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Minors Protection – Is Juul Marketing to Minors?

Hey, how’s it going guys, this is Vapepenzone – Juul Online Vape Store again,

today let’s talk about Juul & Minors Protection.

Juul has always been on the cusp, and people’s argument has never stopped. If you don’t know much about this, you can click the link for details: Juul Kills You? DON’T GET PLAYED!

Recently many people accused Juul of allegedly attracting minors through colorful advertising and packaging and CEO of Juul apologizes to parents for the teen vaping epidemic.

Regarding the packaging – Should child-appealing packaging be restricted for vaping-products? From my point of view as a professional designer and a person that makes his money with marketing and packaging: No!

Although I understand your point that imagery should not directly target children, I have to say, that the border between calling something “child-appealing” or not, is only personal reception! Who wants to decide where the border is?
My 6-year-old son thinks nothing is cooler than spaceships and skull&crossbones. Now is that “child-appealing”? Sure. He is for sure not alone with that. Or is a completely pink bottle (like the new line by Beard Vape for example) not appealing to little girls? Sure it is.

The question should not be “Does the packaging appeal to children?”.
The question should be “Are the products available for children and teens?”.

So there is regulation needed in the retailing Juul industry. 

Why did the industry not unite in some form of community or even union to debate and create our own laws for availability, trade, sales and advertising our own products? That could have banned the black sheep off the market or forced them to comply with “our own laws” in order to get their products in the stores. 

Why are vaping products not only sold in special stores where people get generally carded at the door? If we wanted everybody to buy our products, Everywhere, that will not the right way. We can’t push ourselves into this situation.

We can’t let politicians find places to attack our industry at packaging, availability, under-age sales, etc.

Now it is our only chance to let people know that we are protecting underage from our product ourselves.

From where I see it, the only chance we have now is to comply with regulations and look for direct contact with politicians to discuss further possibilities to protect children and teens from general tobacco product consumption – and our own market.
We have to show that we feel a responsibility! We have to show to the public that we want to HELP people to quit smoking! (Related: Setting the Record Straight: Vaping is NOT the Issue)

Let’s keep this our “baby”. Let’s not have politics take it away from us. Let comply and sell responsibly!

What’s your opinion? Do you think Juul is marketing to minors? 

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