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How to Get BIGGER CLOUDS With Your Relx Vape?

Hey, how’s it going guys, this is Vapepenzone – Relx Vape Online Vape Store again,

today we’re gonna be talking about cloud chasing and getting bigger denser clouds with Relx Vape or other kits.

This is a well-liked topic because I mean chucking huge billows of vapor is fun sometimes.

There are a couple of important factors in cloud chasing which I will be covering today.


The first step to greater denser clouds is picking the proper atomizer and coils. So as to urge big clouds, your setup has got to be ready to output them. There are many various options in atomizers, like RDAs, RTA’s… But if you’re unacquainted with the various sorts of atomizers, we’ll have a totally explain each sort of atomizer and therefore the benefits of them later.

Generally, people that wish to cloud chase lean towards RDAs. this is often mainly because you are able to put in much bigger coils in an RDA than say an RTA or RDTA. and since you’re installing your own coils you’ll really fine-tune how you would like it to vape. thereupon being said, you ought to also pick an RDA that caters to cloud chasing. Some RTA’s are more focused on having a rich flavor and would generally have a tighter airflow. I’d say get an RDA which will support a minimum of dual coils. If you are a little off-put about installing your own coils, there are actually tons of sub-ohm tanks on the market nowadays.


With the cloud chasing atomizer you furthermore may need a mod that will support all that power. Picking the proper mod is simpler than ever. As new technology has new chipsets, I can output far more power. Most of the rational devices like Relx vape can output a minimum of 200 watts, which is quite you’ll ever probably vape. Now it’s extremely important to say that you simply take proper battery safety very seriously. once you are outputting this much power, you’re stressing the batteries which may cause instability within the cells, for more information on battery safety, click here that’s getting to crop up right around here. 11 Vape Battery Safety Tips You Should Know


Next up we’ve airflow are some things that you simply got to fine-tune with each atomizer and coil setup. Of course, it’s important to possess enough airflow that does not offer you a vape that’s extremely hot, but if you’ve got an excessive amount of airflow, it could actually thin out and dilute your clouds. One thing I prefer to try to do is to open the airflow wide-open and have a vape, I’ll then slowly close off the airflow until I find the right balance between heat and restrictiveness. Toning down your airflow also will produce a touch more flavor because the vape is far denser.


But what’s a car without fuel, picking the proper e-juice also will play a big role in vapor production. It is important to use the proper liquid and, if not chosen properly, can even cause your vapes to leak or spit. See here for details: Vapes Leaking And Spitting: How To Fix It?

Vaping during a juice with a better VG content would be ideal, because of the higher the VG content, the thicker the liquid. Thus providing thicker clouds.

One thing to say is because you’re getting far more vapor out of cloud chasing, it’d be an honest idea to step down your Nicotine strength, like Relx pods are 3%-5%. for instance say if we won’t vaping 6mg on a baby beast, which does not output the foremost amount of vapor on the market. it might be an honest idea to step right down to 3mgs wind cloud chasing.


And last on this list, I might say would be your inhaling and exhaling technique. Now it’s going to seem weird initially, but the way that you simply inhale and exhale on a vape will actually play a task in thicker clouds. Inhaling and exhaling too fast will actually thin out your vapor, very almost like us if you’ve got an excessive amount of airflow. If you would like a particularly dense cloud, try taking a step back and try using a slower breathing technique with your Relx vape.

Do you guys have any recommendations on getting bigger clouds with Relx vape? Leave a comment within the comment section down below I’d like to know. If you wish this post, make certain to hit subscribe stay awake our latest updates.

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