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How to Refill JUUL Compatible Pods?

Hello everyone and welcome, this is Vapepenzone – Juul compatible pods & Juul refillable pods online store again. The Juul is a closed pod-based vaping system, to save money, you can buy Juul compatible pods or Juul refillable pods & e-liquid. There’s a straightforward way to refill it with no leaking, I’m going to show you the right direction. 

What Should I prepare to refill the Juul refillable pods?

First, let’s give a quick rundown of all the materials that were going to need. 

First of all, gloves. Critical, guys. You’re working with extremely concentrated salt-based Nicotine here, so no messing around you, do not want to get this on your skin, trust me, it will absorb transdermally, that’s how Nicotine patches work. 

Second of all, you’re going to need paper towels. The very absorbent kind you know, these cellulose ones get some of those, a toothpick, your Juul pods

And finally, salt-based Nicotine. You need salt-based Nicotine; you can’t just use regular e-liquid, it’s not going to work. But if you’re trying to quit smoking or if you need Nicotine, don’t count on it, you need that salt-based Nicotine. We use 3%, and I found that this works pretty well. 

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Refill your Juul pods in 6 steps

Step 1 Take off the top part

You’re going to go ahead and pick a Juul refillable pod. And we’re going to take off the top portion which has two latches on the side. You can get like a screwdriver and shove them off to the side. Once you’ve done it a couple of times, it’s straightforward, so just going to pull the black cap off. But you know when you first do it, it might be a little bit difficult. In the black hat, you’ll see two strips of cotton, and they serve an essential purpose, that’s to stop splashback from getting into your mouth, and you don’t want that again, especially with these extremely concentrated amounts of Nicotine. 

Step 2 Squeeze the pods

So take a paper towel, bring your toothpick, push those little pieces of cotton out the side. When you have them, if you’ve been using your cart, they will be well saturated, so you’re just gonna squeeze them. You see how the juice being leached out of it and onto the paper towel. You want these to be completely dry as if they were brand new. You could skip this part but it’s gonna give you hell if you skip it, because then even once you get like a fifth into your cart, it’s just gonna start splashing into your mouth, it’s not nice. So you want to take your time with this squeeze the paper towel, get that extra juice out of your Juul pod, wait until it’s like scorched here. We’re just going to set those off to the side now 

Step 3 Pick off the black hat

In the meanwhile, we go back to the little black hat, which is like a rubber plunger. What you’re going to do is to pick a black hat up with the gloves on your fingers. You’re just going to wrap the paper towel around it, and pop it right off, and that’s the easiest way that I found to do it, set that off to the side for now. Then you have access to the inside of the Juul refillable pod here, so get your juice, and I want to mention, if this is your first time doing this, shake your juice. Because one of two things can happen. Either your liquid will be wholly tasteless, and you’ll be vaping just vegetable glycerin, or you’re going to get like a 100% Nicotine. The problem with these juices is that they separate in the bottle because they’re just sitting at the store all day, so when you get home, you’re going to want to give this a good shake, only a very thorough shakedown. You know you want those materials to be appropriately mixed because it has to be an even mix for it to hit accurately. And I’ve even had problems with this on the Juul, so sometimes there’s not that much you can do about its juice is inconsistent. That’s just how it is by nature. Anyway a regardless, we’re going to give that a couple of good shakes. 

How to Refill JUUL Compatible Pods? | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

Step 4 Fill it gently

And the secret is to fill it kind of sideways and very gently here. That’s probably better, so you very kindly fill it, and you don’t want air bubbles at the bottom if you can avoid it, see like right there I got one that wasn’t too bad, I guess. And once you start getting it more full not that hard. You really won’t like a fine-tipped needle bottle for this. You probably could put a little bit more in there. And now another very huge secret is essential, when you put this back, squeeze at the top, but that rubber plunger, push it back in, and then as you let go, once it’s like really in there you’ll let go. And you’ll see those bubbles in your Juul pod come up, that means that you’ve done it right you’ve restarted that vacuum seal. These cards have like a built-in vacuum seal that needs to get started if you don’t it’s going to be leaking all over the place, and that’s the way to get that proper vacuum seal on there is you kind of pinch it and then let go as soon as you put that. You’re just going to want to dry this off because there might be some excess e-liquid on it. 

Step 5 Put right back in where they are

Okay then, let’s put together that top piece that we just took apart a moment ago. And the little cotton pads, you’re just going to put right back in where they were. It’s one on each side, so with the toothpick, you’re just going to go in there, and this part can be a little bit frustrating, but just put it back where it was, you have to pat it down to get it to stay because we did flatten it out. Once you got those two pieces back on there, you can put the pod and the black cap back together. 

Step 6 Wrap the pod with a paper towel and wait for a moment

One last thing you should do is to hold the pod up to a paper towel, wrap it around the bottom and blow through the top, very gently for several times. Then just put your refilled Juul pod right back in, that would be good to go. 

And one last thing you want to do hold this up to a paper towel wrap it around the bottom and blow through the top, very gently, you don’t have to just full-on blow just a little bit. And that’s only going to get that excess e-liquid.

How to prevent my Juul pods from leaking?

Don’t pull your refilled Juul pods out too much. You’ll notice every time you pull it out, a few bubbles come up, and that’s how you get leaks. Unless you have to, please don’t pull out Juul pod. It squeezes the cartridge on the way out. That’s why it happens. 

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How to Extend my Juul pods’ life?

Another thing I can tell you, don’t be one of those people that just hit your Juul like it’s a pipe or a cigarette, or something, it doesn’t work like that. You can’t just keep on running it over and over. You gotta like hit it give it a couple of seconds to let that wick reabsorb, if not you’re gonna burn out your cartridge very very fast. You knew how you get them burnt, and you know the rounds last for up to five-plus refill. Consumed atomizers released formaldehyde, so be very careful with burnt atomizers. If it’s tasting cooked, that’s not good at all; it should never feel burnt. It should never be like harsh on the throat; it should never hurt to inhale. It should be like a very smooth, pleasant experience. Please don’t hit it always, it will last so much longer. If you wait in between hits and I’m not saying wait a minute, wait ten seconds in between runs. 

Do you know the steps of how to refill the Juul pod now? About the Juul compatible pods or Juul refillable pods, do you have any other questions? If you like our blog, be sure to hit like button below, hit subscribe to stay up to date with our latest blogs. As always, we will see you in the next blog. 

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