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Relx: How Do I Know If My Vape Pen Is Original?

Last week, one of the after-sale E-mail left a deep impression on us. The customers complained our Relx vaping pods was fake due to different package. Of course, this problem had been solved finally and we also proved our Relx was real. But it gives us the inspiration to write this blog.

By the way, this blog is different from the previous blog about how to How To Identify Fake Relx AU Products. We hope both passages will help to better identify the true or false of your Relx vaping products. At the same time, we prepared the $5 off coupon special for you after you finish this blog. Please pull down this page to the bottom and get the discount NOW!

Why Someone Sale Fake Relx? 

Relx has recorded the vape device market with its incredible flavours, ease element, and also constant product. Individuals are enticed by exactly how easy it is to make use of while being a top-quality vaping pen. Spend an evening out on the town in Australia and you’re bound to see a minimum of one person with a brightly-coloured Relx in their palm. In this way, we can see that Relx is the popular vaping brand. 

What hangs on the coattails of every single extremely popular, state-of-the-art item?


And Relx has its very own imitation and clone issue to deal with. How do you know if your Relx is genuine or fake?

The poor quality control among other aspects makes counterfeit items discouraging to make use of. Because they’ve made their way into the marketplace, though, do you understand exactly how to watch out for a phony Relx vape device ? This extensive guide will certainly aid you to determine whether your Relx is genuine or phony.

To confirm you’re holding an authentic Relx Disposable gadget it is constantly suggested to buy direct or from an authorized merchant.

There Are Four Main Criteria Used For Verification.

Authentication Code.

Each Relx box is secured with an authenticator label you can damage off. The best way to prevent utilizing imitation items is to register as well as confirm your Relx through our on the internet registration page, using the authentication code found on the box.

Relx: How Do I Know If My Vape Pen Is Original? | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop
Relx: How Do I Know If My Vape Pen Is Original? | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop


Each of our Relx vaping pod comes in a package that includes colour slope style. If the slope appears pixelated, or if the design differs our main packaging design, it usually implies the Relx is fake.

Font style.

Any font discrepancies on the back or side of the package might show a fake Relx. The typeface ought to be consistent around the box and there must be no obvious deviations in boldness or size.


If, while using a Relx, the juice preferences extreme and vapor manufacturing isn’t smooth, the product is possibly fake. In this case, we recommend that you stop making use of the item promptly and also check with the authentication code. If you discover that the product is authentic, yet the juice preferences harsh, contact us for a free of charge replacement.If you want to know more, Pls, click our previous blog to check more information

How Do You Know If Your Relx Is Real Or Fake?

Imitation, as well as duplicate production business, do their best to develop identical models of the items they copy. Some can get near the mark, but if you recognize what to try to find you can constantly tell the difference. What should you watch out for to know if your Relx is real or fake?

Watch when you head to the convenience store or gasoline station to purchase Relx vape products. Of all, each Relx has 4 different parts to the device and also its product packaging and also screen. Preferably, look for all 4 of the following:

10-pack screen box (if possible).

Box packaging of the gadget.

Tool wrapper.


Official Relx vaping devices come in these three separate pieces of packaging, from the display box to the device product packaging to the device wrapper. Each piece has unique aspects to try to find to understand if your Relx is genuine or fake.

10-Pack Display Case.

When a company purchases Relx vape pen in bulk, they come in display cases with 10 devices in each. The first thing to look for is the variety of devices in the case. If it has anything apart from 10 Relx in it, it isn’t an official item.

Each display screen box has particular points to look for. When looking directly at the front of the box, the leading section must be black and have the “Relx” logo in addition to a hallmark sign. If the taste is a minimal version flavour (ex. Tangerine Ice or Strawberry Banana), there will certainly be a unique Limited Edition gold seal in the top edge.

The front will certainly likewise display the name of the flavour together with a picture of the Relx consisted of within. That bar should have the Relx logo, the name of the flavour, as well as the correct Nicotinelevel on it. There will certainly be a big Nicotinecaution label taking up the bottom third of the display screen box. A little half-circle likewise rests simply over the warning label presenting the flavour.

Look for the main Relx stamp with a scratch-away area disclosing code credibility on the right-hand side of the package. You’ll locate more details about the device on the back of the package. The most essential thing to search for is along the leading flap, an instruction printed in red specifying “SEE DETAILS INSIDE.”.

Box Packaging Of The Gadget.

Each Relx device comes packaged in a small, rectangle-shaped box. These boxes are essentially smaller variations of the 10-pack case. The white Relx logo with a trademark symbol sticks out against a black background on top of the box. A Nicotinewarning tag uses up the bottom third of the packaging.

The name of the taste is displayed plainly on the front of the package alongside a picture of the Relx device contained inside the package. The tool image needs to be the correct colour that refers to the flavour. It should additionally have the Relx logo design, the name of the flavour, and the equivalent Nicotinelevel envisioned on it.

The back of the package includes info about Relx along with guidelines for use. There will certainly be a barcode around the middle of the back along with an additional Nicotinewarning tag along all-time low. Look for a stamp with a scratch-away location revealing a code to verify your device’s authenticity.

Tool Wrapper

Once you open a private Relx box, the tool itself is had within a tearaway wrapper. The wrapper ought to be the appropriate colour that refers to the pod’s taste. It will certainly also have the white Relx logo, the flavour, and also the Nicotinedegree contained within the package.


When you have the device in your hand, you’ll be able to know if your Relx is genuine or fake. Each Relx flavour has a one-of-a-kind shade connected with it. The Relx should be the proper colour, matching the wrapper and also box that it came in..

Each Relx gadget should have 4 parts printed on it: the Relx Logo with a hallmark, the flavour’s name, the Nicotinelevel, as well as an arrowhead indicating the area you breathe in from. The bottoms of all genuine Relx devices will additionally have 2 divots in them.


If you think you have a fake Relx, you can connect to us at this contact type. Allow us to recognize where you acquired your device from as well as why you believe it is phony. No one ought to be tricked into purchasing a duplicated Relx. Assist us to fight back versus counterfeit gadgets as well as maintain our individuals safeguarded!

In conclusion, if you want to own better vaping experience, pls, buy your vaping pen or pods from the right place. It is the old saying that you get what you pay for. What’s worse, some people will use poor quality materials to make the counterfeits. If you buy the fake one, it will harm your health. 

In this blog, we hope more and more vapers can enjoy more impressive vaping pleasant. And then we also collect some feedbacks from the after-sales e-mails. In this process, we hope we can offer better-vaping services for ou customers. We wish all of our customers can enjoy a good vaping experience from us.

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As always, if you are new here or like this blog, please be sure to hit subscribe to stay up to date with our latest blogs. See you next time.  

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