NKD 100 Salts

Naked 100 has broadened its normal ways and has developed a product line for mouth-to-lung or salt nicotine vapers. And that’s the NKD 100 Salt. NKD 100 Salt Nic provides you with specific performances of the Naked 100’s original line while adding the benefit of salt nicotine.

Salt nicotine is a new type of vaping, permitting users to vape stronger nicotine strength without a sore throat. As a result of their high nicotine strength, salt nicotine is recommended to be vaped in pod vapes or low wattage devices.

With the launch of NKD 100 Salt, you can enjoy familiar flavours without giving up your taste. Enjoy NKD 100 Salt best flavours like the preferred Brain Freeze, Lava Flow, and Polar Breeze. Do not fret about the small 30ml dimension since relying on usage. These 30ml bottles can last you over 2x times longer than your basic e-liquid.


30 ml

Salt Nic

35 mg/ml (3.5%)

vg / pg

50 / 50


5 flavours

It’s either 35 mg/ml or 50 mg/ml nicotine strength for the NKD 100 Salt.

All NKD 100 Salt is offered in nicotine toughness 35mg and 50mg. Vape 35mg for a lower dose of nicotine. Increase nicotine level to a higher dosage to get a stronger throat hit and nicotine buzz. Regardless of your nicotine strength, NKD 100 Salts provides in flavour and also high quality that is why Naked 100 vape juice remains a leading seller.

If you’re looking for a softer throat hit or smoother vapour, you can choose the 35 mg/ml nicotine level. If you’d like a harsher throat hit, the 50 mg/ml ones are for you.

The nicotine in NKD 100 Salt liquid is salt nicotine, while the nicotine in NKD 100 is not.

Naked 100 vape juice has 2 different types of juice – the freebase nicotine juice and the salt nicotine juice. The salt nicotine juice is called “NKD 100 Salt”. 

All of the NKD 100 Salt juices are salt nicotine. 

Naked 100 Salt is a great line-up of juices, preserving the top quality of the standard line but with the salt nicotine to make them satisfying to use with all pod system devices. For enthusiasts of fruity juices, in particular, they’re high-quality and also very suggested.

After first unpacking your NKD 100 Salt nicotine and getting the bottle out, you can push the lid in, then start to unscrew the cap counterclockwise.

You should do it like this every time you try to open your juice bottle.

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