RELX Classic

RELX’s first-generation vape – RELX Classic, has been a popular prefilled beginner vape worldwide.

RELX Classic device was designed to be simple, lightweight and beginner-friendly. The RELX Classic Pod is magnetized, and it’s MTL draw-activated. The RELX Classic pod has a 2 mL pod capacity, and it’s using the FEELM tech, which has a micro honeycomb coil design. Interestingly, the RELX Classic has a long menu of available flavours. The prefilled pods come in either 3% or 5% salt nicotine levels.


2 ml


5%, 3%




350 mAh



RELX Infinity and RELX Classic are both amazing products. They have their own pros and cons. Which of them is better mostly depends on personal preferences. For more details, you can click here to find out.

Usually, a RELX Classic Pod has up to 650 puffs.

A RELX Classic pod has a 2ml liquid capacity and 2 different nicotine levels to choose from which are 30 mg/ml (3%) and 50 mg/ml (5%).

RELX tech tested their pods in different vaping styles. The result is as stated below:

Each puff lasts for 3s, 1 RELX Classic Pod = 280 puffs

Each puff lasts for 2s, 1 RELX Classic Pod = 516 puffs

Each puff lasts for 1.5s, 1 RELX Classic Pod = 700 puffs

Each puff lasts for 1s, 1 RELX Classic Pod = 1300 puffs

No, RELX Classic is not the same as RELX Essential.

RELX Classic and the Essential are both vapes by the brand RELX Tech. The RELX Classic is the very first generation vape created by RELX that brought the whole new era of vaping world. And the RELX Essential is the 4.5th generation vape of RELX. The Essential is compatible with both the Infinity Pod (known as RELX Pod Pro) and the Phantom Pod.

RELX Classic and the Essential are not compatible with each other.

A RELX Classic device has a 350mAh preinstalled battery which will last you around 200 puffs or up to a day usually when full-charged.

Tips for maintaining your RELX Classic:

  • Charge the Classic device daily or when you feel the flavour is getting weaker
  • Do not charge your device overnight or leave it charged for too long
  • Do not charge your RELX Classicunder large power
  • Avoid extreme temperatures

There’re 2 types of causes of your RELX Classic not charging:

  1. Charging Cable / Adapter

Before checking your device, you should take a look at your charging cable / adapter. Try to change different cables and adapters, see if the device starts charging. RELX Classic Starter Kit comes with a micro-USB charging cable. Use another micro-USB cable to test if it’s the cable that broke.

If your device starts charging normally, the water-drop-shaped indicator would shine a constant white light, and it’ll take 40 to 60 minutes before it’s full-charged. The indicator will turn off then. Check your device after around an hour and see if it’s charged.

If your device is charged after changing the cable, that means the cable is broken. Changing the cable will solve the problem.

If your device is still not charging, let’s move to the second type.

  1. Battery

If it’s not the cable, that means there’s something wrong with your device (battery).

The first thing to do is to disconnect the pod and hold your device with the pod slot pointing outwards. Then shake the device like a whip. This is for shaking the liquid that leaked into the device out.

If the vape juice leaks into your device and reaches the battery, it can stop the device from working. Shaking your device can get the juice out and get your Classic back to work.

If this doesn’t work also, you can contact us and let us know the problem.

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