul Pods

VC Compatible Pods

juul pods
Juul Vape And Pods: Where To Buy The Best Vapes | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop


  • 1 pack of compatible pod=5.5 packs of cigarettes
  • Nicotine: 0%, 3%, 5% Strength
  • Pod E-liquid Capacity: 1 ml
  • Pod Longevity: 300 Puffs
  • Pods Pack: 4 Pods a Pack
  • Silicone Cover Random Colours
  • Ingredient in JUUL: PG, VG, Flavourings,and Nicotine

FAQs of Juul

Frequently asked questions and answers of Juul covering a wide variety of vaping related topics.

Q1: How many times can I refill my JUUL pods?

Generally speaking, you get five each refill. Unfortunately, there’s not a specific answer, it depends on a lot of different factors, what kind of juice you’re using, how often you’re hitting it, things like that. If you’re using sweeter juices with extra sugar or sweetener in them, it’s going to burn out a lot faster. Unfortunately once that cotton starts to go, that’s it on that pod, it’s time to change it out for a new one. Juul Pods buying please click here.

Q2: Can you change your cotton that on your JUUL pods?

As far as I can tell, you cannot. It looks like the whole coil assembly is like pressure fitted in there or something, and just poking around it I wasn’t able to figure out a way to get it out without destroying the pod.

Q3: I’m coming from a 3mg juice, what’s the equivalent if I’m going to a JUUL?

Now a Juul pod is actually said 5% which loosely translates to 59mg, which is a lot. Now you have to keep in mind that a JUUL is going to produce much less vapor than if you’re you know ripping on a sub-ohm tank. It’s almost a trial and error thing like we were talking about earlier with refilling your pods, I recommend starting a little bit lower, like a 20mg and a 40mg juice. If you’re concerned about how high the JUULS maybe start somewhere around there, there’s not an exact like if you vape three vapes this for the exact equivalent, it’s really a preference thing.

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