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Relx vs Caliburn, Which Is Better?

Hey, how’s it going guys, this is Vapepenzone – Relx Caliburn Online Vape Store again,

today we would like to share a quick and simple review of two pod devices that I’ve picked up the past couple of days. Relx vs Uwell, you know now available in the market and very popular.


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A couple of weeks ago I decided to stop smoking for health reasons and try vaping again. I tried vaping before but unfortunately, when I tried the favorite juice of mine it doesn’t seem to be the same thing anymore you know, I use profile unity, I use a profile mesh, RDA, I tried the coils again, but it seems to be very unsatisfying so I did my research found nicotine and pod systems are the closest things that you could ever get smoking a secret.

So I first got the RELX. I got the Relx for $60-70 AUD comes with one kit and another two free pod Classic tobacco 5% and Mint 5% nicotine.

First off the pros for Relx vape would definitely be nice the look of it. It’s a simple device with a sleek look.

Another good thing is the tight draw that it gives you. It’s perfect for mouth to lung, Relx vape produces a good amount of vapor. And the juice in it is really really superb, the 5% nicotine would give you that good throat hit. And it would reduce your cravings, how could you not because after two hits of this one, you get dizzy, and you just put this down and you just have to drink water until that pacified then you take a hit again. so you don’t change vape on this you know, as much as you do regular bake mods.

The third is long battery life. It hasn’t died on me yet since I bought it. And it charged so fast.

So for the cons of Relx, this is subjective based on my preferences, this isn’t the general truth or doesn’t go you know, similar to everyone else. Compared to the Uwell kit, the vapor itself produces a good amount of vapor, but you don’t feel it well. You can still feel the throat, but the vapor itself just seemed to laugh right.

Another difference probably the pods. The Relx pods would cost you around $30 AUD for three pieces. A pod would probably equivalent 1 pack of cigarette and I think the flavors are good. How long will it last depends on how much you use, how much your tolerance for Nicotine. The Uwell supports you to refill e-juice, it might cheaper but you have to stick to one flavor for many days.

So UWELL CALIBURN, if you get this you will cost about $40-50 AUD for the kit and  $5 AUD for a replacement cartridge.

The first obvious pros about it are that the uwell caliburn pod itself is refillable. You could use your own juice, and you could use this about I think four to five times before it dies down on you. Not really died down, but you know there’s the cotton or the mesh itself gives you something nasty.

Another pro would be the vapor and you can feel it. It’s really hard to describe in words, but you can feel the vapor in Uwell kit, it’s warm and you can feel like you’re really sucking on something. The throw taste is superb, and so it’s not the device, it’s the juice. If you own the Uwell and you’re not satisfied the first time, I suggest you try different juices and you will see what would really satisfy.

And the next is the combination of the math will switch and the automatic draw, but it’s not really a pro for someone because some people prefer much on the automatic drove, it’s just more similar to smoking cigarettes.

The battery life of Uwell is even good. The battery capacity of it is larger than Relx, so it’s also gonna be a pro for me.

Probably would be not right but I’m just gonna go ahead with the cons. Compared to Relx, the draw of Uwell is very loose. It’s not as tight as Relx, it’s too loose like I’m vaping on a regular mod. The vapor is good, but it’s just the draw problem. 

(More Uwell Caliburn Detailed Review: Uwell Caliburn Review: This Is The One

To be honest, I think the performance of Relx vs Caliburn are both very good. The shortcomings I mentioned above are only relative results from the comparison of the two devices, which does not mean that it is their own problem. In fact, I go ahead and switch these two from time to time, but I use Relx more because of the tight draw and the good juice.

If you have any other good device please tell us so we could try it out! Thanks for reading. See you next time.

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