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DIY Vape Juice: Share My Lemonade Recipes

Hey, how’s it going guys, this is Vapepenzone – Vape Juice Online Vape Store again,

we have talked about how to DIY e-juice before, so today I want to share one of my vape juice recipes.

DIY Your Own E-juice in 5 Steps

Since I found that I can DIY my own e-Juice, I have made about 500ml of juice. There were just too many vape juice recipes they seemed good and I wanted to try them all! Some were so good that I turned right around and made a bigger batch. The majority of what I made is people’s recipes on ELR, so kudos for that, they are delicious.

There is one that I managed to make on my own which is a nectarine lemonade. Once I get more familiar with the different flavors I’m sure I’ll be able to make plenty more.

I’ll post the lemonade recipe in case anyone wants to give it a try or has any suggestions which are appreciated.

  • Pic is some of the juices not including all the 30mls
  • Nectarine lemonade
  • 10% osdiy pink lemonade
  • 5% TFA nectarine
  • 2% TFA watermelon

So again, thank you to all my fellow DIYers, here is my vape juice DIY recipe.

From  Chantel Land

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