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The Atomizer Used: RELX Pod vs RELX Pod Pro

Some vapers purchased RELX Infinity and read the comparison post we published earlier. According to the content and the official data comparison, we can know that the flavor of RELX Infinity should be better. But according to the comments we received, it seems that some vapers still prefer the Classic. In fact, it actually has a lot to do with the atomizer.

the atomizer in relx 1

Vape devices work in a comparable means to humidifiers. A liquid is heated up and after that vaporized. RELX are constructed with advanced modern technology to provide an amazing vaping experience. Some essential parts of the vape device are the battery, flavour pod and also atomizer.

The entire procedure takes place in a couple of seconds. The moment you breathe in, the sensor on the device causes the power output to activate the atomizer to start warming up the e-liquid, which is after that swiftly vaporized for you to breathe in. No ashes, no tar and best of all, no negative scents as compared to cigarette smoking.

What Is An Atomizer?

During the vaping procedure, warmth needs to be generated to evaporate e-liquid. An atomizer includes the burner required for the evaporation procedure to function. The atomizer is located inside the flavour pod.

Cotton vs Ceramic


There are several advantages of using cotton as a product for atomizer coils.

  • First of all, these are longer and come with no chemicals. The cotton is likewise neglected, giving a remarkable experience.
  • In addition to this, if you want an enjoyable vape without burglaries, cotton is a great option. That’s not all, this cotton additionally saturates the correct amount of e-juice so you don’t need to refill the storage tank regularly.
  • It will not fall down conveniently, thus providing an amazing vaping experience. Actually, it also transports the e-juice faster to the coil. This is the various other specialty of using cotton as your wicking material in atomizer coils.
  • Additionally, they additionally use excellent flavor that’s not feasible in case of regular cotton.


Considering the differences in between ceramic coils and also conventional coils, why would you wish to choose a ceramic coil? We have gathered some benefits that are fundamental within ceramic coils.

  • Optimum Viscosity: By choosing ceramic coils, you can utilize a thicker thickness in your storage tanks than you can in wicking coil cartridges. This is because the heating component as well as fiber tube in one ceramic tool will certainly not weaken.
  • Improved Flavor: With ceramic coils, vape customers normally report enhancements in taste. There is nothing in a ceramic coil that will certainly disrupt or react with your e-liquid’s taste. Inevitably, the boosted area from the coil’s ceramic material suggests that more juice is evaporated with each smoke.
  • A Long Life Span: Ceramic can hold up against high temperatures, meaning that the life expectancy of your ceramic coil is much longer compared to standard coils. On top of that, dry hits do not create damage because the ceramic around the coil uses a significant degree of security.
  • No Burnt Taste From Dry Hits: A ceramic coil reduces the possibility that you get the poor preference that features a completely dry hit. The unpleasant taste of singed wick product vanishes with a ceramic coil.
  • Lowered Spit-Backs: With a ceramic coil, there is less of a possibility of a spit-back. This is because any e-liquid that spits out of the coil must travel through the ceramic prior to reaching your mouth. Small pores within the porcelains also protect against juice from merging around your coil.
  • Temperature Level Regulation: Ceramic coils offer you with the possibility to regulate the temperature of your vape pen. By comparison, other wicks (like cotton wicks) have no temperature controls and also are far more most likely to overheat.
  • Better Vapor Integrity: Ceramic coils allow for even more juice to be evaporated while concurrently keeping the shipment of the juice. Inevitably, you need much less juice as a result of the ceramic coil’s outstanding home heating capacity.

The Atomizer In RELX

the atomizer in relx 2

Each time you alter the flavour pod, you are beginning with a fresh atomizer. Some vapers have concerns with leaking, but with a new atomizer switched out every couple of days, the risk of leaking is lower contrasted to open-system.

For the RELX Pod Pro, we make use of ceramic in the atomizer as the wick to take in the e-liquid. And also, in the recently launched RELX Pods, we are using cotton fibres in the atomizer.

RELX Pod Pro

As stated over, the RELX Pod Pro is geared up with a ceramic atomizer. As you know, the atomizer evaporates the e-liquid, so why ceramic?

the atomizer in relx 4

Ceramic can be heated up at heats as well as is additionally permeable. In the flavour pod, the e-liquid equally saturates into the ceramic, and also when you inhale, the atomizer immediately heats up to the right temperature level and is evenly dispersed. Each smoke keeps a level of flavour uniformity from the first to the last puff.

The RELX Pod Pro totally opens the full-bodied flavour. This works well with specific flavours that are best experienced in their complete preference.

For instance, if you’re attempting Fresh Red with the RELX Pod Pro, you will certainly observe the flavour comes all at once as well as fills your mouth. The flavour profile for Fresh Red is pure with vibrant notes as well as the RELX Pod Pro is a perfect suit to unlock its complete and also authentic flavour.

3 Best RELX Pod Pro Flavours

Elevate your vaping experience with the RELX Pod Pro and its delicious flavor options. Try these three fan favorites:

1. Bright Red (Watermelon Mint) for a refreshing start to summer

2. Luddite Ice (Green Bean) for a unique and tasty treat

3. Bright Purple (Grape) for a tart and sweet combination.

RELX Pod Pro VS RELX Infinity

1. Nicotine Level: The Relx Infinity is usually sold in 3 nicotine sizes in the e-cigarette market, 1.8%, 3%, and 5% nicotine content. Usually, the 1.8% nicotine content is the most expensive. the Relx Pod Pro is more user-friendly because it has an additional nicotine-free cartridge than the Pod, which makes it exciting for those who want to quit smoking through e-cigarettes.
2. E-liquid Capacity: Relx Infinity and Pod Pro can be pumped the same number of times, as both products have the same capacity.
3. Common Advantages:
(1) Air Boost – Negative pressure is always design
(2) Active-Steam Pro – Constant and balanced atomizing
(3) Leak-Resistant Maze – 11 structural layers help prevent internal leaks and condensation for a more secure vaping experience.
(4) Mouthpiece – It undertook rigorous consumer testing to eliminate air leakage and ensure a comfortable feeling when inhaling.
(5) Dual Charging System – Simply click your RELX infinity into place without the hassle of charging cables.


RELXPods are outfitted with a cotton wick in the atomizer. The raw cotton fibres take in the e-liquid as well as are heated without burning to evaporate the e-liquid.

the atomizer in relx 6

Why cotton?

In fact, it’s all about the experience.

When vaping with a cotton atomizer, the warm progressively rises and the vapour is a little warmer. Unlike a ceramic atomizer which heats up the e-liquid at one time to launch a full-flavour, the RELXPods or the atomizers with cotton fibers, deliver the flavour layer-by-layer.

The vapour is pleasurable and also cozy with each smoke unlocking every flavour detail. For flavours which have been crafted to launch various flavour notes, RELXPods supply an even more vibrant experience.

For example, at the very first smoke of Rich Tobacco, you will taste the nutty notes and after that the flavour opens up with smokiness. Each smoke will certainly supply a new experience.

3 Best RELX Pods Flavours

RELX Pod can give you the best experience in vaping and its delicious flavor options. Try these three top choices:

  1. Rich Tobacco Flavor for a smooth and satisfying experience
  2. Menthol Plus for the ultimate cooling refreshment,
  3. Dark Sparkle for a fizzy, invigorating sensation. Upgrade your vaping game with the RELX Pod.

It’s All Up to You

the atomizer in relx 5

Whether you intend to make use of the RELX Pod Pro or the RELXPod, both are mosting likely to give a fantastic experience every single time you vape.

RELX understands the flavours, which is why specific flavours will be launched in the RELX Pod Pro and also the others in the RELX Pod. Each flavour RELX released is crafted to provide a much more genuine preference as well as pleasurable experience.

Regardless of the atomizer or the flavour you select, each puff will be Super Smooth™. RELX’s proprietary modern technology equips the vape devices to supply an amazing mouthfeel.

Attempt both kinds of pods and discover which is your recommended selection!

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