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why does my vape taste burnt

Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt? 10 Steps To Quick Solve!

Why does my vape taste burnt? It must be an unavoidable question while discovering vaping. Here are the most detailed answers to clear your confusion.

  1. Low e-liquid levels
  2. Low battery
  3. Coil overheating
  4. Chain vaping
  5. Improper priming
  6. Thick e-liquid
  7. Dirty coil or wick
  8. Incorrect airflow
  9. Worn-out coil
  10. Extreme temperature

Keep reading for details and 10 quick solutions!


How to tell if a disposable vape is burnt? A burnt taste in your mouth while vaping is a common signal.

Its basic principle of generation can be roughly due to overheating or insufficient vaporization.

Here are 10 usual reasons summarized by Vapes Australia online shop.

1. Low E-liquid Levels

Lack of remaining e-liquid is the primary cause of burnt taste in vaping. Without insufficient e-liquid to vaporize, the heating system starts to heat the dry coil and wick, resulting in a burnt taste.

former 5 reasons vape burnt taste

2. Low battery

A low battery usually comes with a low level of e-liquid.

Suppose the battery cannot support the e-liquid to vaporize. In that case, the e-liquid may accumulate in the coil and become caramel under high temperatures, giving you a burnt taste.

3. Coil Overheating

Too high power settings, heat sources and pro-longed vaping will overload the coils and cause them to burn out, bringing you a burnt taste.

4. Chain Vaping

Excessive vaping time and strength without enough pauses between puffs is called chain vaping. There is not enough time for the e-liquid to penetrate the coil and wick completely.

5. Improper Priming

Why does my vape taste burnt with a new coil? The failure to prime the new coil properly will result in a burnt taste due to uneven saturation of the e-liquid.

6. Thick E-Liquid

Some e-liquids with high concentrations of VG (Vegetable Glycerin) or sweeteners make it difficult for the coils to vaporize quickly.

And sweeteners like sucralose and saccharin caramelise easily and block the coil, causing it to burn out.

latter 5 reasons vape burnt taste

7. Dirty Coil Or Wick

The build-up of residue on the coil or wick prevents the full penetration of the e-liquid, resulting in a rapid drying-out of the coil and wick.

8. Incorrect Airflow

If the airflow into the vape is too weak, the vaporisation efficiency will greatly reduce, leading to a burnt taste.

9. Worn-Out Coil

When used for a long time, the vape coil will exceed its lifespan and wear out. If the coil is heated, it will burn out more easily and give you a burnt taste.

10. Extreme Temperature

  1. Extremely high temperatures will cause the coil to overheat and burn.
  2. Extremely cold temperatures will increase the viscosity of the e-liquid, which may make vaporization more difficult.
What to do if your disposable vape tastes burnt
Let’s move on to the quick solutions to how to fix vape burnt taste.
Check The E-Liquid Tank
  • Some vapes come with a flashing light when the e-liquid runs out, such as the IGET Legend Vape.
  • Some vapes come with a sub-transparent tank to inspect the remaining e-liquid level, such as the IGET Hot Vape.
  • For those without a flashing light or sub-transparent tank, you can estimate the remaining by the number of puffs. For example, a 4000-puff vape usually lasts for 10-12 days.
check the e-liquid tank burnt taste
Charging In Time

Charge the battery in time to help the atomizer work and maintain the vape for long-term use.

2-4 solutions vape burnt taste
Adjust Power Settings

You can adjust the power settings in some mod vapes to suit the atomization efficiency.

Slow Down Vaping

Give a longer pause between puffs to let the e-liquid penetrate the coil fully.

Prime The Coil Properly

When you get a new vape or change to a new coil, leave it unused for a while to allow the e-liquid to saturate evenly.

5-7 solutions vape burnt taste
Choosing Compatible E-Liquid And Coil

For example, a high VG e-liquid usually matches with sub-ohm or other higher-efficiency coils.

Clean The Coil And Wick Regularly

Regularly cleaning the coils and wick could remove the residue and prevent it from affecting the flavours.

Control The Airflow Strength
  • For some vapes with adjustable airflow settings, such as IGET Goat, you can increase the airflow to get more air into the vape, speeding up evaporation.
  • For other common vapes, you can puff at a higher strength.
8-10 solutions vape burnt taste
Change A New Coil

If the coil is worn out, replace it with a new one to support the power settings for proper vaporization.

Avoid Extreme Temperature

Store and use in a cool and dry environment away from heat sources.

20-25℃ is the optimal temperature.

Why does my coil taste burnt after 2 days?

The coil’s burnt taste may be due to overuse during vaping and charging or a low e-liquid level, causing the coil to overload and burn.

It would be best if you reduced your vaping frequency or switched to a new coil or vape.

Why does my disposable vape taste burnt after charging?

Overcharging the battery may result in a voltage surge in the coil when vaping. Get the battery to pause for a while after charging to avoid burnt taste.

If you switch to an unrechargeable disposable vape, you can replace a new one instead of charging it frequently.

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Why does my vape taste bad but not burnt?

The e-liquid may be out of the best-before date or decomposed due to sunlight or heat sources, resulting in bad taste or flavour loss.


Above all are the guidelines about reasons and solutions for the vape burnt taste. Give it a try when you indulge in this situation.

If you find any other problems while using vapes, VapePenZone provides various guides about the frequently asked questions in vaping.

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FAQ About Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt?

How do you get rid of burnt taste in vape?

Here are some solutions to how to stop my vape from burning my throat.

You should regularly check and clean the tank and coil, use compatible e-liquid, adjust power and airflow settings, charge timely, prime the coil correctly, vape at a moderate pace, and avoid extreme temperatures.

Is it bad to smoke a burnt vape?

Rather than smoke a burnt vape, we recommend you change to a new one since reduced atomization and flavour loss often happen to a burnt vape.

Why does my vape taste burnt after changing coils?

It is a common phenomenon to be confused as to why is my vape coil burning so fast after charging. One of the reasons is that overcharging may lead to a voltage spike in the coil, resulting in a burnt taste.

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