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Is It Safe to Vape Different Relx Pod Flavors?

The recent FDA announcement in the United States banned Juul from producing flavoured pods, which caused many people to discuss whether other brand’s flavoured pods will be affected?

So today we will discuss if the different flavors will affect us, and what is the side effect of different Relx pod flavors.

What’s Maybe In the Relx Pods?

So vaping, most using an electrical device, and to inhale vapour rather than smoke. And the same as other pods, Relx pods contain a number of things, like water, solvents, flavors. We’ve got many different Relx pod flavors here, and it contains Nicotine as well.

So Relx pods Are Addictive?

If the pods contain Nicotine, then they are. Nicotine is a very addictive substance, we have Nicotine receptors in our brain, and that’s why smokers find it so difficult to give up smoking. And that’s why these devices are a beneficial tool for people who are trying to give up smoking. And last year research has found that people using e-cigarettes to quit twice as likely to be successful than using the gums and the patches, and the other Nicotine replacement fellows.

Switching from cigarettes to vapes is more healthy, Public Health England says that although there is some risk associated and of course, we don’t know what the four lists are longer-term, they estimate that it’s 95% safer than smoking. So for people who are smoking tobacco, switching to e-cigarette is an excellent thing to do.

Do the Different Types of Relx Pod Flavors Affect People In Different Ways?

You can have a little read of the ingredients in the box. Vegetable Glycerin, and Propylene Glycol, which tends to be quite common, and then some contain double menthol, something like glazed doughnut flavor in it. And this is what we don’t know, and these are chemicals that have been inhaled. But, from the studies that have been done so far, flavors aren’t necessarily that dangerous, and this is often the motivation for people to go from cigarettes to e-cigarettes because they like flavors.

What Is the Side Effect of Vaping Flavors?

All right, so there are a few side effects that come with vaping. Some of which are very easy to avoid. But everyone’s body reacts to things differently.

The first one is Dehydration.

This is one of the most common side effects when it comes to vaping flavored pods. Because PG that’s in e-liquid actually draws in moisture. Now PG stands for Propylene Glycol, and it’s one of the main ingredients in Relx pods now. But it is very easy to solve, drink some water, and you will feel better.

Next up is the too high Nicotine.

Sometimes you’ll notice a sore throat and coughing, and if you get a Nicotine strength that’s way too high for your intake, you’ll get a throat hit that’s way too harsh to handle. If this is the case, try stepping down your Nicotine strength to 3% strength pod flavors in your next purchase.

Another common side effect with vaping is what we call vapours tongue.

Necessarily, in short, it’s when you’ve eaten the same flavour for a prolonged period, and after a while, you’re just not able to taste it anymore. This can be avoided by switching up your flavors every once in a while to refresh your palate.

Other Relx pods flavors review: Let’s Share Your Flavor Reviews Of Relx Pods!

What Strength Level Should I Vape?

To get the highest enjoyment out of your vaporizer, you must find the Nicotine level that is just right for you.

The most important related to the strength level is the type of your current tobacco use.

First, let’s equal tobacco Nicotine levels to e-liquid Nicotine levels.

Choosing your Nicotine level doesn’t have as much to do with how many cigarettes you have a day, it’s more about the kind of cigarettes you smoke. There is no exact level of Nicotine listed on a pack of cigarettes, and that’s because some cigarettes contain more Nicotine than others. With e-liquid, you know the exact amount, and this is the closest comparison that is available between e-liquid and cigarettes.

If you smoke powerful unfiltered cigarettes, then you will want 36 milligrams of Nicotine.

If you smoke full flavour strong cigarettes, opt for 24 milligrams of Nicotine.

Most people smoke regular cigarettes which would call for 16 milligrams of Nicotine.

For those who smoke light to medium cigarettes, opt for 11 milligrams of Nicotine.

If you smoke ultralight cigarettes, you will need 8 milligrams of Nicotine. Those who smoke super light cigarettes, choose 3 milligrams of Nicotine.

Non-smokers don’t need any Nicotine in their e-liquid.


The other factor you need to take into consideration is what type of device you are using?

When it comes to the Relx vape, you can match up the Nicotine level to your current tobacco use.

And for disposable or other rechargeable e-cigarettes, you can also match up the Nicotine level to your current tobacco use.

For more powerful devices like those that are 10 to 20 watts, such as a vaporizer, you can typically drop down one level from your Nicotine level consumed from tobacco. For example, if you smoke regular cigarettes, you can drop the Nicotine level down to medium.

For the most potent and variable devices, those that are 20 plus watts, such as box mods it’s best to start at 3 milligrams. Since powerful tools such as box mods, output so much more vapor, they better disperse the Nicotine, this allows you to use less Nicotine than tobacco products.

What if it is your goal to quit Nicotine altogether, vaping is perfect for that.

Start at the amount that matches your current tobacco product, and then reduce the level gradually over time. As it feels right for you, Nicotine-free options allow you to continue vaping without the Nicotine. This method has enabled many vapors to quit Nicotine but still enjoy the pleasures of vaping. And there is much different strength level in our site, and please feel free to check. And please remember that if you are a non-smoker, please don’t begin vaping.


What Is the Side Effects of a Relx Pods Beginner If you’re Coming From Smoking?

A survey was conducted by dr. Farr Cellino on 19,000 vapors, the study concluded by a large number of these vapors reported that they had improved breathing, overall better physical health, enhanced sense of smell, reduced coughs and more. So at the end of the day of your debating on making the switch over to vaping. You may indeed run into some of these side effects. But vaping is a cleaner and safer alternative to traditional tobacco.

Why Has President Trump got involved In the Flavored Pods Ban, Why Does He Consider It To Be Dangerous?

A lot of his concerns are around young people taking up vaping. But the vaping regulations are much stricter than they are., it’s illegal to advertise products containing Nicotine; we can’t be sold to people under the age of 18. It does say you do not take up this if you’re not a smoker. President Trump Expected To Ban Partially Flavored Juul Pods

So What About The Rest of The World Then Where Do They Stand On This?

It’s in India. I know that there have been some problems they’ve decided to run it in India. But what I found interesting is that they’re banning e-cigarettes, but they’re not banning cigarettes. If we could stop everybody from smoking and it seems that e-cig at the moment is what’s being most successful in helping people to do that, and yet they’re being banned. But it doesn’t make sense to us.

What do you think of the flavor pod ban? If also bans the flavored pods, do you agree? Any other feelings after you use Relx Pods? Please leave your comments and opinions down below.

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