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If You Support the “Vaping Ban”, You Are a…

Vaping ban, everyone’s talking about this.

Let me say this for stuff, I don’t vape you know. I do have a friend who has a vape and I’ll grab a drag every now and then, don’t really like the way it makes me feel, but that doesn’t matter. 

Yeah, I think it’s very weird when people trying to look through the lens of what affects them with news stories for people who don’t know Donald Trump, the FDA, the White House, they’re proposing an all-out vaping ban on flavored vape pens. If you support that, you’re not a conservative, remember but if you are against socialism, if you are against government intervention, and you support that, you’re not a principled person. By the way you can still support Donald Trump, in most respects you can still say that you think he’s been a pretty good president, and acknowledge that this is a horrible, stupid policy and precedent to set, unless you’re a cheerleader right, unless you’re one of those all right pom-pom waving, trust the plan of Donald Trump cheerleader. 

This is something that she really upset I notice of this with a lot of people, they are against bans until it affects something that that they care about, that they want to be banned. Everything that they think might be harmful until it comes to their thing that might be banned. Then there all of a sudden about freedom right. 

We’ve crossed the bridge too far, whereas on the flipside you have a lot of conservatives, and I mean a lot of more so kind of the Trump cheerleaders have come to it more newly. By the way, don’t get me wrong here. 

Vaping, they’re trying to claim that vaping markets. The kids, listen, more kids are probably vaping. I think that’s a virtuous goal right to want to cut down on underage use of tobacco.  

So a couple of things here when we’re talking about the vaping ban for people out there who may consider themselves conservative, and still support the vaping ban. All right, let me ask you this, why? Why? If you answer, well, it’s dangerous, it’s there have been deaths from it… No, no, there haven’t. Now there have been some lung-related illnesses, and deaths from black market cannabis cartridges that had vitamin E oil, and I think was if I’m not mistaken vitamin E that acetate, so I want to make sure I’d be clear because the pot crowds gonna get mad at me now, I’m not even saying cannabis vape, not CBD, not even THC vape, it was adulterated contaminated cartridges with vitamin E in there, some derivative vitamin E that becomes toxic when heated to the temperature of vaporization. How many deaths with Nicotine, babe, as soon as someone doesn’t vape, none, zero! So that’s not a thing. 

Then we go into, well, nicotine. Here’s something else you know. You know what both of them have some benefits and both of them have some drawbacks, there are medical benefits to cannabis. But a lot of people don’t know this, Nicotine once separated from combustible cigarettes, has a lot of benefits. They’re looking at it as a very promising treatment for Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s neurodegenerative decline, there was a neuroscientist, who said that Nicotine is the most reliable cognitive enhancer. That we know of it, enhances working memory, it enhances verbal fluidity, it enhances reaction time in most studies. But Nicotine when separated from combustible cigarettes, especially Nicotine in isolation, when you look at the animal studies, it is that very addictive, it’s not very harmful. They do a test for rats you know, that you can self administer a drug by pulling one lever or pulling basically an active lever, when it was Nicotine by itself about the other chemicals, namely there are some chemicals too, and tobacco that um act as sort of antidepressants and extend the half-life of Nicotine, but Nicotine by itself is not that addictive. It is addictive so scaring so marijuana, by the way, for people who don’t like to admit that, but it’s not that addictive, it’s not that harmful. 

And as we see in Europe, if people are able to use vape pens to get off of traditional cigarettes, I see that as a good thing and I also see it right now I’m in the stage of my life and I’ve talked about this, where hey, you know what if there’s a use to it, and there’s a way to minimize any kind of harm. For example, people taking mega doses and smoking joints and driving, but people can reap the meta medicinal benefits. That’s great, we’re not quite there with nicotine. 

But if there is a way, to find out how to isolate Nicotine and if it provides some kind of reliable cognitive enhancement and potentially preventive, it could act as a preventative measure for cognitive decline. We should be exploring that. But all of this is to get off the beam to say, what do you agree with anything that I’ve just said or not, whether you agree with the science and the clinical trials, Hertha’s studies, metadata or not.

You have to decide, should the government be banning things just because you don’t like that thing? Should the government be in the business of telling adults what they can and cannot put in their own body provided that it isn’t harming other people? 

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