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How To Identify Fake Relx AU Products?

Since our Review Programme was launched, we are delighted to feel that our products have been recognized and loved by many consumers. This trust is hard-won, and we will cherish it more. But we found that there are many Relx counterfeit products. So today let us talk about those fakes in Relx AU market.

Recently, we have found that many counterfeit products with worrying quality are circulating on the market, which poses considerable security risks to consumers who do not know the truth. You may ever encounter the following situation:

“The Relx pods we sell are more than half cheaper than the others!”

“Welcome to buy our vapes stick with Relx vapes, super cool!”

“Direct transfer to me to buy Relx pod is very convenient!”

In this regard, we have to tell everyone very seriously:


Not only to prevent cheating but also for your health.

The Fake Relx Pods

Some purchase channels often have merchants selling various “so-called genuine” or “unknown brand Relx compatible pods”. Not only is the price much lower than the original Relx pods, but it can also be perfectly adapted to good Relx vapes, economical and convenient, right? 

But when we sent those “Relx pods” to the laboratory for safety testing, the results were disturbing.

How To Identify Fake Relx AU Products? | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop
The test result of Nicotine
How To Identify Fake Relx AU Products? | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop
The test result of Benzene Series

In these unknown “Relx pods”, inferior cigarette oil is generally used, harmful substances, especially benzene series, are seriously exceeded, and the actual Nicotine content does not match the packaging.

What is Benzene? As a compound, it is widely used in the production of fine chemicals such as medicine, spices, and pesticides. However, various industries have strict standards for their content. Excessive benzene series have an anesthetic effect on the central system and even have a severe risk of poisoning.

Besides, most unknown brand compatible cartridges also have serious oil leakage problems, and some even flow directly into the throat during use, which is numb and recalcitrant.

Moreover, all the sellers of these cartridges do not have after-sales service and no quality certificate. This shows that they have no confidence in the products they sell, so there is no guarantee for consumers, too.

Long-term use of this product is hugely irresponsible to the body. For your health, please be sure to check the relevant information before purchasing. Say no to generic cigarette bombs that counterfeit genuine and unknown brands!

Looks Like a Cool “The Carvings Version Of Relx Vapes”

We found that on social platforms such as Facebook and Ins, people often see people exposing “The carvings version of Relx”.

How To Identify Fake Relx AU Products? | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

It looks cool, right?

But let us look at what happened to this “victim”. This is the so-called “The carvings version of Relx”. The battery in the product has not passed the standard quality certification, so the battery explosion and other accidents.

How To Identify Fake Relx AU Products? | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

Changlu Chan, an EHS deputy general manager of Ningde New Energy, who is a national lithium-ion battery safety standard-setting expert and a domestic first-level safety assessor, once said in an interview:

“Lithium is a very active element. If it is not well controlled, it is easy to cause combustion or even explosion. The safety protection design is the core of lithium battery manufacturing. However, due to the mixed market, secondary manufacturers remove the protection of lithium batteries in order to reduce costs The device or the use of inferior materials will eventually bury hidden dangers for the lithium battery. “

“So don’t buy products made by unqualified manufacturers, you must identify and buy certified products from official channels.”

At the same time, this is suspected of plagiarism and infringement, which makes designers and those who advocate for originality feel very chilled.

Relx has been actively fighting against fakes. In the first half of this year, Relx launched the “Golden Shield” that severely cracked down on counterfeiting and selling counterfeit products. Through big data and technical support, it cooperated with the police to crack down on counterfeiting. At present, the “Golden Shield” has completed the second phase of anti-counterfeiting deployment, involving 16 anti-counterfeiting cases. Seized more than 48,000 counterfeit products, and cooperating with industrial and commercial administrative law enforcement cases more than 50 instances, complaining about the removal of counterfeit Yue engraved names and counterfeit goods A total of 3253 pieces of online products were sold with non-compliance.

Besides, 36 warning letters have been issued for non-compliance or breach of contract, with a cumulative penalty of approximately $200000. Therefore, we also call on those who manufacture and sell fakes not to touch the law in person.

The person in charge of Relx AU Gold Shield also reminds consumers not to sacrifice the health and safety of themselves and their family and friends because they are greedy for low prices. They must buy products with anti-counterfeit label barcodes from regular channels authorized by RELX. After purchasing the product, you can use the APP to scan the code to verify the authenticity. Avoid using inferior cigarette smoke bombs of unknown origin and become the victim of illegal acts of counterfeiters.

From the starting vapers have been an area of people passionate regarding saving our very own lives — as well as the lives of others — from fatality and also a disease caused by cigarette smoking. The web is where vaping started, and it’s the ideal place for the vape area to attach and spread details. We have to bear in mind that it likewise leaves us at risk to individuals who might try to use our natural trust in our fellow vaping advocates to fraud us.

“People that assert they’re the only ones who can accomplish something are probably existing.”

How To Increase Vigilance To Avoid Being Cheated?

To assist Relx AU vapers in determining where finest to direct their support, here is a guide to help identify sketchy behaviour as well as suspicious individuals or website. Especially if you locate brand-new for organization or campaign online, that is requesting for cash or personal info (which is typically the primary target), right here are some things to explore. That may enable you to detect warning signs and also steer clear.

Take a Look At Their Site

Any kind of legit company or project asking for cash or individual info will have the leading internet site. If they don’t, that’s your initial red flag. When searching their website, think about the following:

  • Does the mail you sent have a response?
  • Does the website have a Terms & Conditions page or a Privacy Policy? Links to these web pages can usually be discovered at the bottom of a site, in the footer. Some states, like California, require a Privacy Policy by legislation
  • Does the site have an “About” page with specific information? A website without information about the developers or owners included need not to be trusted.
  • Does the website have contact info? Emails with the same domain as the internet site is the best.
  • Does the website have web links to its main social media sites networks, like a Facebook page, Twitter account, or Instagram? Are there long-term pushes for new content on their social accounts?
  • Does the site have authentic shopping reviews from verified buyers?
  • Are they utilizing a safe and secure solution to procedure payment info? Services like PayPal and credit card, a couple of instances of established solutions with credibilities for firmly dealing with settlements. Never enter your credit card information on a standard kind or any kind of internet site page that is not protected. Safe sites always start with https. If there is no “s” it’s not secured by an SSL certification.

A Site With No Details About the Makers Or People Entailed Need Not Be Relied On.

Gavin de Becker, an extremely concerned security expert, who’s dealt with the United States Supreme Court, Congress, the Department of Justice, and the Central Intelligence Agency, created the New York Times Bestseller, “The Gift of Fear”, which instructs viewers to acknowledge warning signs of individuals that are wanting to cause harm. Here are a few of de Becker’s vital warning signs that vapers can try to find to stay clear of scammers:

  • Be careful of “forced teaming.” This is a kind of manipulation where the scammer will certainly begin claiming points to you using “we” and “us” in an initiative to forcibly include you crazes you aren’t a part of. As an example, if the scammer has an issue, they may ask you what “we” ought to do regarding it, even though it has nothing to do with you. Many individuals succumb to forced teaming since it feels disrespectful not to go along with it, and also it produces the impression that you’re a team
  • Individuals who are also quick to share “secrets” with you, or offer too many details could be doing this with malicious intent. Fraudsters frequently overshare because they know they are lying to you, so they unconsciously recompense. People that level believe what they are stating, so they usually do not feel a need to “convince” you. For example, those fake Relx AU sellers are telling you so-called “insiders” and telling you that they are exclusive sales, then you need to pay attention!
  • Be cautious of those who make “promises” to you, especially when you have not asked. Promising things is an indication that a person is trying to encourage you of something, as well as it can show the individual doing the appealing is stressed you do not trust them. If they are bothered with that, possibly there’s an excellent reason for it!
  • The refusal of an individual to accept or listen to when you say “no” is an excellent sign that they are attempting to control and adjust you. This can make you feel entrapped like it’s easier to just go along with what they want than to withstand.

What makes the vaping community friendly and inviting is additionally what can make us vulnerable to defrauders, specifically in times like these where we are hopeless for the support and also the approval of political leaders, regulators, health supporters, the information media, and the public.

With the attack of negative campaigns, disinformation, and also deceptive report, we are desperately searching for advocates as well as partners in this battle to save our lives, and (for many) our resources. Just remember that we must also remain vigilant as well as safeguard ourselves from individuals who could make the most of our wish for acceptance as well as understanding.

That’s all about the fake of Relx products. Here we remind every Relx AU customersagain: Be sure to buy products from regular channels and do not shop from the unknown brand or website.  As always, if you are new here or like this blog, please be sure to hit subscribe to stay up to date with our latest blogs. We will see you in the next blog.  

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