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Win Free Vape Device or Flavoured Pods with VapePenZone Giveaways!

This is our vaping giveaways and contests page. You can win yourself some awesome free vape, e-juice and pods by entering our vape giveaways. We will try to do more giveaways in return for your support. This is your chance to stock up on free e-juice, disposable vape, vape pens, pods and more.

How to Enter Our Vape Giveaways

Entry methods

Each giveaway will have multiple entry methods and the more methods you use, the more chances you will have of winning! Please use an email address you check often to sign up, as the winners will receive an email to these addresses if they win. (If you already have an account in VapePenZone, simply sign in to your account and come back here to get started!)


Make sure to use the viral share entry method as this is the best way to gain main additional entries to help your quest for free vape pens, vape juice, disposable vapes and pods!


Winners will be contacted via email and will also be announced on our Facebook or Instagram page, so make sure to add our mail to your whitelist or follow to find out who won. 

What if I share the same entries with other vapers?

Due to the limited quantity of prizes, there may be cases where multiple people share the same entries. In this case, we will sort the entries according to the time when the same entries won, and the person with the highest-ranking will be considered first.

What Will You Win?

The gifts may be different each time. You will win vape devices, JUUL RELX pods, disposable e-cigs, e-liquid or vouchers. The prizes will be shown on the giveaway page, our social account pages and the giveaway notification. 

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