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How Much Is A Vape

How Much Is A Vape In 2023? A Detailed Vape Price List

Whether you’re a vaper or not, you’ll probably want to know how much is a vape in australia? Is a vape equivalent to the price of a cup of coffee?

I will break down the price of all kinds of vapes from vape Australia to eliminate your financial concerns. Below is a price range for all vapes.

  1. Disposable Vapes: $14.98 – $36.9
  2. Nicotine-free Disposable Vape: $34.98 – $39.98
  3. Vape Device: $14.98 – $44.98
  4. Vape Pod: $7.98 – $24.98
  5. Vape Juice: $19.98 to $34.98
  6. Vape Bundles: $69.9 – $149.9
  7. Vape On Sale: $24.98 – $149.9

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how much are these vapes

Knowing vape costs will undoubtedly help you save money. However, the market price of vapes varies, and we can only reduce vaping expenses by understanding the price of vapes, picking the most cost-effective vapes, and keeping more of our hard-earned money in our pockets.

This article will discuss more than just the vape price. We will also discuss tips on saving money and choosing the right product for you.

Vape Cost Range

Disposable vapes are only one among many other vaping products. There are also many classifications, such as nicotine-free disposable vape, vape device, vape pod, vape juice, vape bundles, and vape on sale.

Below is a summary of the prices of various vape devices for a clear comparison:

  • Disposable Vapes: $14.98 to $36.9
  • Nicotine-free Disposable Vape: $34.98 to $39.98
  • Vape Device: $14.98 to $44.98
  • Vape Pod: $7.98 to $24.98
  • Vape Juice: $19.98 to $34.98
  • Vape Bundles: $69.9 to $149.9
  • Vape On Sale: $24.98 to $149.9

For detailed vape pricing by category, please scroll down.

How Much Is A Vape Disposable?

disposable vape types

Disposable vape devices are pre-charged and infused with rich e-liquid and are ready to be vaped right out of the package, and there is no waiting. Slim, portable and lightweight are the design highlights of disposable vapes.

Disposable vapes are very beginner-friendly, and their reasonable vapes prices attract a variety of customers. Below, you will find the prices of disposable vapes.

Here are the prices of disposable vapes:

Brand & ModlePrice / pcPuffs
IGET Hot 5500 $32.9-36.95500
IGET B5000 🔋$29.98-34.985000
IGET Bar$24.98-29.983500
IGET Legend$24.98-32.984000
IGET Goat$34.985000
IGET XXL$14.981800
GOGO Fat Boy 🔋$24.98-29.986000
GOGO BAR 🔋$19.98-24.983500
HQD Cuvie Bar 🔋⭐$29.987000
HQD XXL$29.984500
ELF BAR TE6000 🔋$24.98-29.986000
ELFBAR CR5000 🔋$24.98-29.985000
ELFBAR BC3000 🔋$24.983000
WAKA soPro PA10000 🔋⭐$34.98-39.9810000

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Nicotine vape disposable online in Australia

How Much Does Nicotine-Free Disposable Vape Cost?

While some of the many vapers use vapes to quit nicotine, nicotine-free vape is designed specifically for quitters and those who are allergic to nicotine and is friendly to beginners as well.

Here are the prices of nicotine-free disposable vapes:

Brand & ModlePrice / pcPuffs
IGET Bar Plus ⭐$34.986000
IGET Bar 3500 Puffs nicotine-free $34.983500
IGET Legend$39.984000

How Much Is A Vape Pod?

pod vapes types

A Vape Pod is a vape pen with a battery and a mouthpiece – pod. The Vape Pod holds the coil and vape juice, and when the vape juice runs out, the mouthpiece can be replaced. The mouthpieces are available in a wide range of flavours, making them both convenient and hygienic.

Here are the prices of pod vapes:

Brand & ModlePrice / pcBattery / E-liquid Capacity
IGET Bar Plus$29.98-34.98600mAh /16mL
RELX Inifinity 2 Vape Device Only ⭐$44.98440mAh
RELX Infinity 2 Pod$7.981.9mL
RELX Infinity Vape Device$39.9380mAh
RELX Infinity Essential Vape$29.98380mAh
RELX Infinity Pod$7.981.9mL
ELFBAR Lowit Device Only $14.98500mAh
ELF BAR Lowit 8000 Prefilled Pod$24.9816mL
ELFBAR Lowit 5500 Prefilled Pod$19.9814mL
Allo Sync Closed Pod System $19.98 350mAh
Allo Sync Pods$19.98 / 3Pods2mL
Vuse ePod 2 Vape$19.98350mAh
Vuse ePod $19.98 / 2Pods1.9mL
Uwell Caliburn A2 Pod System Kit $34.98520mAh / 2mL
Uwell Caliburn AK2 Pod System Kit $39.98520mAh / 2mL

How Much Is A Vape Juice?

Vape juice, also known as e-liquid or e-juice, is the substance vaporized in vapes.

Here are the prices of vape juice:

Brand & ModlePrice / pcLiquid Capacity / Strength
VaporCave™ Salts – Nicotine Vape Juice$19.9830mL /40mg
Chosen Freebase$24.9860mL / 3mg
The One By Beard Vape Co$34.98100mL /3mg-6mg
Supreme Cola Freebase$24.9860mL / 6mg

How Much Is A Vape Bundle?

vape bundles

The vape bundles contain vape devices and vape pods suitable for vapers use. One bundle will cover all your needs, especially for people with no experience with vapes and don’t know what to buy, and the bundle price is very favourable. Large quantity, good value.

Here’s a comparison of pod vape bundles’ prices and unit prices:

Brand & ModlePriceUnit Price
IGET Vape XXL Bundle 5pcs ⭐$69.913.98
IGET Hot Bundle 4 pcs $139.934.98
IEGT Bar Bundle 5pcs $139.927.98
IEGT Legend Bundle 5pcs $149.929.98
IGET Goat Bundle 4pcs $129.932.48
WAKA soPA10000 Bundle 4pcs 🔋$129.932.48
HQD XXL / HQD Cuvie Pro Bundle 5pcs $129.925.98
HQD Cuvie Bar Bundle 5pcs 🔋$129.925.98
ELFBAR BC3000 Bundle 5pcs 🔋$119.923.98
ELFBAR CR5000 Bundle 4pcs 🔋$109.927.48
ELFBAR TE6000 Bundle 4pcs 🔋$109.927.48
GOGO BAR 3500 Bundle 5pcs 🔋⭐$109.921.98
GOGO Fat Boy 6000 Bundle 5pcs 🔋$129.925.98

How Much Is A Vape On Sale?

Here are some popular specials on vapes if you’re looking to save on your budget.

IGET Bar Plus Bundle 6 Pods Device

IGET Bar Plus Kit + Pod 5PCS 13% off

1 × IGET Bar Plus Kit – Rechargeable
5 × IGET Bar Plus Pods – 6000 Puffs
GOGO Fat Boy 6000 Puffs Raspberry Watermelon Lemon

Raspberry Watermelon Lemon GOGO Fat Boy 6000 Puffs 55% off

Raspberry Watermelon Lemon combines raspberry, watermelon and lemonade to create a rich vape flavour.
IGET Vape Xxl Bundle 5 Pcs

IGET Vape XXL Bundle (5PCS) 7% off

5 × IGET XXL 1800 Puffs Disposable Vape
Allo Sync Starter Kit 2 Packs Pods

Allo Sync Starter Kit (Device + 2 Packs Pods) 17% off

1 x Allo Sync Starter Kit (Single Allo Sync Closed Pod System)
2 × Allo Sync Pods Pack (3 Pods Pack)
WAKA soPro random flavours bundle 5pcs

WAKA soPro Mystery Box 5PCS Best Values

5 × WAKA soPro 10000 (Random flavours)

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Tips For Saving Money On Vaping

If you’re looking to save money on vaping, here are four tips to help you cut costs while still enjoying the experience.

Buying from first-hand buyers: Find a reliable vape community and buy unused new used vapes from first-hand buyers. However, pay attention to the product guarantee and reputation to avoid cheating.
Buying in bulk: Typically, merchants run “buy more, get more” campaigns to sell more products. It may seem expensive to you at first, but it’s a great deal for long-term vaping.
DIY e-liquid: You get all the ingredients such as PG, VG and pre-blended flavours with homemade vape juice. You can make it according to your preferred proportions and save your budget.
Look for sales and discounts: Look for sales, promotions and discounts at local vape stores and online retailers. Many stores offer regular discounts on vape products, especially on holidays.

Monthly Cost Of Vaping

There are many factors that affect vape cost, and a lot depends on how often you vape, the nicotine content, etc. So, the following will give you an idea of roughly how much the average mouth spends on vape expenses.

Frequency Of Use

How much does 6000 puffs last? A 6000 Puff Disposable Vape: 15-30 Days

If you’re a light vaper, a 6000-puff vape should last about 30 days. If you have a moderate vaping pattern, taking regular puffs throughout the day, a 6000-puff vape should last about 15-20 days.

Disposable Vape Consumption

$24.98 – the average cost of disposable vape

  • $24.98 x 2 = $49.96 per month for a heavy vaper

The cost of vaping is extremely low compared to cigarettes. This can lead to significant savings for vapers. For the price of 2 cups of coffee, you can enjoy a month of happy inhaling.

Which Vape Should I Buy?

4 Tips To Buy A Vape

If you’ve browsed through a lot of vapes and still don’t know which one to buy. We recommend following these steps when deciding what kind of vape to buy:

  • Clarify needs or desires
  • Determine your budget
  • Decide which type of vape to use
  • Locate the vape that works best for you

The vape you should buy is the device that makes the best compromise between your needs and budget.

If convenience is the most important to you and there are no budget concerns, then you may decide to go for disposable vapes.

If budget is more important to you, you may invest in reusable vape with batteries, vape pods, and e-liquids.

Once you know what you’re looking for, you can upgrade your vape to enhance your vape experience.


It’s important to take the time to research different vapes and determine which vape device you really want or need. Maybe the most cost-effective option may not always be the best choice for you, so choose a vape based on your needs.

VapePenZone has a range of vapes for beginners, starting from just $7.98.


How much can a vape cost?

A disposable vape usually costs $24.98 to $39.98, and a vape pen will cost $14.98 to $44.98. Different vape costs depend on the battery capacity, components of vape juice and other functions.

What is the cheapest vape to buy?

The cheapest disposable vape HQD Cuvie Bar 7000puffs costs $29.98.

How much is a vape in Australia?

At the top Australia online store, disposable vapes cost $14.98 – $36.9, and pod vape is $7.98 – $44.98

Why are vapes so expensive?

Because there are many factors that affect price, higher-priced vapes usually may have larger batteries, richer flavours, and more innovative and sturdy designs.

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