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How To Take An Inhale With Relx Vapes Properly?

There are big distinctions between exactly how you inhale on a cigarette and how most vapers inhale from their gadgets. It does depend upon the kind of vape container you’re using and your individual preferences. If your device is a Relx vape, do you know how to inhale it properly?

Here’s a typical circumstance that plays out in vape stores throughout the country.

A cigarette smoker enters the shop, totally new to vaping yet bent on purchasing their very first e-cig package.

” How can I assist you today?” the sales supervisor asks.

” I’m aiming to purchase an e-cig package,” the smoker responds, sheepishly considering the wide range of different devices in the glass screens.

The sales supervisor releases right into the typical concerns, “What are you searching for– a mouth-to-lung vape or a direct-to-lung vape?”

” Yer what?”

You might never ever have actually come across direct-to-lung vaping or mouth-to-lung vaping, however, it’s on a daily basis vape lingo for numerous vapers.

It’s a bad solution, it’s very easy to neglect that individuals outside the industry have actually never listened to of these terms, and quickly we end up puzzling the very people we are suggested to aid.


For anyone who’s as bewildered about these terms as our imaginary smoker, this message will certainly explain the different kinds of inhaling, as well as which one will fit you if you bought a Relx vape.

Various Inhaling Styles For Different Devices

An additional essential distinction between how you inhale on a cigarette vs. just how you inhale on an e-cigarette is the truth that your certain device can make a distinction when you’re vaping. Whichever brand of cigarettes you smoke, you inhale in the same way. For vaping gadgets, it isn’t quite so basic. The primary factor is the details type of storage tank you’re using, or how much airflow it has.

For storage tanks with limited airflow, the draw is a great deal like the make use of a cigarette and you can execute “mouth to lung” inhales. We’ll cover this in even more information in a moment, but a mouth to lung inhale is generally just the method you inhale on a cigarette. Mouth to lung storage tanks often tend to be greater in resistance and also job best with reduced power setups, so if you have a standard vape pen like Relx vapes, mouth to lung inhales are more usual.

For storage tanks with more open airflow, vapers commonly inhale straight into their lungs. If you have this kind of innovative configuration, you’ll get much better performance with the direct to lung inhale style.

How To Take An Inhale With Relx Vapes Properly? | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop
How To Take An Inhale With Relx Vapes Properly? | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

Mouth to Lung

What is Mouth to Lung Vaping?

Mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping comes naturally to most smokers, however, works finest with some certain sorts of the gadget as well as not so well with others. How do you do it, why would you do it as well as what type of gadget is it ideal for?

Just How Do You Do It?

A mouth-to-lung (MTL) inhale is a two-stage procedure.

You take the vapour into your mouth, holding it there for a 2nd.

You inhale again to bring the vapour down right into your lungs.

You push the fire switch and inhale into your mouth, release the fire button, inhale again to take the vapour down right into your lungs, and then ultimately exhale.

Why Would You Do It?

The MTL inhale is perfect for smokers just switching to vaping, or for longer-term vapers that still such as to inhale similarly as they did as cigarette smokers. If you’re searching for a more smoking-like vaping experience, MTL inhaling with higher-resistance coils and also higher-Nicotine fluids is the best means to do it.


More like cigarette smoking

Functions with simpler vaping equipment

Doesn’t use as much power

Takes in much less e-liquid

Better throat hit

Much better flavour


Does not function well with numerous modern-day containers

Less vapour production– doesn’t help “cloud-chasing”

Required higher-Nicotine fluids

Recommended Equipment

  • Pod design vapes: Pod tools like Relx vapes and pods are ideal for MTL vaping. These are likewise really easy to use as well as suitable for beginners.
  • Mods or vape pens with specific containers: Any type of container with restricted air movement works well for MTL vaping.

Advised E-liquid

  • Nicotine salt e-liquids: Of course, the most suitable e-liquid is the original Relx pods flavours with high-quality Nicotine salts. If you use your own e-liquid to refill it, reborn typically have higher Nicotine degrees and are specifically good for MTL vaping, particularly with shuck tools.
  • Greater Nicotine liquids: These are excellent for MTL vaping. This isn’t absolutely required, however, due to the fact that you get less vapour with each puff, higher Nicotine levels help keep vaping pleasing with MTL tools. Try a 12 mg/ml and even 18 mg/ml e-liquid unless you’re only an occasional cigarette smoker or you’ve already lowered your Nicotine consumption.
  • Greater PG e-liquids: PG makes e-liquid thinner, while VG makes it thicker. Although high-VG (e.g. 70% VG) e-liquids deal with some MTL containers, the majority of them carry out much better with a little bit more PG. Attempt a 50/50 PG/VG blend for the best efficiency.

Direct to Lung

What is Direct to Lung Vaping?

Direct-to-lung (DL or DTL) vaping is a different method entirely. As opposed to a two-stage, mouth-then-lungs procedure, you inhale in a solitary action right down into your lungs. This is a great deal much less like cigarette smoking, but it aids you to get the very best performance out of much of the storage tanks on the market today.

Exactly How Do You Do It?

DTL inhales are very easy to perform, yet several vapers end up coughing when they first attempt it. You simply take a large inhale from your tool and also draw it right down into your lungs with the same breath.

Why Would You Do It?

DTL vaping is much better for creating huge clouds as well as getting enough Nicotine without vaping getting as well extreme on your throat. It likewise functions better with higher-VG e-liquids, as well as many costs e-liquids are best delighted in with a DTL tool because of this. For MTL vapers, numerous modern containers do much better but are normally better for DTL vaping.


Larger clouds

Functions well with modern vape tanks

Smoother throat hit

Functions with a broader range of e-liquids

Still great for flavour


Uses more power, so your batteries drain quicker

Doesn’t deal with more fundamental equipment

Utilizes a great deal more e-liquid

Recommended Equipment

Sub-ohm tanks and also mods:

Sub-ohm storage tanks perfectly set up for DTL vaping. These have more air movement (and normally adjustable airflow) so you can vape DTL without coughing. You’ll require a mod to be able to make use of these, however, due to the fact that the resistances of the coils are reduced and also they require higher wattage setups to function well.

Recommended E-Liquid

  • Reduced Nicotine: Although this isn’t purely required, the higher vapour production with DTL devices implies that lower Nicotine e-liquids are much better suited for vaping by doing this. Typically talking, 6 mg/ml is the highest possible Nicotine strength individuals recommend for use with below ohm storage tanks and DTL vaping.
  • Higher VG: You can still vape 50/50 or higher-PG e-liquids on a below ohm storage tank with DTL inhales, however overall 70% VG or greater e-liquids are optimal for this inhale style. They’re usually less severe and also create much more vapour.

Various Other Inhaling Techniques: The Cigar Inhale

MTL, as well as DTL vaping, are the two most common inhale styles by a long way. These aren’t the only ways you can inhale. As we mentioned previously, there isn’t always a clear difference in between a MTL and also a DTL inhale, as well as you could naturally do something that’s even more like a mix of the two.

There is an entirely different method to inhaling that’s worth taking into consideration with Relx vapes. We’ll call this the “Cigar Inhale,” due to the fact that, as on a cigar, you can inhale the vapour into your mouth without drawing it right into your lungs. This isn’t done by several vapers, however as explained by the Royal College of Physicians’ report on vaping, the majority of the Nicotine is likely to be absorbed through the upper throat as opposed to the lungs. This means that in theory, you might prevent totally inhaling the vapour and still obtain a gratifying hit of Nicotine.

I’ve checked this previously as well as it seems to work, although if you’re interested I would certainly advise going up a Nicotine level. With 12 mg/ml and normal vaping, I did feel satisfied. Nonetheless, I’m only one person and also I have been vaping for a while, so I’m most likely not as depending on Nicotine as a smoker.

How To Take an Inhale With Relx Vapes Properly?

Relx vapes were “automatic,” which indicates that the coil turned on as you breathed in rather than as you pressed a switch, as on “hand-operated” tools. On these devices, “priming puffs” were frequently advised.

MTL Inhale

MTL is very suitable for users of Relx vapes and smokers who are just starting to use vaping, or long-term vapers, the inhalation method is still similar to smoking. If you have a Relx vape, MTL can give you a higher Nicotine experience.

The Length of Your Inhale

The most vital difference is the length of your inhale. The only means to obtain more vapour is to keep the button held down for longer and inhale for longer.

This takes some getting made use of to when you initially begin. Research study has actually revealed that even more skilled vapers puff for longer than smokers utilizing e-cigarettes, and also they wind up getting Nicotine a lot more successfully, therefore.

Inhaling and also Coughing

If you cough when you vape, there are several possible descriptions, however, among these is your inhale design.

The basic theory is that if you inhale in the wrong way for your setup, it can make you cough. Trying to DTL inhale from a device with limited airflow will likely aggravate your throat and create coughing. Alternatively, inhaling MTL with a huge gadget that produces billowing clouds can make you cough from the large quantity of vapour going down your throat at the same time. From experience, it seems to be the ventilated nature of the draw that makes me cough when I attempt to MTL vape on a DTL device, as well as normally on the exhale.

We evaluated vapers for our coughing post, and also one of the questions was about the influence of inhaling style. While 40 per cent of the respondents weren’t certain whether it made a distinction, about fifty per cent of the staying vapers (30 per cent of the total) felt that it did avoid them from coughing. Clearly this isn’t an element for everybody, however, if you cough when you vape, it’s worth changing your inhale style as well as seeing whether this aids.

Locating Your Inhale Style

Remember that there is no “right” method to inhale. MTL vaping in specific has been overlooked by container producers in current years (although this is altering with more recent dedicated MTL containers), but this is just how cigarette smokers inhale and also exactly how many vapers prefer to inhale as well.

Are you a MTL or DTL inhaler? Allow us to know in the remarks listed below. As always, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog, join the Vapepenzone vaping community, and discuss the latest news with all vape lovers! If you are new here or like this blog, please be sure to hit subscribe to stay up to date with our latest blogs. We will see you in the next blog.  

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