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Do You Think Vape Pens are Tobacco Products?

Hey, how’s it going guys, this is Vapepenzone – Vape Pens Online Vape Store again,

Just saw a post on Steel City Vapor Newcastle FB page that web sales are being shut down in NSW and they have been given 3 weeks to comply otherwise they will be fined $660000.

Does this mean all online sites can’t sell vape pens  or just make it more difficult with product description?

But at the heart of it, we should be challenging why vape pens are classed as tobacco products in the first place. In WA the Supreme Court has clearly defined them as NOT being a tobacco product.

Let me get this straight, are people surprised they are starting to enforce their laws? Or suppose that a product, that’s been labeled a tobacco product, is being grouped with other tobacco products?

I wonder who issued this vape pens fine notice. Was it an NSW Government department or maybe a local Police body.

This law has always been in place, but somehow it’s the interpretation of the law the issuer is relying on. It certainly was not on account of any new legislation or case law, else we’d have heard about it.

Not seeing anything else from other vape pen vendors(hopefully yet) makes me think that Steel City may have been unjustly targeted for an overreaching legislative interpretation.

From Mark Radar Watson

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