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How It’s Made: E-Liquid!

Vaping has gained an incredible amount of popularity over the years. As a safer alternative to cigarettes, many smokers turn to vape E-liquid to help them kick the habit. If you think the liquid sold in the market is too artificial you can try to DIY one. Picking Your Device Isn’t the Hardest Part, But Is…… ➡

You are then able to gradually drop down in Nicotine strength to the point where they fully quit Nicotine as a whole. The e-liquid that goes into a vape comes in a variety of different flavors as well as Nicotine strengths. 

Today we’re gonna go through and share the full process from manufacturing to when it gets bottled and ready for sale. 


There are thousands of different flavors out. There all with different recipes. Share My Lemonade Recipes ➡  Today we’re gonna showcase the manufacturing process of a flavor and it all starts in an ISO 9001 GMP and certified lab. 

We first start with artificial food flavoring. With a USP standard and the same flavorings, you would find in many day-to-day items such as candy, drinks, and many other foods. 

Once we add all the necessary flavors, the next step is PG or Propylene Glycol. This will help carry the flavor of the e-liquid, just like the artificial flavorings. Propylene Glycol is used in many food items such as coffee-based drinks, ice cream, and soda along with a wide array of pharmaceutical products. 

Once the proper amount of Propylene Glycol is in the mix, it’s time to add in VegetableGlycerin or VG. Vegetable Glycerin will help the E-liquid vaporize once it’s in your device and just like the previous ingredients. Vegetable Glycerin is used in many day-to-day items. It is added to foods, as a natural sweetener cosmetics and many pharmaceuticals. 

Once all the ingredients are in the batch, it’s time to mix everything together. It will be shaken by an automatic robotic arm to make them fully integrate.

Once done the finished product is ready for bottling. And the lab technician then dispenses the different amounts ofnicotine into the bottle and fills the bottle with the flavor.

Once full the only thing left is the cap and one last shake to ensure everything is mixed properly.

You can get a wide variety of Nicotine strengths or no Nicotine, sizes, and flavors. How to DIY Your Own E-juice ➡ Then it’s now ready to vape!

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