RELX Phantom - The New 5th Gen

RELX Phantom – New RELX 5th vape launched in Vapepenzone! The RELX Phantom still uses the same labyrinth air channel as RELX. With 11 layers of labyrinth structure, effectively block condensate, ventilate and isolate liquid. What’s more, it will finely control the gas exchange and air pressure compensation module inside the atomizer. RELX Phantom Review

After a brutal negative pressure and hot and cold shock test, Phantom’s liquid leakage prevention has been improved by 40% compared with previous products.To provide a stable and smooth experience, RELX designed the air channel for gas transmission through fluid dynamics and dynamic analysis.Vaping experience: Battery, leakage prevention, inhalation, product safety, service life, product feel, and other ten performance improvements and upgrades.
Function: The power of the RELX Phantom is larger than Infinity, better clouds, looser draw, and lighter throat hit.
Battery: 380mAh with the same TYPE-C charging interface, but does not support wireless charging. But Phantom’s battery capacity increased by 9% and the charging efficiency increased by 31%.
Pods: The Phantom pods can be used in the Infinity vape.

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