Puff Bar Collection

Get your hands on a Puff Bar and stop worrying about spills, leaks, and refills. Heat-resistant lighter and a compact, biodegradable package with everything you need to enjoy a quick puff or two. It’s time for you to live your life without the hassles of disposables. The kind facet resembles a great deal of various other disposable vapes, and many people also like to compare Juul vs Puff Bar with each other.


1.7-6.5 ml


3%, 0%




350-1000 mAh



Issues arise when the heater heats a wicking system that disappears soaked in e-liquid. It attempts to evaporate a liquid that isn’t there, which implies it simply heats the cotton. As a result, the coil sheds the entirely dry cotton, which creates that awful, scorching, completely dry hit you experienced. HERE are a few points you can fix burnt taste.

Do Puff Bars require to be charged? No! They’re a disposable vape tool indicated to be taken advantage of a particular time then thrown away when performed with them. When you finish your Puff Bar, merely toss it out as well as also obtain a new taste. How To Make Your Puff Bar Last Longer?

It’s time to try your all-new Puff Bar flavour. Yet all of a sudden, you recognize you can not acquire a hit from your gadget. The light might turn radiance blue; however, it does not vaporize anything. What’s going on? There are some different reasons why your vape could not be functioning, in addition to a couple of points that might assist you in fixing it. Click HERE to learn precisely how to get your Puff Bar to hit once again.

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