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Customize Your JUUL – How to Put a Skin On Your Vape Pen?

Hey, how’s it going guys, this is Vapepenzone – Juul Online Vape Store again,

today we’re going to be talking about how to put a skin/sticker on your vape pens. (Juul for example)

Because recently a lot of people asked me how to put the skin on their Juul kit. (The same as Juul pods) They just afraid to damage the skin because a lot of people actually damaged it for a fact 30% of the time the Juul skin will be damaged when you put it upside down so people will just don’t know how what to do and they will damage the skin and that’s like you wasted the skin. 


The first thing you do is you take paper towels and make sure you have no moist, your hand must be completely dry, 100% dry. And then you dry the Juul and Juul pods, there is no moist because that will not make the Juul stick perfectly. So you have to wipe everything. So it’s everything is perfect.


Then you open the Juul skin very gently, just finesse the Juul and Juul pods. Yeah just be nice. Just make sure it sticks perfectly. And just fold it like multiple times, keep the stickers firmly on the Juul, especially the edges and angles, leave no air bubbles.


Use a hairdryer to blow the stickers and Juul properly. Heat the stickers properly to make them softer and easier to apply. And you’re gonna leave it like to dry, don’t start smoking it immediately. Just leave it to wait for a second. 

Yep! That’s how you put a sticker skin on a Juul. Juul pods and all the vape pen devices will be the same! It’s very easy, that’s all you had to do! You can also watch the video below to learn quickly.

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