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How To Do Tornado Vape Trick In Difference Ways?

Hola, my new friends and my loyal fans. Do you remember the introductory and advanced vape tricks tutorial guides our VapePenZone shown you earlier? I’m sure you haven’t had enough, so today we’re going to learn how to do tornado vape trick. Watch it in detail and you might be the next Tornado Master!

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How To Do Tornado Vape Trick?

So, how to do tornado vape trick exactly? This smoke trick does not require any kind of sophisticated mouth movements. So for some, this may also be simpler than blowing smoke rings, but this trick does need you to practice a hand technique. Similar to those bubble vape tricks, you may need a paper towel roll to blow your vape through.

how to do tornado vape trick
  • All you have to do is carefully exhale your vapour, make sure that you do it on a super flat surface, and also keep in mind that it has to be pretty thick.
  • The next action is to make use of your hands and slice at the surface area.
  • Take and also breathe in a long pull from your e-cigarette and also exhale through the toilet paper roll or cardboard cylindrical (what is it look like?) tube onto the “tornado surface area.”
  • Use your hand to chop downward at the surface gently.
  • As soon as your hand touches the surface area, flick your wrist up and lift your arm.
  • Later on, flick your wrist up and also elevate your arm, all in one movement.

and about how much vapour to inhale, people have different opinions.

  1. Some say the trick to a successful tornado is to breathe in as much smoke as your lungs can stand.
  2. Others say you need to keep a bunch of smoke in your cheeks. See which way works best for you.

How To Do The Dragon Vape?

After learning how to do tornado vape trick skills, let’s talk about the dragon vape trick. If you have learned some Vape tricks, you will certainly find that most of the methods make use of mouth breathe out vapes.

So learn The functioning concept of The Dragon Vape Trick, which can aid you to recognize why vape appears like dragons.

How To Do Tornado Vape Trick In Difference Ways? | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

All you need to do is take a drag– but do not inhale it; rather, use pressure to exhale it via your nose as well as both sides of your mouth. E-cig experts have recap three steps The Dragon Vape Technique. Right here we go, practice your very own dragon Vape technique.

Step 1:

Take a good hit of vapour from your device

Step 2:

Exhale through your nostrils and the sides of your mouth simultaneously

Step 3:

Now you look like an angry dragon!

How Do You Do Smoke With Mouth In Dragon’s Breath?

Dragon’s Breath is a very simple vape technique to master when you obtain the method down and you won’t be asking questions similar to how to do tornado vape trick. A number of the other tricks we have considered are a lot more on the advanced side and also take fairly a great deal even more method.

Dragon’s Breath can be finished merely by placing your mouth appropriately while exhaling, and at the same time exhaling out via your nose. To finish this trick, you have to have four vapour exhale routes: 2 with your mouth (1 on each side) and also 2 through your nose (1 with each nostril).

The first part comes naturally to vapers. You will merely just vape as you usually would, by taking an inhale. The key below is that the inhaler has to be taken right into your lungs. The lung breathes in will aid finish the method at the end. So, after taking an inhale, you should shut the middle part of your mouth, so that there is enough room on either side of your mouth to exhale the vapour.

By maintaining your lips touching in the middle of your mouth as well as broadening your cheeks external a little you will certainly develop the room needed to blow the vapour out of those 2 places.

How To Do Tornado Vape Trick In Difference Ways? | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

The second part is even easier. This is when you will exhale via your nose. Of course, there is no requirement to place your nose, because it currently comes furnished with 2 areas for exhaling.

You will combine both the initial and second steps to complete the Dragon’s Breath.

  • Take a lung to inhale
  • Position your mouth accordingly and also exhale out via your mouth and also your nose at the same time.
  • 4 direct flows of vapour manufacturing resembling a Dragon’s Breath will stream.

At first, you may breathe out as well difficult or too soft, which will separate the vapour manufacturing promptly, as you exhale. But, by practising the proper technique, 4 also tracks of vapour needs to move and also be noticeable.

What Is The Easiest Vape Trick For Beginners?

Previously we have introduced you to several vape tricks for beginners and show you how to do tornado vape trick. So what else can we learn? 

Vapour Bubble

The vapour bubble is a vape method that makes a substantial bubble. You can make a bubble by trapping your exhaled vapour inside a bubble. It’s super easy and looks very impressive. How to do it?

  • All you require to do is make a cut on the bottom of a plastic container as well as use a blend of hand soap and water.
  • Make sure that the bottle you’re using is fairly little. Later on, reduced completion of the bottle into the fluid, then gently exhale your vapour.
How To Do Tornado Vape Trick In Difference Ways? | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

Liquid Mist

This is a great vape method to impress people when you’re hanging around someplace in the club or at a party. You can develop a haze staying on top of your beverage and also making it resemble some kind of potion. How to do it?

  • Take a glass of any type of cool drink, ideally with a wide size (like the one for bourbon or martini).
  • Enjoy your cocktail, as well as when the glass is half-full, it’s time to make a wow impact.
  • Take a nice rip from your vape tool.
  • After this, touch the glass rim with your lips like when alcohol consumption and also slowly exhale the vapour. It will magically stay on top of the fluid.
How To Do Tornado Vape Trick In Difference Ways? | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop


With only 4 steps, this technique should be basic. However, you need to be an ace at blowing an O ring initially, as well as even after that the Triangular is more difficult. Timing is absolutely important because you have to execute the taps quickly to make sure that it forms a triangle before it’s too late. Just how to do it?

  • Exhale an O-ring.
  • Then, quickly make a move with your forearm like pushing the ring down 3 times in a row.
  • It kind of rolls and also changes its form right into a triangular.
  • You’ll need a lot of focus and method right here since your taps need to be truly fast.

How Do I Get Better At Inhaling My Vape?

Seeing here, I guess you already know how to do tornado vape trick. Moreover, there are a couple of vaping techniques to choose from depending on what type of hit you’re trying to achieve:


Perfect for smaller vapes using high Nicotine with higher resistance coils. This sort of vaping looks like smoking a cigarette far more and also offers that comparable throat hit you’re all desire. All you need to do is take a slow drawing vape into your mouth, hold it with your mouth closed for a couple of seconds, open your mouth and also breath the vape right into your lungs. Just breathe out as soon as the vapour is in your lungs.

Direct Lung

For a smoother hit, the straight lung vape can be struck using a larger vape with a lower Nicotine degree e-liquid. This one is much simpler, all you require to do is swiftly attract the vape directly to your lungs as well as breathe out nearly instantly. Seasoned vapers often advise those beginning with a vapour cigarette to take 3-7 draws on their vaporiser before holding the vapour in their mouths for several seconds.

After this, they can either exhale straight or breathe the vapour into their lungs first. For those trying to find that lung hit, keep in mind that a normal cigarette will certainly deliver the hit in roughly 8 seconds, while an e-cigarette will use up to 30 seconds for the body to absorb as well as provide the hit. This is due to the vapour particles being much larger than smoke particles as well as being unable to be taken in as deeply into the lungs.

At last, If you like our article, please bookmark it and share it with your friends. If you have any suggestions or ideas on how to do tornado vape trick, please leave a comment and let us know by posting back, we will check and make adjustments in time to make sure we provide you with better content.

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