Dinner Lady Salts

Dinner Lady is the UK mixed, manufactured e-liquid brand. They’re world-renowned for their fantastic range of vape juices, like Dinner Lady Salt. All influenced by tasty flavours, also years worth of marketing research right into the vaping sector.

This has brought about their on-point branding bringing a dedicated customer base and a vast choice of flavours to pick from, with numerous sub-brands, such as Dinner Lady Ice, Desserts, Sweet, Fruits and also Cigarette. All are targeted at discovering the most effective combinations of tasty flavoured blends.

Their salt nicotine juice sub-brand – Dinner Lady Salt, has been popular ever since it came out. The best flavour Lemon Tart probably is the most popular flavour of theirs. If you’re a vaper, you most definitely have tried the Dinner Lady Lemon Tart flavour.


30 ml

Salt Nic

30 mg/ml (3.0%)

vg / pg

50 / 50


5 flavours

Dinner Lady is one of the world’s biggest e-liquid brands. They have created over 50 premium flavours that are sold in over 90 countries worldwide. 

They produce freebase nicotine juice, salt nicotine juice, CBD juice and also disposables. 

The flavours of Dinner Lady juice are amazing, fruity flavours and dessert flavours.

Yes, Dinner Lady Salt Nic Vape Juice does contain nicotine. 

It has 2 different nicotine level, 30 mg/ml (3%) and 50 mg/ml (5%). You can choose by your preferences.

Dinner Lady Salt Nic is undoubtedly one of the most recognisable household names in the E-Juice industry.

Using something for everyone, regardless of flavour choice, you’ll remain in for a genuine treat with Dinner Lady. The best part about Dinner Lady is that their entire e-liquid array is offered in all kinds of e-liquid blends, such as; Dinner Lady Shortfill E-Liquid, Dinner Lady 50/50 E-Liquid as well as Dinner Lady Nic Salt E-liquid.

You can trust Dinner Lady Salt Nic for their professional techniques of juice producing and 6 years of experience in the e-liquid industry.

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