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How To Blow Rings Vape Display

How To Blow Rings Vape? 5 Helpful Guides For Beginners

Quick Guide

As a beginner, not knowing how to blow rings vape is a normal thing. Therefore, in this article, we have developed a guide for beginners to learn to blow rings in these 5 steps.

  1. Have a vaping device.
  2. Inhale partial vapour.
  3. Press your tongue down the back of your throat.
  4. Make your lips into an “O” shape.
  5. Push out a little vapour.

In addition, after mastering some basic knowledge, we also provide some additional knowledge related to the O ring.

Introduction To Rings Vape

A Rings Vape Shaped Like A Ring
A Ring Vape Shaped Like A Ring

Rings vape, also called “smoke ring” or “O ring”, is one of the popular vaping tricks that actually originated with smokers.

Before e-cigarettes, we used to call vape rings smoke rings, and they were performed with cigarettes, joints, cigars and pipes. While the vape ring looks impressive, it’s also simple to do.

How To Blow Smoke Rings Vape- A Step-By-Step Guide

How To Blow Smoke Rings Vape?
A smoke ring vape is a simple vaping trick, but it’s impressive. Let’s take IGET Hot as an example. IGET Hots have up to 5500 puffs, which provide a lot of vapours. It’s perfect for us to blow smoke rings.
Have a vaping device

The prerequisite to learning how to do rings with vape is having a good vaping device. At the IGET Vapes Australia, there are various high-quality disposable vapes, such as IGET Hot.

GET Hot Vape is a state-of-the-art disposable vape device that promises a seamless vaping experience.

watermelon ice iget hot l5500 puffs
Up to 5500 puffs, 50mg/ml of nicotine salts.
Inhale partial vapour

After starting the IGET Hot I5500, inhale some vapour into your throat rather than staying in your mouth. But this can take some time for a beginner to get used to and may cause coughing symptoms at first.

Press your tongue down the back of your throat

With your lips firmly closed, move your tongue to the back of your throat. Then, press it against the bottom of your mouth to remove the vapour from your lips. This will allow the O-ring to come out of the mouth unimpeded.

Make your lips into an “O” shape

Open your mouth and form your lips into an “O” shape. The larger the mouth is open, the larger the circle, which is conducive to blowing a larger ring behind it.

Push out a little vapour

Contract the glottis to push a small amount of vapour out of the throat, keep your lips steady, don’t breathe, and don’t move your jaw.

How To Make Smoke Rings Into Heart?

To learn how to blow a smoke heart, first, you have to master the art of blowing smoke rings.

Later on, after a few more practices, you will get a perfect smoke heart. Specifically the following two methods:

  1. After blowing out a smoke ring, find the time to snap your fingers right above the ring gently. Use the shockwave of the finger snap to push the top of the smoke ring downwards to form a heart shape.
  2. Blow a large O-ring, then quickly blow a small smoke ring through the top of the first ring, which will press the ring into a heart shape.

How To Make Smoke Rings Without Smoking?

The steps are as follows:

  1. Take your cigarette packet.
  2. Take the plastic bit off and make sure it’s nice.
  3. Get that little corner bit.
  4. Burn a little hole into the corner bit.
  5. Let someone who smokes a cigarette inhale the smoke into the hole.


Above, we have understood the steps and skills of how to blow rings vape, but similarly, the choice of vape pen has a great relationship to the success of smoke rings.

Therefore, browse our VapePenZone online store and get your hands on more quality disposable vapes!

FAQ About How To Blow Rings Vape Pen

How do you blow O’s nicotine?

  • Take a puff of an e-cigarette down your throat.
  • Press your tongue to the back of your throat.
  • Shape your lips into an “O” shape.
  • Constricting the glottis releases a small amount of vapour.

How do you blow the best smoke ring?

  • Sticking your chin forward a little allows the ring to push farther and faster.
  • When the vapour leaves the mouth, the tongue pushes forward and rests on the bottom of the mouth, then quickly pushes out the vapour with the middle of the tongue while lifting the chin up so that the vapour comes out with a spin.
  • When the vapour leaves your mouth, roll up your lips quickly.

Can you blow smoke rings without inhaling?

No, you should inhale the vapour into your throat and push it out with your mouth in an “O” shape.

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