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How harmful is Second Hand Vapor for Bystanders?

The popularity of Vaping reached its peak in recent time and as per the latest market study globally there are more than 20.8 million vape users. The popularity of vape pen, especially like JUULRELX, etc,  experienced a new hike markets in the last decade.  This gives a clear indication that the world is still not sure about its effects on users in the coming time.

We still have some information about the possible health risks associated with vaping due to the chemical ingredients which are applied in making of the product. More or less it is quite clear now that vaping will create certain health risks which are similar to that of traditional, or combustible cigarettes.

It may sound weird but there is more than enough information available about the risk which vaping creates to non-users, because of second-hand vapor. Such information is available because of the available standards for calculating the level of environmental chemicals.  Such calculations are also used for detecting the risks associated with the vapor which exits from vape pens.

Scientists are now in a position to calculate the toxins released by second-hand vapor. They do it just in the same fashion in which they calculate the types of chemicals as well as metals which are inhaled in the workplace environments. Based on this calculation, scientists discovered that there is no evidence which can justify the fact that inhalation of second-hand vape can cause a serious threat to bystander’s health.

How harmful is Second Hand Vapor for Bystanders? | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop
How harmful is Second Hand Vapor for Bystanders? | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

Knowing about Second-Hand Vapor:

One using vape pen produces Second-hand vapor, and basically, it is nothing but aerosol. Well this smoke, remains in environmental air, which is indirectly being inhaled by people present in that environment. But second-hand smoke is not the same as Second-hand vapor. The reason is that second-hand vapor released by vape pen is not smoke.

How smoke is formed? Well, it is formed due to the burning of any substance by fire. Such smoke includes not only tobacco, but also other things like leaves, wood, and other manmade constructions. Combustion creates risk-prone byproducts like tar besides other dangerous produces. We need to understand that second-hand smoke is in no way similar to smoking of combustible cigarette directly.  But long exposure to this smoke can cause a serious health hazard.

Vaping equipment produces vapor in place of smoke.  It contains e-liquid which is heated by the atomizer. It has a metal coil empowered to produce heat, to transform the liquid to vapor. The advantage of this vapor is that it contains nil CO2 and harmful tar. We cannot ignore that it contains dangerous metals, as well as chemicals in it, but in a very insignificant quantity. It contains low toxins compared to smoke, turning second-hand vapor less risk-prone than the second-hand smoke.

The general public indeed remains concerned about the associated health risks of traditional cigarettes. Its smoke causes potential harm which can impact the health of the user and passive smoker. Based on CDC reports smoking emerged as the prime reason behind preventable death in the US.  Records confirmed that close to 480,000 deaths in the US happen every year, and 1 of every 5 such deaths are due to second-hand smoke. In this regard, vaporizers are a better choice.

Second-Hand Vapor: What it contains?

The second-hand vapor which is released in the air, move out from the human respiratory system. The amount of smoke is very negligible to the one released from a burning cigarette. There is no constant emission. Here the vapor gets filtered by user’s lungs, mouth, and throat, and thus contains negligible toxic substances.

 E-liquid used in e-cigs contains Glycerin and propylene glycol.  There is Nil emittance of any harmful traces of harmful substance by second-hand vapor. Experts assured the general public about the fact that small traces of toxins which are exhaled through vape pen vapor causes low risk. The vapor that is emitted by vape pens smoke is aerosol in negligible amount, while the traditional cigarettes smoke releases 5.4 times more aerosol than Second-hand vapor. The particles which are released during vaping, compared to leftover solid particles by the smoke of traditional cigarette does not cause many effects on the quality of air.

Impact of Second Hand Vapor on Bystanders:

Based on the vaping studies its quite clear that second-hand vapor is a safer choice, and pose no risk for the public. The bystanders can remain stress-free. If there is any potential risk then that remains restricted to the users of vaping products only. The vapes do not produce any C02, and also emit very low levels of Nicotinebesides other harmful chemicals, when compared with traditional tobacco cigarettes. The emitted levels of CO2 or Nicotineis so less that it remains undetectable. The vapor remains for short while, compared to smoke of a cigarette. It’s very clear now that vaping is a preferable choice over traditional cigarette smoking.

The second-hand vaping established nil evidence in regards to posing any type of risk for bystanders.  But still, the concern of friends as well as family cannot be ignored for vapor users. Second-hand vapor found not suitable for people, suffering from asthma, as the perfume released by it can irritate the airways.

Kids and young children are not in a position to express or show their concern in this regard and so, vapers must apply positive judgment skill in regards to their children. We cannot deny the fact that that there is no such evidence to prove that vapor can cause any harm to kids but still as a responsible citizen you should keep restricted to vapor use in front of children.

If you are a vapor user who quitted traditional cigarettes, we request you to be courteous while choosing your vaping habits.  We wish and we respect the rights of other people to breath air which is free from vapor releases!

vape pens gained popularity because it’s much more convenient when compared to traditional cigarettes. But does that mean you turn polite and quit the use of vape too?  Take the decision wisely to choose between e-cigs and traditional cigarettes or can say no to both for a healthy life.

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